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This picture had Leslie's hair grown out, if she didn't cut it, it would be about mid-back. Her cheekbones were more defined and her lips fuller. He sighed. He glanced at the clock, it was 10:50. Better go to buddy time. He thought as he closed his sketchbook.

He walked out of room and saw a girl with mid back blonde hair run out of Terabithia's room. He fought the urge to run after this girl.

She ran to a door at the end of the hallway, Must be the buddy time room. He thought.

He walked to the door and sure enough it said Buddy Room 1 A-M. Well this is it. He thought and opened the door.

"Can I help you?" a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes asked, who was sitting at a desk.

"Yea, I'm here for Buddy Time, my buddy is Terabithia." he said.

"Oh yes Jesse Aaron, good luck, Terabithia is a nut job." he said.

"Terabithia! Your 11 'o clock is here!" he shouted to a girl with mid back silvery blonde hair who was sitting at a table writing or drawing something.

Jess walked over to her, he coughed after a moment.

She looked, she had piercing blue eyes Jess had a quick intake of breath. No. He thought, this girl was the spitting image of older Leslie he had just drawn.

"Leslie?" he asked in a whisper, and regretted it right away, this girl will think of him as a nut job, she spoke.

"Jesse. Jesse Aarons?" she asked him, staring at him puzzlingly.

Jess stared wide eyed at Terabithia. He couldn't seem to grasp this. Terabithia had one eyebrow raised as she looked at him, who probably looked like a fish out of the water, he finally spoke.

"You know who I am?" Jess asked, praying with every fiber of his being that she remembered him.

"Your Jess Aarons, my 11 o' clock, right?" She said, "And why'd you call me Leslie?" he added in.

Jess mentally smacked himself, of course Terabithia would know his name was Jesse Aarons.

"Sorry," he said, as he sat in the chair opposite her, "Its just, you look a lot like my best friend..." Jess went off.

"You must miss her if you thought I looked liked her." Terabithia said with a smile and a small chuckle.

"Yea, I do." Jesse responded looking down. He noticed her drawing, "What are you working on?" he asked.

"Oh, just a book I was working on, I'm not really good at drawing but I feel like I knew someone who could draw and that person helped me out a lot." Terabithia said, turning the sketch pad towards Jess who looked at it wide-eyed.

The picture was of him, Leslie, and PT in Terabithia. Their castle in the background with it's high towers and the shimmering lake waters, not to mention the friendly giant in a corner.

"What's wrong?" Terabithia asked him, seeing him look at the drawing.

"That's me and my best friend and her dog, Prince Terrien, or PT for short. We had this place for ourselves in the woods, it was where we could just hang out and rule our kingdom." Jess looked at Terabithia, who spoke.

"And protect the land from the Dark Master and his servants."

Jess looked at her, this couldn't be happening.

"Follow me," She said, standing up and grabbing Jess' hand.

She walked past the boy who Jess talked to earlier and quickly spoke, "Kevin, me and Jess are going for a walk." Kevin nodded his head, not really caring.

Terabithia dragged him down to her dorm room, she turned to face him.

"I don't really know who you are, but I feel like I know you. I don't know how, it just your eyes," she said, looking into his deep hazel eyes. "I've seen them only in my dreams..." she said.

At this point, Jess was partially freaked out and scared the other part was happy and finally hoping that Terabithia was indeed Leslie Burke, the girl he fell in love with only after she was no longer around.

Terabithia continued, "I'm sorry, it's just, I have dreams about a boy, the one you saw in the picture, you said that was you?" Jess merely nodded his head. "And that girl was your friend?" Jess nodded his head. "What happened to your friend?" Terabithia asked him.

Jess responded, "She went to swing on the rope over a rive, I wasn't there, it had rained a lot the day before and the river had flooded, she fell and hit her head on a rock. The police never found her, only her blood on a rock where she must of hit her head," Terabithia put her hand to the back of her head where she had a partially fractured skull, Jess continued, "She was presumed dead, and I blamed my self for it, you see, I loved her, and I didn't realize it until after..." Jess breathed out, he could feel tears threatening to spill but he held them back.

Terabithia spoke, "I'm going to show you something I've never shown anyone before." she said, taking Jess' hand and opening her door, Jess couldn't believe what he saw.

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