Me and Amy were walking down the hall to the courtyard where we knew Ed would be sat reading – he always read when he's nervous and the courtyard was his favourite place to do so. We had our plan, Amy goes in, talks to Ed, then if there's any trouble I can whisk us all away with my new found Medusa powers, I haven't actually practised them yet but I know they're back – I can feel the power rushing through my veins – it's amazing, it's better than when I first flew properly when I first shot up into the sky and flew with the birds and soared through the clouds. It feels amazing.

As Amy went into the courtyard, Ed glanced up and sighed. "Amy, I know what you are here to do but I'm not going to take that ridiculous concoction"

Amy sat down next to her brother and put her hand on his arm, "Ed, I understand where your coming from but I'm your little sister any more, I'm not younger than you, we're twins and the same age. You can share these things with me, tell me why it is because I'm sure it goes deeper than trying to protect me"

"Ed, mate. If you'd rather tell me what was going on with you, 'cause I know I wouldn't want to tell my little sister something like this. So, if you want to tell me instead of Amy, I'm sure we'd both understand", I had emerged from my hiding place because I'd realised the flaw to this plan. no one confesses anything of any significance to their little sister. It just doesn't happen.

"But, I'm your-" Amy tried to continue but she faltered and had the same realisation as I had. Amy walked out reluctantly.

I sat down next to Ed and he started speaking knowing I would ask anyway, "you know a few months back when we took the StopMed?", I nodded, "well, I took it and then I found the Medusix, I stole some and I studied it until I worked out the problem, you know how the Medusix affected all those kids? The ones who took it before? Well, they were all younger than us and therefore I doubt any of them had gone through puberty so I figured it only works on people who'd gone through puberty. I tried it and I had the correct hypothesis. It works." He seemed sort of ashamed and reluctant to tell me the next bit.

"Ed", I tried to exude calm, "who did you test it on?"

"Myself, but the thing is it doesn't give you the same powers as you're supposed to have, like the ones you get originally, and I can no longer read minds." He sounded really nervous now.

"Ed, what power have you got?" I figured it can't be that bad and it would all be okay, Ed just wouldn't take the Medusix and Nico would have to be kept at bay.

"Well, I have telekinesis", Ed seemed really terrified now.

"What!" Nico burst through the door, "You have the nerve to take Medusix without telling anybody else and to take my power!"

"Erm.. sorry, Nico. I just wanted to protect Amy and find out whether my theory was right", Ed was standing now in the usual Ed hiding manor and I was pretty sure that if he could have conjured up a huge black hole, he would have.

"Excuse me!" Dad's voice came booming in through the door, "am I correct in assuming that you have all taken Medusix, without our permission, when you know that it is dangerous and could seriously bring harm to yourself and others?"

"But, Dad, look. I know it was wrong and we shouldn't have but you were doing nothing about Ketty and we were all desperate to get her back because who knows what they're doing to her, they could be torturing her for all we know", I had had to say something because anything could happen to Ketty and I at least had to have her knowing that we... I mean, I tried to help at least.

Nico stepped forward and patted me on the shoulder, "Well done, mate, you have successfully killed the mood", then as he walked out of the room he shoulder barged Ed who sat down and made a pencil fly through the air and hit him in the back of his head.