Companion fic to They Say Fortune Is A Wheel by LuvaGoodMrE

Thai, Tazers and Tricks

Darcy felt wickedly relaxed and energized tonight. She was wearing nothing, but a pair of black socks, green boy-shorts undies and one of Loki's green dress shirts she had borrowed from his closet.

She was currently dancing and sliding in front of the stove with a small skillet filled with left-over Thai food. She could have just reheated her dinner in the microwave, but she had learned over the years that the take out tasted better when reheated on the stove.

She had been a little depressed when Loki had called earlier with the news that he had an unexpected meeting with a few students from his class tonight so they wouldn't be able to eat together tonight. Thus was the reason she had gone straight to her bedroom, stripped off her uncomfy work clothes - including her bra - and went and got one of the shirts from Loki's closet – she liked this green one the best on him – and promptly had begun to decide what to do for the evening that she had the house to herself.

She opted for reheating take-out and dancing in skimpy clothing to her girly-sensual-songs on her ipod which she had plugged into Loki's massive stereo with killer high definition surround sound and cranked the volume so that the house was fairly vibrating with the beats.

This is just what she needed to express herself and let out some tension – some sexy, up beat tunes.

She stirred the food in the skillet with the spatula to the beat of Brittany Spears' "Circus".

"When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trip just like a Circus!"

Darcy sang alone and flicked the spatula in the air like she was cracking a whip. Her naughty little mind brought up an image of her in a tight female ring-leader outfit complete with a top hat and a whip and a chain leash running from her free hand to a collar attached around Loki's neck – STOP IT DARCY! Friends Darcy! You two are just friends!

Yeah, yeah, she told herself. Still, there was no harm in dreaming… dreaming was free after all.

She was so wrapped up in her fantasy that she almost didn't notice the song change to "Sexy Naughty Bitchy." Oh, yes she freaking loved this song!

She started swaying and popping her hips and since she had on socks they allowed from some really fluid sliding around on the floor especially since she was already so limber from yoga.

Loki made fun of her exercies, but he didn't seem to have a problem staring at her ass when she was doing Downward Facing Dog in the living room in her skin-tight spandex that was Natasha-worthy. She grinned; ah the little torments she gave out just to deal with the ones he gave her. Leaving his door open when he was dressing after taking a shower- so not fair to a girl!

Darcy sang loudly and way off key along with the music and she was dancing in that enthusiastic a-girl-home-alone-and-dancing-to-make-her-feel-sexy way. Swishing the hair, swaying the hips, the crazy sexy dancing that would resemble something from a strip club (Come on, ALL us girls have done that and its fun!)

The song continued and she waited impatiently for her favorite part. "I like all my shorts to be a little too shorty. Unlike all my guys, I like 'em tall with money,"

She shook her tight ass around the kitchen not paying attention to where she was backing up to – towards the kitchen/living room doorway. She collided backwards with a firm and solid surface.

Damn, should've looked where I was go- "Is that so, sweetheart?"

Her mind stopped as the wall spoke.


Walls. Can't. Speak…..

Darcy spun around so fast it made her dizzy and waited as her brain registered what she had run into.

A male chest.

A broad male chest.

A broad male chest that belonged to – "L-L-Loki!" was all Darcy could stutter out at his sinful smirk.