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Yeah, well, this will be my first attempt on a fic with LucaXYuki as the main pairing. But, as the huge fan I am, I decided that there will be side HostumaXShusei in this story ;)

This story idea came to my mind as I saw a movie by Dreamworks Pictures Inc. like one week ago. And always, when there comes the signature of the name, there's that boy sitting in the moon and dropping his fishing-rod into the water ( I bet you know what I am talking about). And this small scnene always fascinates me^^

So, this story was born.

This is Part 1/3

The next parts will follow ASAP (of course it also depends on the number of readers that want to know how this story or rather modern fairytale develops =))

So, please enjoy^^

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Have you ever wondered what the man in the moon is dreaming about? What he does when he's awake and what he does when he goes to sleep? Have you ever wondered if he ever, ever caught a fish when he's dropping his fishing-rod into the sea? If he watches us from up there?

Have you ever wondered if the man in the moon was lonely?

Once upon a time, there was a man in the moon; actually he was no more than a boy… and he was up there, all by himself.

It's his story to be told.

The story of the lonely man in the moon.

My world has always been black and white. Up here, no other colors exist.

Sometimes I open my eyes I cannot remember having closed and I look into these endless depths of the sky. My home is the moon; white. My roof is the universe; black, except from white sparkling spots; the stars are blinking. The universe is high and deep and wide and long; sometimes I feel numb from all the looking into the black and I believe that I fall off the moon. But I never do.

The other planets have more than one moon; the moons are together, then men aren't alone. But my planet, Earth, has no other moon than mine; I am all alone. When a shooting star passes by, it is always in a hurry and doesn't stop for a talk.

I spend my days looking. Looking into the universe, looking at the sun… especially looking at my planet. It turns and turns… around the sun and rotates and I turn around the planet… always, without a pause, around, around, around... Sometimes, I can see bright blinking spots on the surface there; small, tiny. In my eyes, they're white. But I believe they are not.

I strike out the fishing-rod and fling it toward Earth. The line is long and long… and somewhere falls down. And then I stare and wait. I don't know, what for.

I feel a pull at the line. It stretches and relaxes again. I blink and hold it tighter. It stops. How weird.

This has never happened before. I look over my shoulder, as if expecting someone there explaining it all to me. But there never is. So it is up to me to invent an explanation, suitable for a pulling at the fishing-rod.

To be honest, I don't know what that thing's good for, anyway. It's just always been here, on the moon, quite like me. I don't know its use. Or if it has any use at all. I shrug and return to the image of the Earth in front of me. The surface is more white than black.

Suddenly, it pulls again, stronger than before; it almost flies out of my hand. I flinch and hold it tightly, with both my hands. It jumps and fights against my hold. And then a mighty jerk pulls me forward; my feet lose contact to my moon and I dive, I fly… the black and white turn around me and around me and around me as I am falling falling falling into the universe…

The man walks. The avenue leads through a light forest; the street is lined with trees. It is late autumn and late afternoon. No one's around for it is chilly and windy outside.

The air scents after falling leaves and mushrooms, rain and wood. It's not silent, but the voices of the animals have gone quiet; it's time for them to go.

He walks and walks and sometimes looks around, scanning the forest, but his eyes never stop.

He is deep lost in his thoughts, his eyes are seeing but are oblivious about it all, his feet walk but seem to be the only ones that know where they want to go and take him. Time passes and for him it is no more than a second and sometimes it seems to him as though time flew backwards. At times, he seems to be pulled out of his mind, for no reason, and scans the area in distrust and suspicion. Then his eyes get clouded again and he is carried away…

Suddenly, something disturbs him at the edge of his view; he can't quite tell what it is, but there's something… definitely out of order, not to call it 'wrong'… He frowns, trying to pick up the last thought he has had, but this mistake, this wrong is so obtrusive that he can't focus anymore. He looks around, trying to find the wrong and block it out after finding it, if possible.

And then he sees it.


He sees him.

It's a boy. He lies on the thick, moist carpet of leaves and twigs, his eyes closed and he doesn't move. Next to him lies a fishing-rod.

