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And here we meet again, turning the page where our story of the man in the moon continues. The boy had fallen asleep, tired and exhausted from his unforeseen journey to Earth. What will he experience on this new day in this world where he learns how to feel?

Let's find out and read on…


I feel my eyes heavy, something I have never had before. As if gravity was pulling them down… I don't try to fight it for it is useless, anyway. But, as time and time and time passes, my eyes lighten… the pull gets weaker. And then, I open them slightly.

It's so bright, brighter than I have ever seen the sun before. So bright… so very bright.

I cover my face, but it's no use, the light is so bright and hurts and stings in my eyes. I turn away from the brightness and something warm and heavy falls off my… no word comes to my mind. I blink and rub my eyes and I feel my fingers doing it. I startle and freeze and blink. Then I remember.

I am on Earth.

I almost thought that it was all just a dream.


As Luca opens the door to the room where the boy was sleeping, he expects to see him already awake and cheerful, but as he steps closer to the bed, he finds him sleepily blinking and crinkling his nose at the brightness.

"…Good morning" he says slowly and sits down at the edge of the bed.

The eyelids flutter open and look around. The light has yet to come back into his golden orbs. The pupils narrow again and he seems to recognize him. "…Luca".

He nods.

The boy sits up and yawns.

"Slept well?"

The boy nods. "Could you… make it darker? I can't see" he mutters and hides his eyes behind his fingers; his skin radiates in blending white and purity. How weird. It's not a supernatural brightness coming from outside. It's a nice morning, but nothing out of order.

At least for those who'd know the sun from the point of Earth.

He closes the curtains and the room falls into twilight, only illuminated from a bizarre net of sunrays breaking through the grooves. Now, the boy finally looks at him; innocent tenseness written on his face, his body frozen in the position between resting and jumping.

"Are you hungry?" Luca asks him.

The boy shakes his head and then shrugs. "I don't know. How would I know?"

The man keeps silent. How does one explain the feeling of being hungry? "Does your stomach feel… empty?"

"Is there a time where it is not?" the boy asks back.

Luca tries hard not to roll his eyes. Despite his professed nescience, he has quite a sharp mind, like every teenager.

He sits back down on the mattress again. The boy stays, where he is, his legs beneath the blanket drawn close to his chest, his arms wrapped around them.

"…You know…" he starts.

The boy looks at him while talking, head slightly turned, as if trying to catch every of his words with his ears so he wouldn't miss any sound there is to hear.

"Yesterday, before you fell asleep, I asked for your name".

The boy nods.

"And since you don't seem to have one… Are you ok if I give you a name?".

The boy doesn't react. His eyes have wandered to an uncertain spot on the blanket. Then his mouth opens and he asks "Is a name so important?"

"…A name defines you from others. So people can all you and you know right away that there are talking to you".

"But I don't even know people who would call me"

"You do – you know me now, and Shusei and Hotsuma, the two you met yesterday"

The boy frowns "I don't want them to call me anything. They're creepy"

"And what am I, then?"

"When you're here, I know that you're talking to me. And you're not creepy"

Luca sighs soundlessly. The boy has a keen mind, no doubt. "But sometimes, a person wants to call the other person's name; it's a sign for trust and friendship and closeness and whatever. That's a good reason to have a name, right?"

The boy's eyes narrow, as if thinking through the reason. Then he shrugs. "Maybe"

"So, can I give you a name?"

"What kind of name?"

He stops for a second and looks at him, looking over the whole body, the whole person that is to get a name from him, a personality; uniqueness inside this walls.


The boy seems to listen to some inaudible echo from the word. Then he nods. "Ok. Then I'm Yuki from now on"


As I stand up from the bed, don't stumble anymore; my knees shake, but manage to let me stand on my feet. Then I try some steps towards the window, while Luca watches me, ready to jump and catch me, if necessary.

"You like the window, right?" he asks me.

I nod. I stretch out one hand to touch the place I was sitting on before I fell asleep, the place where I almost fell off from. I draw the… blanket? Piece of fabric? in front of the window away and immediately, I'm blinded by the unfamiliar light. And though my eyes start to hurt, I can't stop looking and taking in the whole view.

"What's all that?" I ask with wonder in my voice. He steps beside me and opens the window, so the sharpness of the view is almost unbearable. It's black and white but still so intense, so fierce, I forget to blink and to breathe and to move and I feel dizzy from the view of all these… all these things here on earth I feel numb and my mind is full of incomprehensible thoughts.

