Thai, Tazers and Tricks p6

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Loki let the sizzling water pelting fiercely from the shower head flow all over every part of his hardened body, his muscles contracting from the shere effort it took his willpower to not just sit down in the shower stall (or stand for that matter) and relieve himself to his images of Darcy dancing and teasing around in his head.

This was a regular ritual every night and Loki didn't know how he prevailed in overcoming his very dominant arousal, but every night seemed to leave him weaker. He didn't know how much more he could take of this. Cold showers were long out of the question and the only solution he had was to burn his impudent cock into submission in the shower.

He had tried masturbation, God knows how he tried, but every time the only image that could provoke even the slightest trace of an arousal was an image of Darcy.

Darcy, that poor girl had no idea of the monster with which she shared a home. If he wanted to, and God knows he soooo wanted to, right this instant he could march into her room and show her such pleasures beheld by neither Heaven or Hell.

But he wouldn't. He couldn't. Darcy, she was…. Darcy! His one thing he was entrusted to protect… he could not violate her like that.

Loki slammed his fist against the tile wall, ignoring the pain that definitely brought to his hand. "Damn," he cursed and he squeezed his eyes shut. The pain below just wouldn't go away. He really had no other choice. "Damn," Loki whispered to himself again as his hand and long fingers began a slow decent downwards, Darcy's image playing in his mind…. "Damn," he said again.

"I'll say…" came a calm and impressed feminine voice.

Loki's emerald eyes shot open and he snapped his head to the direction of the voice. "D-Darcy!" he stuttered. She was standing outside his glass shower stall in nothing save for his shirt again. Curse his bachelor ways of not having to worry about locking the doors for anyone! Oh God, you do exist to torture me, Loki thought. "Um, Darcy, I-"

"Are you really gonna let all THAT go to waste?" she brazenly asked, her big chocolate eyes indicating his generously swollen cock and lingering there to feast their gaze. She wickedly ran the tip of her tongue slowly over her luscious lip and Loki had sworn it was impossible, but he grew harder at that one simple movement. He wasn't particularly shy, but she had caught him in a really awkward moment.

Darcy allowed for an evil smile of pure delight sweep across her features. She began to slowly undo the buttons on her shirt one by one, he eyes fixated on following the trail. Steadily, she shrugged off the shirt, baring her body before him. This had better work, she thought.

Darcy approached the shower stall, her tiny green underwear her only barrier between their flesh. "I could help with that you know," she went on coyly. Loki seemed to be frozen, caught off guard by her actions. That is until she stepped into the shower with him.

His thoughts seemed to catch up with him and Loki backed up from Darcy behind the flow of the shower, knowing any physical contact she made was undoubtedly going to send him far over the edge.

Darcy giggled a little at his action. "Afraid of me, Loki?" she asked from the other end of the stall.

Loki hesitated for a moment, trying to find the brain power to remember to breathe was hard enough and now she wanted him to talk? "Yes," he simply stated.

"Why?" she asked, approaching him with a confident sway in her hips.

Why? The woman wanted to know WHY! "I am afraid more of what you do to me." In that instant he wished he hadn't said that. He probably looked like a fool in her eyes now.

A couple of steps through the burning water and a half-soaked Darcy stood almost chest to chest with Loki. Drops dripped and flowed from her hair down her neckline to her full and aroused breasts.

Darcy stood calmly before him and let his words sink in, a grin playing on her lips. "Oh, you mean this?" she asked as she suddenly reached down and cupped him.

Loki heard his own sharp intake of breath. He could feel himself losing control. The last threads of his sanity were slowly being unraveled as she fondled him. "Darcy," he growled a warning between clenched teeth. "What do you want?"

"Loki," she replied back with a snarky smirk. The tone of her voice indicated precisely what she wanted and Loki had to reign himself in. He had two choices: reject her and lose her forever, or teach her a lesson and scare her out of her wits so that she left of her own accord and he only risked losing her.

"You know what I want."

Option two it was then.

Loki grabbed her face and fiercely kissed her. There was nothing tender or subtle about that kiss. It was raw and ready. It was all inferno, two passions feeding and fueling off of one another as though neither would ever be satisfied.

Darcy released Loki's length and wrapped her hands and arms around his neck and shoulders feeling every fiber of tension taunt in those muscles. She felt Loki's large and strong hands grip firm in her hair and pull her closer.

They weren't close enough, it wasn't enough, they had to get closer.

Darcy attempted to climb Loki's long limber body, but the water and the sweat made them both much too slick.

He crossed the shower with one long stride and pinned Darcy's back hard up against the tile wall. Loki knew this was wrong – they were both giving into their lust and using each other for all the wrong reasons… but damned if it wasn't satisfying.

Loki, knowing he had to bring out the animal in him, pulled a hand out of her hair and reached down to her underwear. He didn't hesitate to rip the small piece of clothing in half, tearing the flimsy thing from her hot flower and tossing it aside.

Darcy let out a riotous gasp as Loki reached his hand down between her slick thighs and slid his long fingers through her opening. She shivered as he began to massage her clit, arousing her to his own pleasure and expertly searching for her sensitive spot. He found her weakness when Darcy's moans and gasps of pleasure turned into a faint scream as an unexpected first orgasmic wave hit her. Her body trembled and threatened to buckle from the spasm.

Loki, initially pleased with himself as he watched her facial expressions change under his ministrations, sought to tease her further by bringing his finger now wetted from her nexus to his lips. Slowly and a little mischieviously he ran his tongue over them and surprised himself at his delight in tasting her sweet honey. He lapped up every drop on his fingers as Darcy watched in complete fascination, not near satisfied when he finished his snack.

He wanted… more.