His skin is really pale; almost white and is now, as he is unconscious, underlined by a darker hue of grey. His hair is blond and falls into his eyes. The body is slim and slender; lean arms and legs, hands and feet, so pure and white like freshly fallen snow. He's almost naked; the only thing he wears is a wide, pure white shirt with white buttons, reaching down to his legs.

He looks like out of a fairytale.

The man looks around. No one's there. Then he crouches down and reaches out one hand to know if the boy is still breathing. Warm breathe hits his skin; he sighs soundlessly in relief.

"Hey, wake up" he murmurs in a low voice.

He hesitates to shake the boy.

"You can't stay here"

The eyelids of the boy twitch and flutter open, seeing without focusing on anything, his pupils immediately narrowing to two black points in deep golden irises.

"Hey" he tries again; the boy still seems to neither hear nor see him.

He blinks in a quick pace and moves his fingers into the leaves and suddenly he flinches, as if only now noticing the feeling in his fingertips. He stares at his white hands and lifts them, as if he had never seen them before. He touches the moist, colorful leaves beneath him… so gently and innocently the man looks away.

"You shouldn't sit there on the ground for so long" he says.

The boy blinks again and finally looks at him. The surprised, fascinated and almost awestruck expression vanishes and caution overtakes, making him draw back from him.

"Sorry, I'm not going to hurt you" he says in a quiet manner, his eyes fixed on the boy's, reaching one hand out, to show that it's empty, his palms turned to the sky, showing that he's not of bad intentions.

And all of the sudden, the boys jumps onto his feet and stumbles backwards; his legs shaking as if they had forgotten how to stand and walk and carry. He falls to the ground again and stares with horror in his eyes at his own legs, his nails digging into the pure skin, digging his toes through the layers of leaves and twigs and thorns and tiny rocks into the cold earth.

"Stop that or you'll hurt yourself".

The boy flinches again, touching his ears now; pulling at them and shaking his head, as if he had just learned how to hear. His body starts to tremble and he wraps his arms around his body and shakes his head so hard… and then his eyes flutter shut and he falls to the side, with slightly flushed cheeks and his heart racing and drumming so loud that it's even audible in the silence of the forest.

The man stares at him, stunned and being totally at a loss. Then he stands up and walks over. He lifts him up, carefully and diligently looking out for everything being covered by the shirt. He carries the light boy in his arms, down the avenue, until the sight of the two is lost.

As I wake up I pretend to not having woken up yet. I feel something warm and soft and slightly heavy on me… covering all of me. Except my nose and eyes. I open one eye really slightly and look. A dark … thing is on top of me. It's warm beneath it, so I decide to like it.

Suddenly, I start to hear again – and that scares me. On the moon, hearing is so much different. Then I hear and don't hear. When a shooting star passes by and says a word or two, there're just in my head then. No feeling in the ears. A smooth sound, muffled and dull, seems to come closer. And then something moves into my view, looking at me. I nuzzle deeper into the warm thing and stare back.

"You're awake, right?" the… whatever it is, says.

I understand him; though I don't know, why. It's the first time something else other than a meteor talks to me. I nod slowly.

"So… you understand me?"

I nod again. The thing moves and then lowers somehow and I startle as the ground under me lifts, but just for a moment.

"Do you…know where you are?"

I'm not that silly, so I mutter "Earth…" and I blink because it's the first time I really do here my voice.

"… Who are you?"

I don't know.

I am who I am.

"…The man in the moon…" I say.

The thing looks at me, calmly, with a thoughtful look.

"What are you?" I ask, my curiosity nagging in me.

"… A human"


"Yes. We… live… on the Earth" the thing explains.

I dare my face higher over the dark thing covering me. Now I can see the human.

I can't see colors, so everything's black or white or a lighter shade of black or a darker shade of white. I don't know if the human is looking good or not. I never saw anything comparable before. But I decide that I like what I see.

"Who are you?" I want to know.

"You may call me Luca"



I look at the human and the human looks at me.

"Do you know where you are exactly?" he asks.

I nod and then I shake my head. And he explains….