Suddenly, a hand moves into my sight and lays itself over my eyes; the feeling of hardly warm skin is foreign to me and I wonder if I like it; I don't know yet at all.

Then Luca says "Calm down again. I won't let you see anything if I can't be sure that you won't faint".

I don't know what 'fainting' is, but I keep silent and start to breathe again; I want to be able to consume this piece of earth offered to me to see and take in completely as soon as possible again. But as he lets me go, I turn to him.

"Can we go down there?"

"… Are you able to walk?"

"Sure I am"

"Then try" is everything he says.

And with the will of showing him that I can walk, I move one foot forward; both my hands clawing into the fabric in front of the window.

"Don't break the curtain… that stuff you're holding onto" Luca says.

I nod and then I let go. And for a second I believe that I succeeded in walking. I turn around to him to tell him that I was right, but suddenly I stumble and fall onto the ground, that carpet stuff.


"Damn, are you hurt?" he asks Yuki immediately.

"No" the boy answers, "But why did I fall?"

"Once you decide to turn into the opposite direction you should be making sure that your feet know that as well" he replies dryly.

The boy shrugs and tries to stand up again, completely ignoring that fact that… the shirt of his doesn't cover up much of his pale legs. Luca looks away.

"You… don't you know what pants are?" he asks and thinks that he has gotten himself into a real mess.

"Huh?" the boy says and finally stands upright again, on his skinny, white legs, which look more breakable than a tiny twig.

He points at his naked knees. "Don't you feel cold?"

"What's cold?"

He tries hard not to roll his eyes. Then he gives up and walks up to him. The boy follows his steps and waits for what is to happen next. Then he lifts him up; like before hardly feeling anything.

"I'll carry you" he says. The boy looks down to him and his golden orbs reflect his face.

"Luca" he says. Only his name. Thousand words in his name, words the boy doesn't even know. But he hears them nevertheless.



The grass is nice against my skin, the trees are high and fun to watch, because the wind makes the leaves move and move and move, without stopping. Luca says that it is 'fall' and that means the trees lose their leaves (I wonder why the leaves decide to fall down) and the air and the wind become cooler. But right now, it is still nice out here and I enjoy this whole new world I am allowed to see.

I flinch as a humming little thing lands right in front of me on a long blade of grass. I blink and that thing moves something on its back (yes, I try to remember all these words) and seems to stare back at me. Suddenly it jumps and hits my nose. I shake my head instinctively and my nose itches and then I make a loud sound and movement that is foreign to me and it scares me. "AAAAchooo!".

"…Bless you" suddenly someone else other than Luca, who's standing somewhere behind me, says.

I look up and see the boy from yesterday, the one who wasn't as creepy as the other.


"That's what one usually says when someone sneezes" he explains and crouches down next to me; I'm still sitting in the high grass.

Then he stretches out one hand and lifts his finger where that humming thing is sitting now and buzzing as if it was proud of having mocked me.

"It's mean" I say.

"…First of all it is a bug" the boy says and looks at me while he's talking. "And you were the one sitting in the way"

"How would I know that that thing was jumping into my direction?" I ask back, much braver than I feel, carefully watching that bug-thingy's every move.

And the boy doesn't reply but turns his head to Luca and says "Now I know what you're talking about" I don't get him and stand up and walk away, farther into the garden.


"He's not that shy anymore" Shusei tells Luca, as he walks back to him, leaving the boy walking with eyes full of curiosity and light around in the garden, touching everything foreign, talking to himself in his inaudible voice about all the miracles he meets.

"I know"

"And you call him Yuki now?"


"…You still don't know where he comes from, right?"

"I didn't try to contact the police on purpose" he explains in a low voice.


"Look at him. Would the police seriously believe that he's, well, unordinary at best? They'd take him straight to the next psychiatry and lock him up".

Shusei nods, agreeing silently. They watch him trying to catch one of the colorful leaves dancing in the wind. His steps are anything else than secure, but he manages to not stumble and fall, which is impressing, looking at his skinny body that looks as fragile as a dolls out of pure glass.

"By the way, you should tell him to wear some more clothes" Shusei says, observing intently the scenery.

