"Basically the Measure of Purity relates almost exclusively to blood," Draco began. "Which means that it will end with blood."

"Exactly," I said. "It is my belief that blood and soul mates will have a great deal of influence in the magic that can finally destroy Voldemort."

"Right," said Neville and then he sighed. "There's a catch isn't there?"

"Yes," I replied. "The catch is Edward. He is still under the sway of the Dark Mark and unless Bella can find a way of removing it, we will be unable to complete the spell."

"There may be other complications," said Draco, carefully. "But I think Dumbledore will explain those."

"Speaking of which I think we should get to the school," I said. "It won't be safe here."

"I have a port key," said Neville. "Dumbledore gave it to me. We should go now."

We all gathered around the innocent looking pot plant that Neville informed us was the port key and found ourselves standing in Dumbledore's hidden study, where Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore and Hagrid were waiting.

"Welcome, all of you," said Dumbledore, warmly. "I think Bella and Edward will be here soon."

"And Cedric?" asked Sirius, giving Dumbledore a loaded look. The professor returned the look with a curt nod.

"And Cedric," he agreed. And then there was a loud crack and Edward and Bella appeared in the room. Edward immediately drew up his sleeve to reveal that his Dark Mark was gone and Bella gave me a small smile.

"Now, I am pleased we are finally all together," said Dumbledore, as we sat down in his office. Dumbledore took a deep breath and his expression seemed to sadden. "The only way for us to end this is to reverse the effects of the Measure of Purity. This will of course mean that each of us must return to our rightful place in the world, be that this side or the other."

Harry's eyes widened and he looked at his godfather. I felt a pang of sympathy as I saw the expression on my friend's face and Sirius sighed.

"It really is the only way, Harry. We need to return to our side of the veil and you need to be able to get on with your lives without the threat of Voldemort taking over again. It is a sacrifice worth making."

"What about the Volturi?" asked Draco. "And my father." The last was added quietly and I squeezed his hand, reassuringly.

"There will be plenty of space at Azkaban for them," said Neville, darkly. Draco stiffened slightly, but then nodded in agreement.

"Indeed," agreed Dumbledore. "Carlisle is currently informing the authorities that there is criminal activity at the university. Hagrid has gone with him."

"Does Dad know about me?" asked Edward, softly. Dumbledore gave him a reassuring smile and shook his head.

"He thinks that you are safely in your apartment with Draco. It would not do to give him too much to worry about. Professor McGonagall sent him with Hagrid to report the Volturi."

"How involved is Marcus?" asked Bella, curiously.

Dumbledore's expression darkened somewhat.

"It was Marcus who initiated the blood experiments. He used Caius as the face of it as he was somewhat more able to ingratiate himself with the students and the Ministry as he is not a Malfoy brother. No offence, Draco."

"None taken," replied Draco. "I am well aware of my father and his brother's natures. I am very much looking forward to restoring my family name when they are shut away in Azkaban."

"I too look forward to that day," said Dumbledore, solemnly. "Now, Minerva is making her way to the university to await the authorities, who will be in place to arrest the Volturi and the Malfoy brothers as soon as the Measure of Purity has been reversed."

"How do we reverse it, Professor?" asked Edward.

"Miss Granger would you like to explain?" said Dumbledore. I bit my lip and nodded, glancing across at Bella as I realised that most of the people in this room had something to lose when this spell was cast. Clearing my throat I plucked up the nerve to say what we would have to do.

"First we must draw blood from each of the soul mates," I said, quietly. "The blood must be mixed until it turns blue. All four of us must then drink the blood." I paled a little as I said this, but then carried on. "When we have drunk the blood, we must say the words of the spell together to send those who do not belong here back to where they should be."

"We have to drink blood?" asked Edward. He sounded so disgusted by the thought and I knew that I felt the same way.

"I always said you were a bit of a vampire, Edward," said Bella, digging him in the ribs. He rolled his eyes, but managed a small smile.

