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Summery: They never found Leslie's body; Jess has lived his life distanced from everyone. He is 18 now, and is off to rehab because he still blames himself for Leslie's 'death', he hallucinates that he sees her everywhere he goes. In the result of her 'death', Jess began to cut. But when he gets to rehab he's surprised to find out that his senior buddy, someone who's been there longer than him and is meant to be a friend, is a girl who goes by the name of Terabithia. And when he meets this girl, there's a little more than meets the eye.

Watercreek Rehabilitation Center

Words: 1,403

"We're doing this for your own good." Mary Aarons told her son, Jess.

"Yea yea," Jess replied, rolling his eyes. He was being sent here because he would cut. He blamed himself for everything, maybe; maybe if he did not go with Miss Edmunds that day then maybe Leslie would still be alive. Maybe he would of gotten up the courage to ask her out, gotten married, and possibly have kids. They would stand side by side, conquering the world.

Leslie, just the mere thought of the blonde girl made his throat close up. He pushed the tears back, he had built himself anew, he never cried and didn't smile. He would go through his life speaking only when spoken too.

He never went to Terabithia anymore, when May Belle would ask him to take her, he'd always respond with a firm 'No.' and turn his head.

"Jess." came the voice of May Belle, who was 12 now. Jess turned his head and looked at his sister, waiting for a reply. "I love you." she said, tears peeking from the corners of her eyes.

"Me too." he replied with no emotion. "Can I go now?" he asked, annoyed, he just wanted to get this over with.

His mom nodded her head and Jess turned around and entered the Watercreek Rehabilitation Center.

Jess was sure if his father hadn't found that lottery ticket on the ground that day, they wouldn't be able to afford to send him here.

A few years after Leslie death, when Jess was around 15, his father had found a lottery ticket for that night's drawing. He had decided to keep it, just in case.

It was a good thing he did, because they had all the numbers and had won the Million Dollar Jackpot of 300 million dollars.

His dad had opened up his own business and Ellie and Brenda had been able to go to college, they ended up majoring in Fashion and they are now famous designers of the clothes line BE, which was a combination of the first two letters of their name.

His mom was able to go back to college and get her degree in education and became a teacher at a university in Literature.

Jess had still been depressed, so one day, his parents came home with a pair of Nike's, like Jess had always wanted, and a set of very expensive paints, the same kind that Leslie had given to him for his birthday all those years ago.

Although he smiled lightly at the gifts and used them, it still didn't improve his depression, but made it worse.

Which is why Jess stood where he did today.

Jess looked around the Rehabilitation center. The interior was modeled to that of a hospital, sterile and white. 'Les would go insane,' he thought, thinking of Leslie and the way she loved layering and colors. He mentally scolded himself for thinking about her.

He went to the check in station.

"You checking in?" a girl with curly red hair and brown eyes asked. No, I'm here to buy fries, of course I'm checking in. he said to himself

"Yea." Jess responded annoyed.

"Name?" she asked pulling out a clipboard.

"Jesse Aarons." he said. She looked at her clipboard.

"Ah yes, Jesse, now Dr. Smith will be your councilor, you will see her 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays after an hour of buddy time-" he cut her off.

"Buddy time? Really." he said, annoyed that he would have to spend some time with another crazy loon.

"Yes, buddy time, it's where you are paired up with someone who has been here longer than you, a buddy is here to have someone to talk to." she explained.

"So who's my buddy?" he asked, feeling sorry for whoever got him.

"A girl your age named Terabithia." The women responded after taking a look at her clipboard.

Jess' eyes went wide. "Excuse me, can you repeat that." he asked, not believing the words he just heard. Believing instead that his mind was playing tricks and she had said 'Tara Thia' or 'Teara Bithel' and not Terabithia.

"Terabithia, she's been here a while." she said, looking at Jess, an eyebrow raised.

"What's she here for?" he asked, this could not be Leslie; maybe someone just named their kid Terabithia.

"Mental problems, we don't know what happened, police found her badly beaten, she went to the hospital but all she would say was 'Terabithia' over and over again, so that's what she goes by." She explained. "I don't know much about her, I've only seen her once, just that she can't remember anything." she continued. "Now as I was saying..." she droned on and on about the program, meals, breaks, family visiting, and all that stuff. Jess just kept thinking.

Maybe Leslie is still alive! They never found her body, it is possible she somehow ended up here he thought before his pessimistic side took over.

Yea, but wouldn't the police officer recognize her and call her parents? the optimist replied.

Maybe the officer didn't recognize her, she could of easily crossed over into the other county.

Jess had enough and told the voices to shut up.

He was then asked to follow a nurse to his room, which was five doors down from his buddy.

He nodded his thanks and entered the barren room. Might as well unpack. He thought and went to his suitcase, putting his art stuff on a desk and his clothes in the drawers, at the very bottom of his black suitcase laid a picture. Jess smiled as he picked it up.

It was of Leslie in Terabithia, an exhausted PT sat on her lap. Jess had painted it for Leslie as a birthday gift, but he never had the chance to give it to her.

He tacked it to his wall and half smiled. Maybe this girl, Terabithia, would help him get over the loss if his best friend, his queen, his crush.

He had eaten dinner before arriving so he changed into PJ's and nestled under the covers, his dreams clouded with Troll hunting in Terabithia, Leslie and PT by his side.

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