"He doesn't understand the reasons, why. Despite that, I am not good with children". There's a certain tone in his voice.

Shusei understands immediately. "…You mean I should teach him?" he asks.

"You and your useless best friend. You're more likely his age, you can do it"


He knows that the boy won't talk back, since he's the one owning the mansion and the one allowing the two to live in this very mansion.

"And what exactly shall we do with him?"

"…It's for you to decide on that. And don't look at me like that" he adds, "I will still spend time with him, but at least for now and the following days, I'll leave him under your care"


The boy has a really nasty look in his eyes, as he stands opposite of Hotsuma in the living room.

"Yuki" he says to get the attention back to him and him alone.

The blond boy reacts just as expected and looks at him, suspicion radiating from the golden orbs.

"I won't be here the next few days… probably even longer. These two will take care of you"

"I can take care of myself" he replies. "And I don't like them"

Hotsuma attempts to leave the room again, but Shusei holds him back and looks quite amused.

"You have to learn to get along with them" Luca explains calmly, but his voice holds no room for discussion.

Yuki looks huffy. "When will you be back here, again?" he wants to know.

"I still don't know exactly".


"I don't want you to go. They are creepy and I don't like them at all" I say and grip Luca's large hand and pull at it.

Luca sighs and we sit down on the bed. I grip his hand with all my fingers now, as if this could stop him from leaving me all alone here. "I have to go. And they're not as bad as you think they are. You'll have a nice time and soon enough, I'll be back again" he tries to conciliate me.

I shake my head so hard the room spins after that. Then I whisper "I will not let you go all day long so you won't get away without me noticing it".

And Luca lifts one eyebrow "You sure you can keep that up all night long, too?"

"Sure I can!"

"Then try"

Luca says he wants to show me a special place. We stand up from the bed, where we had rested and he told me a lot of things about the planet Earth. He has told me that there are places that are covered with water and they are so deep that one could think they are endless. He calls them oceans and he says that a lot of stuff lives in the water; that stuff is called animals.

I can't quite imagine how they look like. I wonder if they are somewhat similar to shooting stars or so… But I don't really know how shooting stars look like, anyway, because they're always way to fast before I can look at them. And then there are constellations that sometimes have some kind of a shape… but only when I try really hard to see the shape is when I see it… but then, the shape does not remind me of anything, because I have nothing that could remind me of anything… I feel a hand on my shoulder and startle.


Luca looks at me. "You spaced out"

I don't know what that is. I shrug.

"Let's go now… It's not far"

And this time, I walk on my own legs. And all the time, I grip Luca's hand so he won't leave me behind and go somewhere I can't see him any longer.

We go to some part of the mansion. The walls are out of bamboo sticks and there is a huge hole in the ground, filled with water that looks white to me. Like a small ocean, I guess.

"Are animals in there, too?"

Luca shrugs "Could be…"

My eyes grow big and I do some careful steps toward the steaming water. "I can't see a thing" I say disappointedly.

"Probably they hide"

"Are we going into that water?"

"If you want to..."

"…Yes!" I say, my bravery winning over my fear.

But before I go inside, Luca holds me back and then points at the white stuff I'm wearing. "

You have to take your shirt off first"


"Because it could get wet"

"What is wet?" I ask.

Suddenly, Luca bends down, puts his hand into the water and then takes it out so fast it splashes against my legs. I flinch and jump backwards.

"This is wet" he says and holds his hand up. Small drops gather in the middle of his hand.

"Does it hurt?"


I think about it. Then I pull off the white shirt that has been covering my body. It takes me quite some time. As I turn around to see where Luca is, he already stands in front of me. And his body is not black anymore (he wears so dark stuff all the time, at least in my colorblind eyes it looks black) but white now.

There are lines on the white skin and I wonder how they would feel like when I would touch him. I lift my hands, because the sight fascinates me, but he grips my hand and shakes his head.

The water makes my skin tingle and I feel really weird, not bad but weird. Luca says that I feel hot because of the water. The white steam blurs everything and curiously, I step deeper into the water and I wonder if I'll see animals or so…

"Are you sure there are animals in here?" I ask Luca, who leans against the edge of the hole (actually it is called basin) and watches me.

"…Take a look" he says.

I approach him; he holds something in his open hand.

"What's that?" I ask.

There is something white on his hand. It doesn't move.

"It is called a crane"

"Is it real…?"

