Hey people here's a usuk story for ya! I love this pairing almost as much as I love spamano! In this story Alfred and Arthur are the same age and yes I know that's not really how it is, but whatever. Sorry if the characters are a little OCC! I got my inspiration from the song One Thing by One Direction!

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"Stupid Alfred why's he so popular anyway? I'm smarter and much less annoying than that git!" A young blonde haired, green eyed, bushy eyebrowed boy named Arthur Kirkland said as he kicked a rock across the pavement as he walked into the boy's dormitory at his high school. Arthur had always been at least somewhat popular in his high school, but then he came along. He being Alfred F. Jones, a loud mouth American who had somehow gotten almost everyone to be his friend and leave Arthur all alone.

"And that idiot still has the gall to act like he's my best friend! Always walking next to me in the hall blabbering on about who knows what, it gets so annoying!" Truthfully the young Brit found the American very attractive, but of course he would never tell anyone. Whenever the sandy haired American would smile his goofy and always bright smile Arthur would melt inside. He had fallen for Alfred the minute he laid eyes on him, but then he had to go and steal all of his friends away.

"Stupid American!" Arthur quietly but angrily sad when he got into his dorm. He looked around embarrassed when he realized his roommate who is also his older brother had probably heard him.

"Odd where is he? He's usually here around this time." Arthur said to himself as he looked around confused as to where his older brother was. A small piece of paper on his brother's nightstand caught his eye, so he went over and started reading it aloud.

"Dear little bro, I headed out to Alfred's party see you later," Arthur starred at the note and then threw it on the floor, "Of course that idiot would invite everyone to his party but me! Wait a minute!" Arthur yelled as he remembered the scrap of paper Alfred had given him and he had shoved into his coat pocket. He unfolded the paper out to find an invitation to a party Alfred was holding at his house which was within walking distance from the school.

"I might as well go no point in staying here when everyone else is at a party." Arthur memorized the address and headed out towards Alfred's house.


Arthur walked p to a huge house, no it wasn't a house, it was a mansion! He starred up at it in disbelief and then knocked on the door. As the door was opened the sound of music flooded his ears. He was greeted by the cheery face of Alfred smiling him and hugging him.

"Yo Arthur dude I was wondering when you'd get here!" Alfred said still not letting go of Arthur.

"Yeah well I kinda forgot about it till just a little while ago." Arthur said pushing Alfred off of him and blushing.

"Well what are you waiting for dude come on in!" Alfred said grabbing Arthur's wrist and pulling him into his house which had music blaring and people dancing everywhere. As Alfred pulled him through the crowd Arthur's already deep red got deeper (if that was even possible). They got to a large table with food and soda on top of it and Alfred handed Arthur a soda.

"Here you go man! Drink up!" Alfred said happily yelling over the loud music.

"Umm, thanks." Arthur said trying to act like he was annoyed.

"Hey dude can I ask you something? Why does it seem like I always make you mad?" Alfred asked. Arthur looked at him to see a serious face, an actual serious face! Alfred never was serious about anything!

"Umm, well, I-I umm . . ." Arthur stuttered not knowing what to say.

"Cuz I never meant to annoy you or make you hate me. I just wanted to get to know you. I really like you, like a lot." Alfred said looking down almost as if he was shy! Arthur began to blush not knowing what to say. Did he just say what I think he said? He likes me? But why me of all people? Arthur's mind was going frantic not knowing what to say.

"Look I shouldn't have said that. I get it you don't really like me I understand." Alfred said his voice almost sounding hurt.

"I-I don't hate you Alfred. It's actually quite the opposite." Arthur said barely heard by the American.

"Whoa dude serious?" Alfred asked in disbelief. Arthur slowly nodded embarrassed. He felt Alfred grab his wrist and pull him into a hug.

"That's awesome I've been wanting to tell you that since I first met you. So do you want to go for a walk or something? You know get away from all of these people?" Alfred asked smiling.

"Isn't this your party though?" Arthur asked gaining a little more confidence.

"Who cares I much rather go on a walk with you!" Alfred said smiling. Arthur smiled a little before starting to walk out.

"Fine but it's not very proper to leave your own party." Arthur said smiling as he heard Alfred walk faster to catch up to him.

The two boys walked away from Alfred's house until they came to a small pond surrounded by trees. The full moon's reflection on the crystalline water, the wind blowing lightly scattering small flowers from the nearby trees, and the cricket's chorus serenading the two.

"It's so beautiful here." Arthur said quietly.

"You want to hear something weird. My parents actually met right here when they went to the same school we go to. They had both just been walking around and ended meeting here. They had their first kiss here and they told me that if your first kiss with someone you love is here then you two will be happy together forever." Alfred explained smiling look out onto the water.

"Really how sweet." Arthur said blushing as his heart fluttered at seeing Alfred smile such a genuine smile. He looked down but then felt two fingers on his chin pulling his face up to meet Alfred's. Alfred was smiling and Arthur went limp looking into those blue eyes behind Alfred's glasses.

"I think I really do love you Arthur. I know that seems something about you and I want to be with you for a long time." Alfred said happily. Arthur wanted to say something but just kept starring into Alfred's eyes. Alfred closed his eyes and slowly leaned down and pressed his soft lips against Arthur's. Arthur's eyes flew open as he felt Alfred kissing him. It was like fireworks in the back of his mind. His eyes fluttered close and he began kissing back. He could feel Alfred smile while he continued to kiss him. Arthur snaked his arms up and wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck and Alfred wrapped his arms around Arthur's waist and pulled him closer. The two broke apart to breathe. They were both smiling at each other neither one ever having been happier.

"Will you be mine Arthur?" Alfred asked.

"Of course you git." Arthur said smiling as he rested his head on Alfred's shoulder and Alfred nuzzling his nose into Arthur's hair.


Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows of the trees watching the new couple,

"Go on kiss and hug all you want I will get you back. You can't run from me forever!"

Well isn't that a creepy ending! I personally like it. Now who here thinks they can guess who the creeper in the trees is? (I'll give you a hint it ISN'T France). Review and say who you think the creeper is! Thanx!