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Arthur was standing outside the door to a hospital room. It was the room where the love of his life was still not awake and was still in life threatening condition. It had been three days since the incident and it had been two days since Arthur was cleared to leave, but he stayed. He couldn't bear to leave Alfred's side. But now he had to, whether he wanted to or not.

"Arthur, we have to leave. You're going to make yourself sick if you keep worrying yourself like this. Alfred's in good hands we just need to give him time. Come one mom and dad are waiting for us outside." Arthur's older brother said walking towards the door.

"I'll be right there, I just want to say something to Alfred first." His brother nodded and turned to leave knowing it was no use arguing. Arthur walked into Alfred's room where Alfred was still just as bad as when Arthur had first seen him. He entwined his fingers with Alfred's and whispered something into his ear.

"Alfred I don't want to leave you but I have to. Just please come back to me I can't stand life without you. There's something I need too, one thing that you have. I love you just as much as I know you love me." Arthur looked at Alfred praying that by some miracle Alfred would wake up like people do in those sad romance movies. But this wasn't a movie, this was real life and no amount of words could heal Alfred. Arthur frowned promising himself he wasn't going to cry anymore, that he had to be strong for Alfred. He turned around and walked out to his parent's car. He got in and they started driving back to their school. He wished he had a house close to school like Alfred's so he didn't have to see anybody. Even more though, he wanted to be able to go to Alfred's house and just walked to the lake where they shared their first kiss and just enjoy the bliss of being with Alfred. He remembered every single little detail and every little word that Alfred spoke in the moments before their kiss by the lake. He replayed the entire event over and over again in his head trying to get his mind off of the current events taking place.

As he entered his dorm his brother just told him he was going to football (soccer) practice. Arthur just nodded truthfully glad that he didn't have to deal with the most likely uneasy tension that would fill the room if his brother had stayed. All he wanted was for people to leave him alone, but that wish never came true. All day long people would come by his door and say things like, I'm so sorry this happened, Alfred will be okay you'll see, if you need anything come to me, but the worst of all was also the most common. Constantly people kept saying "I know how you feel and if you need help I'll be here". But none of them knew how it felt. He had been beaten and tortured by a maniac and when he was saved the love of his life got hurt and for all he knows is slowly dying. None of them have experienced that pain. Arthur thought back on those words every time he wasn't listening to someone else say them after another student he didn't even know left his room he couldn't help himself and broke out into tears. He couldn't stop himself from shaking uncontrollably. All he wanted to do was close his eyes, curl up in a ball and let the world fade away forever. Without Alfred I have no reason to live. So why should I be here while he's dead? Arthur thought to himself as he drowned the world out with his sorrow. He didn't even hear the knock on his door and then someone walked in. He didn't care he didn't want another person saying everything was going fine and that they felt sorry for him. All he wanted was for Alfred to be here with him. Whoever it was ran over to him and pulled him into a hug. They started stroking his hair, he wanted to scream at them to stop because only Alfred was allowed to do that, but he didn't have the energy.

"Everything's going to be alright Arthur." A voice said Arthur could barely hear the words but managed to pick them up through his sobs.

"No it's not! Alfred's dying and I'm here alone!" Arthur cried into the strangers shoulders. He picked up a familiar sent but couldn't place his finger on it.

"What are you talking about Arthur? Look I'm right here and I'm fine!" Arthur's head shot up and starred up at the person holding him.

"Alfred." Arthur said in a whisper. Alfred starred down into Arthur's eyes, green meeting blue. Arthur skin went white as to him it seemed as though Alfred was back from the dead. Arthur's head went dizzy and he fainted. Before he blacked out completely he felt himself starting to fall to the floor before something caught him.

Arthur's eyes fluttered open to see Alfred starring back at him.

"Dude are you okay! You fainted and I was so worried!" Alfred said frantically.

"Alfred? Alfred!" Arthur said flinging his arms around Alfred's neck and pulling him into a hug.

"Are you okay? You're not hurt are you? You hit you head a little when you fainted. Leave it to Alfred to be my hero all the way through the end. Even after he practically came back from the dead the only thing he cares about is me. Arthur thought smiling

"I'm perfectly fine I'm more worried about you. You should really be more worried about your own health as well, git." Arthur said smiling and burying his face in Alfred's shoulders as Alfred wrapped his arms around Arthur's waste.

"I told you I only care about your safety. Because I love you." Alfred said smiling and resting his chin on Arthur's head.

"And I love you too." Arthur said looking into Alfred's eyes. Alfred placed his hand on Arthur's cheek and pulled him into a kiss. At that moment both of them had that one thing they had been looking for.


Turns out the story about the lake was true! Alfred and Arthur dated happily throughout the rest of their high school years and all the way through college. In fact after Arthur's college graduation Alfred proposed and of course Arthur said yes. They've been living happily married for five years and couldn't be happier. Their lives are perfect. Often when people ask how come even if they fight they still never stay mad at each other their answer is one simple item, a puzzle. Their lives all along until they met each other had been two halves of the same puzzle. All they both need was one thing to make them complete and that one thing was each other.

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