"No… it's out of paper. In reality, they're much bigger".

I touch it. The surface is smooth and even.

"Did you make that?"

"Yes" Luca puts the crane into the water, where it swims. It moves in time with the movement of the waves. I like the crane and I blow air against it. It races a small distance over the water.

And the water is filled with other animals that Luca makes out of this paper stuff: animals that he calls swan, dragon, dolphin and cat. They swim in the water and it is so fun to play with them.


He watches the boy play with the paper animals. The heat has brought color to his pale cheeks. The water splashes to the sides and the drops look like little diamonds on his flawless skin. Luca breathes out and looks to the roof of the onsen. He is lost in thoughts, as he suddenly feels tender fingers touch his abs. Yuki stands in front of him, sadness written all over his face.

"It's broken" he explains and holds up the paper crane, which's wings are so soaked with water that they almost come off. The fingers are so gentle… he grips the boy's hand before it can wander further obliviously over his upper body; Yuki has no idea that his touch is dangerous.

"We can make a new one" he says.

Yuki's eyes grow big and bright


"Yes, I'll show you".

Later, Yuki gets more and more tired. His movement slows down and at some point he only leans tiredly against one of the rocks in the onsen.

"I'm tired…" he mutters, which is just what Luca has waited for.

"Then I'll bring you to your room again"

The boy nods and he uses gentle force to make him walk out of the water by himself. He helps the boy getting dry and then gives him a new shirt. Yuki's eyes threaten to drop close, so he lifts him up and carries him to the room. The boy is tired and exhausted now – he will be able to leave when he's fast asleep, which won't take too long, he guesses.

He lays him down on the bed and covers him with a blanket. He turns to leave, but suddenly a hand grips the back of his shirt.

"…Mnn… Don't go…" Yuki mutters.

He puts his hand onto his.

"I have to" "

I don't care"

He loosens the grip. The golden eyes follow each of his movements.

"…Good night, Yuki" he says.

The eyes slide close.


Without Luca I don't really like it here. Even though the two boys are not as bad as I thought. At least they don't scare me anymore.

I can walk longer and further each day (it's been quite some time now that I saw Luca) and Hotsuma and I often stay in the garden and I try to catch him and he runs away and hides somewhere.

Shusei, on the other hand, does something entirely different. When he sits in front of a huge black thing, he moves his fingers over a whole lot of thingies and they make nice noise. He calls the black stuff piano and the sounds music. I like music.

At some morning, they look differently than before. They have the same kind of clothes on and both are rather silent.

"Is something wrong?" I ask curiously.

"We gotta go to school" Hotsuma says and his voice is nasty and it's when I don't like listening to him.

"What is that?"

"A useless place" he replies.

"A school is an institution we have to visit in order to learn something" Shusei explains.

"And what are you learning?"

"A lot of things"

"Useless stuff" says Hotsuma.

"Can I go with you?" I ask. I want to see that place, too. I wonder how it looks like.

Shusei shakes his head. "Unfortunately, you cannot. You're not a student and we have classes. We won't be able to be with you.".

"Oh, well, when that is so…"

Suddenly, Hotsuma starts to buzz like a bug. I frown and look at him. He takes out a black, flat thing from his pocket, looks at it and then holds it to his ear. My wonder gets bigger and bigger. I look at Shusei, who just shakes his head and gestures me to stay quiet. Hotsuma talks very fast and I don't really understand him. Then he puts the thing back into his pocket.

"Damn it, these idiots! Why couldn't they tell us last week already that we have two free periods this morning? This sucks! I could've slept in!"

Shusei shrugs. Then his face gets a different expression. "Actually, it comes quite in handy" he says to Hotsuma.


"We could bring Yuki to our school. I'll go to classes and you'll show him the school grounds and so on. And when your two free periods are over, you'll bring him back to the mansion and return to school by the end of the break".

I have hardly understood half of what he was talking about, but I pretend to know what he talks about and nod eagerly at Hotsuma. Hotsuma looks unhappy and looks at Shusei. But Shusei doesn't really care.

"Fine, I'll do it" he says with a growl.


I wear some really weird stuff the two call clothes. Around my neck is a warm thing in black and white stripes that shall keep my neck warm, they say. It's a scarf or whatever. The other stuff is dark and covers my leg and somewhat feels foreign on my legs. And there's a shirt similar to the others I use to wear; it only is a bit shorter and doesn't reach down to my knees. But as they want me to put my feet into weird, dark things I refuse and hide under my bed until they give up.