The boy doesn't even know what a bed is, let alone a mansion or a quarter in a city, in this case Tokyo. First, the man, Luca, thinks that the boy is making fun of him. But the way he looks and asks and talks, with a raspy voice as if he had never used it before, convince him otherwise. He doesn't believe in the fairytale from the man in the moon. But this boy… it's as if he really never had any contact with other humans or any other normal stuff before.

The longer they talk, the more the boy has the heart to come out from under the dark blue blanket in the big canopy bed. Outside, the dark of the night colors the world in blue and black.

"This stuff over me… is called blanket and the thing I am lying in… is a bed, right?"

"And the thing behind your head is a pillow"

At his words, the boy turns and looks at the dark blue pillow, matching the blanket. He touches the surface and carefully pinches it. Of course winkles appear. He draws back in surprise

"S-sorry… Did I break it?"

"No, everything's fine"

The boy looks at the crumbled surface of the pillow, a frown on his forehead.

"Here, look"

As Luca reaches out one hand I jump inside but outside I pretend to not be startled. He lays a long, big hand onto the pillow thingy and makes a swift movement and the wrinkles are all gone, only some are left at the edges.

"You can make them go away" I say.

"Yes, because it is soft… try it"

I pinch the pillow. And then I mimic him and slide my hand over the winkles. The feeling is cool and soft and gliding beneath my fingers. And then the wrinkles are gone.

"So different from the moon. There are no beds and pillows up there" I say.

Luca looks at me, without saying something. Then he asks "Are you hungry?"


"Do you want something to eat?"

"Eat?" I blink. What is he talking about? He seems to think about something. Then he stands up from the bed.

"Just wait here. I'll show you". Then he leaves the room through a wall that opens.


It's so silent. Silence is familiar to me. I look around. Humans are such weird beings. They live in houses out of rocks and divide it into rooms and sleep in these things called beds. I am in a room right now. It is big and has corners. The ground is… well, a darker shade of white. The walls are the same shade, as far as I can tell. I don't know many shades of white and black. There are not many on the moon.

Stuff is standing here. In a darker shade of black. They have strange forms and I can't quite figure out their use. I pull this blanket away and look at me. It's the first time I see my legs… I think. I can't remember if I had some on the moon. I suppose, but if I had, then I have forgotten how to walk.

I can move them and the feeling in my legs and feet are so intensive, so fierce it still scares me. I move them to the edge of the bed. The thing I'm wearing slides along my skin; it itches and at the same time it is… I don't know how it's called. I am to put one of my feet onto the ground, as the room suddenly bursts open and I flinch and turn, my heart almost jumping out of my chest. Another human enters the room, but it's not Luca.

The human is not as big as Luca, but the way he storms towards me frightens me more than every falling meteor onto the moon ever did.

"I can't believe it, there's really a small freeloader here in the mansion!".

The voice that violates my ears is loud and so… heedless, it hurts to hear. I crawl deeper beneath the blanket. The human comes closer and stares down at me. His eyes are so much… different from Luca's, different in a bad way. I notice that I don't like it at all.

"You just pretend to not have any clue about everything, right? You just wanna cadge here in the mansion, you freeloader!"

I don't even know what he's talking about since I don't know the words he uses. But from his tone and look in his eyes I can tell that he means something bad and that makes me feel bad. I don't know what to say and suddenly, he reaches out one hand – but before he comes too close, the wall that opens, opens again and another human enters.

Slowly, I am a bit overstrained with the whole situation. I close my eyes. I cannot close my ears. But the voice that breaks the silence now is a lot more calm and relaxed and nicer to listen to.

"Hotsuma, you are scaring him"

"Oh, c'mon, Shusei, I bet he'll rob us tonight"

"He's hardly more than a child. Stop exaggerating everything"

The human next to the bed steps backwards. Through a slit between the edge of the blanket and the bed I look to the other human. He is smaller; but his voice holds more… well, up there on the moon I'd say gravity. It's harder to withstand.

"I'm sorry if he scared you. He has no manners" the… man? Boy? says to me now, seemingly having found my looking eyes.

"My name is Shusei and this is Hotsuma. We live in this mansion as well".

I nod and then I notice that he can't see it. So I blink.

