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Earlier That Day:

"Don't fucking bother coming back here tonight!" Screamed ReneƩ after our latest argument, "No problem!" I yelled, slamming the front door shut. The woman truly does infuriate me, not my fault her ass of a boyfriend left her.

Heading towards the train station I heard a voice scream for me " Bella baby give me some sugar!" I knew that voice anywhere! "Jakey!" I screamed in his ear "Ouch Bells, watch the volume eh?" oops.

We reached the train station together and after the group came to the conclusion that all the late comers would get the next train, that group consists of Mike Newton, Jasper Whitlock and Edward Cullen.

"Hey guys!, Party!" exclaimed Lauren pulling a bottle of vodka from her bag. 12 o'clock binge on the train? This day shall be amazing.