Darcy noticed the glint in Loki's eye before it happened. "Loki, wha-" and she was cut off by a gasp from her own lips. One moment Loki was standing before her and the next he had dropped to his knees, spread her thighs and nuzzled his face between there. At once he had inhaled her sweet scent and then, unable to contain his urge, thrust his tongue between her folds, lapping up the juices like an animal.

Darcy could not help but slip under the weakened state Loki was meshing her into and she felt him reach up with his long arms and firm hands to brace her shoulders. Her hands went to the top of his head and grasped him to pull him closer to her. His tongue – oh great gods, his tongue! He was cruelly playing with her, teasing her sensitive core with his tongue – surely that organ was a gift from the gods! He wasn't just skillful at weaving words…

"L – Lo – Loki….hhhmmmmnnnn!" Darcy whimpered. She felt his long tongue roughly inside her. She knew like him that this was not a time for gentle caresses and kind words – this was meant to be a carnal unleash of sexual tension. She also knew that he was trying to prove a point, but he was failing to win, well… at least from his point of view.

Loki plunged his tongue deeper into Darcy, his mouth practically engulfing her in the effort to get closer. He thrust forcefully in and out of her, flicking against her folds as he went and pacing himself ever faster as he fucked her with his tongue.

Darcy bucked her hips as his pace and force sent her into another orgasm, spilling more of her delicious nectar into his waiting mouth. They both rode out the wave as he lapped her more and as she continued to fiercely buck her hips he slid his hands down to her hips to hold her more firmly in place as he continued his tongue ministrations.

He would never have stopped his feast had he not heard Darcy's voice echo faintly from above him. "Lo- Loki… pleeeeeaaaassseee…."

He stopped instantly. He knew he had gone too far in his lesson, but he hadn't been able to stop himself. Now he felt ashamed as her voice sounded submissive and pleading.

Loki straightened and stoicly stood before her, waiting for her harsh judgment, his soaked long black hair shagging in front of his green eyes, hiding his fear from her.

A few seconds of faint heavy breathing and the sound of the steaming water hitting the shower and their bodies… then… "Is that it?"

Loki's eyes shot open and he saw her begging expression through his bangs.

"Loki, you are a fucking moron if you think that that is it!" Darcy screamed at him and reached for him. She could feel Loki's length rubbing hard and hot against her curls and she couldn't take it. She tried to climb on top of him again, but he resisted her.

"What do you want, Darcy? I mean, what do you really want?"

She about screamed in frustration. "Are you really asking that now!"

"I want to hear you say it…" Loki whispered as he cupped his hand around the back of her thigh and enticed her to bring her legs up around his waist. Darcy eagerly jumped up on him, bracing her body between his and the wall and wrapped her legs around his waist, opening herself completely for him. She could feel the tip of him slightly slide into her and it was pure agony.

He paused there, waiting for her. This was her last chance. "Say it Darcy. What do you want from me!"

Darcy locked her eyes with his, the gaze intense and unwavering. "I want you to fuck me!" and she was again cut off, this time by a scream - her own.

That was all Loki needed from her. He propelled his shaft into her as far, as fast and as hard as he could, their rhythm as animalistic as it could be. He savored her closing in sharply around him and he almost lost control. She was so damn tight! Her insides squeezed his shaft so closely that he could feel every sensitive part of her inner walls as they collapsed around him. Loki growled deeply in his throat from the pleasure. He was sure she hated him now, after all she was a child compared to him; yes she surely hated –

"Yes… yes… oh gods yes… God, Lo- Loki… you… d - don't… stop…" Darcy moaned. He was so damn huge inside of her. He stretched her farther than anyone ever had and rode her harder and fiercer than she had ever known. Her back was scraping up and down against the rough tile from the powerful momentum with which he was driving into her. It was so painful, yet she never wanted him to stop – no to stop now would be torture. Darcy pulsed her hips with his to the rhythm that he had started. Her coaxing only crazed him on and he lunged into her with great force and speed. "Yes… yes. Yes. Yes/ Faster, Loki… oh, God, please faster, fuck me, Loki. FUCK ME! LOOOOOOKKKIIIIII!"

Darcy cried out his name as her hardest and final orgasm rode over her. She lost all strength as her muscles went into a passionate seizure and she clawed at Loki's back and held on for dear life. She felt his release come with her own and the searing heat with which he spilled into her.

Both were breathing raggedly, drained for the moment of energy.

They were both living in this moment.

Darcy felt Loki slid out of her and immediately she missed him, but she made no motion as Loki turned off the shower, picked her up and crossed to the center of the bathroom where there was a large soft rug. He sat down on the rug and shifted Darcy on his lap.

With a grin at her upturned eyebrow he said "You're turn."

Darcy smirked mischieviously. Oh, tonight was going to be one to remember, but probably regret.

Darcy awoke the next morning sore like she just rode a rodeo… well in a way she had. She looked at the man she was lying a top of. Loki was peacefully asleep, exhausted from the night's passions. The bathroom rug was softer than she would've ever guessed, and she would love nothing more than to stay with Loki like this, but it time to go… Darcy knew a one night stand when she went through one.

They had used each other as a means to an end of their sexual tensions, but Darcy wasn't going to hold that against him or let him hold it against himself. She had asked, had begged, for it and he had, like the hero he was, given her what she wanted. She would go back to being normal and force him to think nothing of it, but she was sure that neither of them would likely soon forget last night. Hell, maybe in the future it would turn into something, but for now she didn't mind being a one night stand – she was sure they had both woken up with worse.

As Darcy walked out of the bathroom, she cast a glance back at Loki's sweet sleeping face. For no reason she smiled and knew then that she loved Loki beyond sexual activity. "I swear I am going to marry that man one day," she said whistfuly, only half-meaning it.

Darcy turned and left the bathroom… two seconds too soon to catch the wide smile spread across Loki's face.