"We should begin," I said, nervously. Dumbledore nodded and got to his feet.

"Harry," he said. "Will you do the honours?"

With a wary glance in my direction, Harry nodded, as he withdrew his wand, a nervous expression on his face. I reached across to Draco, who seemed even paler than usual and he took my hand, glancing down at me briefly before he looked at Harry.

"Do your worst, Potter," he said.

"Sorry," said Harry, as he lifted the wand and read the words from the card that Dumbledore gave him. Draco tipped his head back and suppressed a groan as the magic started to work.

"That's enough Harry," murmured Dumbledore. I watched nervously as Harry approached me. Draco had staggered back into a chair and watched a little dazedly as Harry slipped an arm about my waist and said the words again. The familiar draining sensation began and tears blurred in my eyes.

"I'm so sorry, 'Mione," he murmured before he helped me into the chair beside Draco. I was barely aware of him doing the same to Bella and Edward, as Draco reached across to take my hand, rubbing his thumb along my knuckles.

"You ok, love?" he asked. I nodded, faintly. Luckily it didn't take too long for the effects of the blood draining to fade somewhat and I watched as Neville took the blood from Harry and began to mix in the herbs that were needed. Luna leaned over his shoulder, murmuring words of encouragement and love, as the potion bubbled. I watched with some trepidation as he brought over a goblet.

"You all have to take a mouthful and then swallow it at the same time," said Sirius. Grimacing I took the goblet and took a mouthful before hastily passed it to Draco, whose expression was worse than mine as he took his mouthful. Once we all had the repulsive concoction in our mouths, we took hold of each other's hands and swallowed as one, before reading aloud the words of the incantation that Dumbledore held up before us.

For a moment nothing happened, but then everything went completely black. As the light started to grow, I gave a small cry of fear, as Voldemort appeared before us, no longer the young man I had seen before, but instead the more familiar figure from the war.

"What have you done?" he roared. "What have you done?"

"You are defeated, Tom. This is the end," said Dumbledore, quietly. Voldemort moved swiftly towards him.

"You will be destroyed too old man!" he snarled, but quickly backed away when Sirius moved in front of the professor. "Ah if it isn't the dog."

But then his eyes widened slightly and his gaze fixed on a shadowy figure who was becoming more substantial by the minute. Voldemort laughed, bitterly.

"And the sporty boy. Not looking at your best Cedric, my boy," he said. Cedric appeared before us, suddenly solid. He was wearing the Quidditch uniform that he had been renowned for and looked exactly as he had the last time I saw him.

"Say the final words, Hermione."

Looking across at Bella and Edward I saw that they were both standing looking at Cedric, tears in their eyes, arms about one another.

Lifting my wand, I turned towards Voldemort.

"The Measure of Purity is complete!" I said and a pure white beam of light shot out from my wand, surrounding the figures of the formerly departed.

"No!" screamed Voldemort. "You cannot do this, you..."

His voice faded and he vanished in cloud of stagnant grey smoke. As the smoke cleared, Dumbledore turned to us with a warm smile.

"I hope you all know how very proud of you I am," he said. "And remember, as long as we are alive in your hearts, we truly live forever."

He faded into the light. Harry grabbed his godfather in a tight hug, which Sirius returned.

"I wish you didn't have to go," he said. Sirius clasped him tightly.

"Like Dumbledore said, I am always in your heart, Harry. Always." Tears clouded my eyes as I watched him fade away and then I turned to see Bella and Edward standing with Cedric, the last of the Martyrs to stand with us.



"Well done, Harry," said Cedric, looking across at the Boy Who Lived. "I always knew you would be able to destroy him one day."

"I'll never forget what you did for me, Cedric," said Harry, reaching across to shake Cedric's hand. Cedric smiled at him and winked at Hermione before he turned back to Edward and me.

"Do you really have to go?" said Edward, as tears streamed down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Edward," said Cedric. "But if I stayed, the veil would remain torn and he would find his way out again. I have to go."

