It's been ages since I saw her. Her gorgeous face. Her big brown eyes. I love Ketty with all my heart. Trouble is she's been going our with Nico quite happily for heaven knows how long. It's horrible. Me and her going out would make such a better couple. I mean we suit. Nico and Dylan there's a great match and Ed can have his little nerdy sister.

But me. I want her – I need her.

We're all supposed to be meeting up – Fergus and Dad organised it.

I'm the only one who has to travel any real distance, all the way from Australia to meet my delightful half brother, the girl of my dreams and two nerd kids who are different ages – but, apparently, twins.

Anyway, I arrived at the airport and get a lovely 'warm' welcome from my half-brother – and I just want to point out, I wouldn't have to use a plane if we hadn't been forced to get rid of our powers – I couldn't exactly say no, I have to back up Ketty at all possible opportunity to make Nico look bad. I get to the hotel they're staying in, in some little town called Solihull - I know, I've never heard of it either.

It was amazing – seeing her again, her beautiful face, her amazing her that flows like a waterfall behind her and her smile that shines; it's my beacon – calling me home.

'Hi Ketty!' I squealed, a horrific girly squeal, which made her jump.

'God, Cal!' she beamed, 'you scared the life out of me'

'Hey, knuckle head', with exquisite timing Dylan, Ed and Amy come round the corner, closely followed by Fergus and Harry.

'Hey, Red, leave the man alone – he's just got here', no one else would be able to talk to Dylan like that only Harry, and even then it's a risky move.

'So, what's been going on with you guys lately? It's not easy being the only one not in the country, you know', I winced as Nico strolled up claiming Ketty by wrapping his arms around her stomach, kissing the back of her head.

Fergus decided to take control of the situation, 'Nico and Cal will be sharing a room with Harry and Ed, the girls will be next door and me and Avery will be down the hall – girls, no going into the boys rooms and vice versa', he glared at Nico and Ketty – who blushed sweetly.

A few hours later and I was in the gym of the hotel, when a very distressed Nico ran in.

'What happened, bro? Forget your hair gel?' I smirked.

'No, Ketty's gone', I gulped – now he had my attention.

I leapt up. 'What? Is this some kind of joke? If it is I'm going to pound you so har-'

'No, it's no joke, honest to God', Nico said, he looked like he was in agreement with me – he wished he'd never got rid of his powers.