"Well then, we'll leave you alone again. Pardon our behavior; it was more than inappropriate"

At these words, he throws a… I guess it's called reproachful gaze at the other, who looks away. Then they leave the room. I sit up from under the blanket.

I feel it complicated.

As Luca returns, with a tablet full of prepared soup from the mansion's cook, the boy still lies in bed, but his back resting up against the headboard and the blanket crumpled at feet. His knees are drawn up and he seems to draw lines on them, invisible but with a certain structure. The white shirt he wears, alongside with his white skin let him look like… well, an angel, amidst all the blue. The boy looks up. He sits down on one side of the bed, like before.

"I don't want to" the boy says, after he has explained him, what exactly eating and being hungry and food mean.

"You're not… on the moon anymore. So you quite have to"

The boy shakes his head. "It's weird"

The man doesn't know what to do. He is no good with children or stubborn teenagers. He sighs and lays the tablet on the night table.

"…These humans were also weird" the boy mutters.

"Which humans?"

"Two humans. They came in earlier"

Luca narrows his eyes. The boy probably refers to the two youths. "Did they scare you?"

"One did; the other did not"

He nods slowly. He'd give those two a lecture later.




"Carry me… to that place, please"

First, he doesn't know which place the boy is talking about. Then he turns around to the window. The boy's eyes are locked on the sill. He nods and carefully lifts the small person from the bed; these white legs look far too thin to walk. Then he puts him onto the window sill and opens the window, keeping his hands close, in case the boy wants to jump.

"…Is that white ball….the moon?" the boy whispers, awe painting his words.

"Yes. That is the moon"

The boy's mouth falls open as he stares up to it. "So small… And so far…"

And, for the first time, there is hurt in his voice, tainting it like a thick splotch of black in a sea of white.

He watches him looking up to the moon, the black pupils so big that they look like black holes. How weird this boy is. The story of the man in the moon is only a fairytale for small children. But this boy… He is confused. His mind forbids him to even consider this explanation. But something in his chest… tells him otherwise.

I wait until my eyes drop down. I can't get enough of this sight. The universe from this point of view, my moon, my home from this perspective… it fascinates me and leaves me breathless. I lean forward… forward… as if I could fly back into the endless high and deep… just fly… into the endless… endless… high and… and… deep…

I flinch and claw my hands instinctively into whatever that prevents me from falling. My left leg dangles in the air and wind touches my skin. I look down to see two hands resting around my… I don't know how this part of the body is called, but it's the thing Luca pointed at as he explained me that stuff about eating. His grip is firm and safe, without hurting.

"Be careful" he says, slowly letting go.

"…Thank you… Sorry" I murmur.

Then he lifts me up again. "You're tired. You should rest"

"But I want to look" I protest.

"You almost fell off the window. You will sleep now…"

I blink and my eyes itch. I never had that feeling before.

On the moon, feelings don't exist. There's hardly gravity. The felinfs would just fly into the universe. But here on the earth… it's all feeling and it's strange and foreign and weird and I don't like it all the time.

To feel is so difficult.

"What's your name?" Luca asks the boy.

He says "…The man in the moon" with a voice heavy from fatigue.

"That's a title. But what is your name?"


"Yes. How do they call you?"

"Who calls me how?" he asks back, his eyelids fighting hard to stay open.

"The… other people where you come from. How do they call you?"

"There are… no others…" he replies, his body nuzzling deeper under the blanket.

"No others?"

"I'm… the only one…on the moon"


Luca looks at him but sees no lies in his eyes. "Well then. Good night" he says in a very low voice.

The boy nods and then the only thing left is the sound of him breathing steadily, gliding over to which world he may see and visit in his dreams.

Luca closes the door to the guest room behind him and walks down the corridor to his own room. That boy… He doesn't seem to have a name or at least he cannot remember. But calling him 'Boy' is no good. It is the very last option there should be. So… but a name? For that boy who thinks of himself as the man in the moon?

For a boy, as white and pure as freshly fallen snow.

And now he has an idea.


This is where I stop my story for a bit. The man in the moon, the boy, has to sleep for now.

Let's meet again when he wakes up.

To be continued...

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