"I... I don't want you to go," I sobbed, as the reality of the situation hit me. Cedric turned to give me a crooked smile and then wrapped an arm around me.

"I never knew you cared so much," he said, but then his expression became more serious. "Bella, I will always be a part of Edward; we are twins and that won't change whichever side I'm on. Just remember though, I am the good looking part of Edward."

I laughed and sobbed at the same time and Cedric leaned down and kissed the top of my head, as he wrapped his arms around me. He held me for the longest time and then sighed deeply.

"I love you, Bella," he murmured.

"Love you too," I gulped. Cedric released me and turned to his brother, who was openly sobbing now. Cedric's expression changed as he moved towards Edward, pain marring his features.

"Edward, please don't grieve so much," he murmured, as he pulled his brother to him.

"Will you see Mom and Dad?" asked Edward, suddenly. Cedric laughed softly.

"Of course. And they're happy, we all are. Like I said to Bella, I will always be a part of you, Edward. I will always be in your heart and I will always watch over you. Every time you need me, I will hear you and I will listen. We'll always be brothers. Always."

He was starting to fade and I moved across the room to wrap my arms around Edward, who took a deep steadying breath and managed to smile at his brother.

"Love you, bro," he said.

"Love you too, bro," said Cedric and then he was gone.

Edward wrapped his arms around me and we wept together until there were no tears left to cry.



"Come on everyone, lectures start in twenty minutes," said Professor Carlisle, as he finished the coffee Edward had made for him. Edward rolled his eyes.

"Just because you're Dean now you think you're in charge," he grumbled, but with a twinkle in his eye that belied his words. We all knew how proud he was of his dad, whose heroism in the arrest of the Volturi and the Malfoy brothers had become notorious since numerous articles in the press. The Ministry had appointed him Dean and he was over the moon. Secretly I think Edward was too. Bella grabbed Edward's hand and shook her head before leaning in to kiss his cheek.

"Ignore him, Carlisle," she said. "We are nearly ready."

Carlisle headed out and I watched as my cousin exchanged banter and more than one kiss with Edward and I smiled. Neville got to his feet, pulling Luna up with him.

"Come on, we have Herbology," he said. "See you later, Hermione. Draco."

"Have you got a lecture first thing, Harry?" I asked. Harry glanced across at me, a slightly guilty expression on his face. "What have you done now?"

"Erm, nothing," he said.

"Harry Potter, what are you up to?"

"Draco, can't you keep control of your woman?" he said. My mouth dropped open and Draco laughed.

"Be my guest to try and control her, Harry," he replied. I dug him in the ribs with my elbow and fixed Harry with my stare. Eventually he sighed.

"Fine. I have a... date," he said.

"Really?" I said, all ears now, as I dropped into the chair opposite him. Ignoring Draco, who was rolling his eyes at me, I grabbed Harry's hands. "Who with? Someone I know? When did you meet her? Where? What's her name?"

"If you would let him get a word in you might find out," said Draco, rolling his eyes again. Harry reddened slightly.

"Her name is Jennie. She's a relatively new student here."

"Ah yes, I've seen her around. She's a pretty girl, Potter. Well done," said Draco.

"Er, thanks," said Harry, awkwardly. "Anyway, I'd best get going or I'll be late for our first date. Wouldn't make a good impression. See you later."

As the door closed behind him, I sank back in my chair with a contented sigh.

"Well that is a turn up for the books," I said. "It's so wonderful that he's found someone. I wonder when we'll get to meet her..."

"Come here you," said Draco, a glint in his silver eyes. I got up and sank onto the sofa beside him. He pulled me to him closely and kissed me. "This is it now, 'Mione."

"This is what?" I asked, curiously.

"This is it forever, me and you."

"Forever," I echoed, as he leaned down to kiss me again.

And I knew I would never be alone again. I had Harry, Neville and Luna. I had my cousin, Bella and Edward. And I had Draco. What more would I ever need?

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