"Fine, then just go bare foot, I don't care" Hotsuma snaps at me.

I turn my back to him and look at Shusei. "Are we going now?" I ask.


I am excited, because I have only seen the garden until now. I wonder if everything out there looks like the garden and everywhere are trees and grass and buzzing bugs. At least the place in front of the mansion is already quite big. They call it driveway and the ground is covered with small stones that hurt when I walk over them. I whine when I see that the driveway is really long and I have to walk the whole time. But the boys don't really care and Hotsuma says "It's your own fault for not putting on some frickin' shoes, got it?" I shrug and run ahead of them.

As we leave the driveway, I feel nervousness and fear of the unknown tingle my nerves. Suddenly, it is so loud and bright and full of humans, freeze right where I stand and push my scarf up over my nose.

"What you see right now is a road and the big things that move and make such loud noise are called cars. People use them to get from one place to another in a short amount of time" Shusei explains me slowly.

I don't really get it. "Why don't they walk?"

"To save time and energy. Because people are lazy and sometimes they have to go somewhere far away, so they need cars" Hotsuma says.

"…Save time and energy?" I wonder. I use my feet, too, and it doesn't make me tired that much. And time? Is there something rushing them?

Shusei looks at me and maybe he sees what I am thinking about. "You know… People let themselves get rushed because of their jobs or appointments… and everything has to happen quickly and there's never a small moment left for calming down, for doing nothing. It is really weird… but that is the way it goes"

I nod, but I still don't understand it. The two boys start walking again and I hurry to catch up.

We pass other humans on the way to that school-thingy; some wear the same clothes as Shusei and Hotsuma do, some wear something different, though the shades of black and white don't change that much. What I find weird is that every human does not look like… well, Luca, Shusei and Hotsuma.

I wonder so much I almost walk against a tree; only then the boys realize what I am wondering about and explain me that there are two sorts of humans on earth: Boys (like them) and girls, which I see for the very first time. I find them interesting. They have long hair on the top of their heads and their voices remind me of chirping birds. And the girl that know Shusei and Hotsuma seem to like them much, because they all come and say hi to them and make weird noise I identify as giggles.

Well, their voices are like birds but their movements like a squirrel's; it is all really weird.

"Yuki" Hotsuma calls out my name, as Shusei is talking to a girl.


"See that big building over there? That's our personal prison" he says and shakes his head in disapproval.

"Hotsuma's talking nonsense. It's our school" Shusei says as the girl leaves and walks back to a group of other girls.

I find that they all look quite the same. Unlike Luca… I haven't seen any other human yet that looks like him. Which reminds me that I haven't seen him already for so long…

"What is a prison?" I ask, while I still think about Luca and when he might come back.

"A place where felons and thugs and villains have to go to when they are caught doing their criminal stuff" Hotsuma answers and nudges me forward because I have forgotten to go on walking.

I stare at him and I don't know what he has just said.

"Just forget it, it's not important" Shusei says to me and looks at Hotsuma in a strange way. Hotsuma just rolls his eyes and shrugs.


I can't help but feel a little intimidated by the huge building that captures almost all my view except from a piece of sky I can see. There are dozens and dozens of windows and everywhere are boys and girls walking around, talking and giggling. The noise is almost unbearable for me. My eyes hurt from the image that is so full in all the details and I believe that my ears will come off.

I don't like school at all. I don't like this place. My thoughts get clouded and I just want to go back to the mansion where everything is quiet and calm and empty.

"Usui-kun!" some boys yell and I flinch. I wonder whom they're talking to, but to my surprise, Shusei turns to them and greets them. They gesture him to go to them. He turns around to me once more.

"I'll be going to my classmates now. Hotsuma will look out after you. And don't worry," he says, "once the school bell rings, the people will all go into the building and it'll be peaceful and silent again, I promise".


And as Shusei says that promise, it is the first time that the lonely man in the moon sees a human smiling. And though he still doesn't know what a smile is, he feels that he has just seen something really important and precious and unique before.

Something he as missed all the time that he has been all alone up there.


I nod and Shusei turns to Hotsuma and says something to him in a low voice. Hotsuma just shrugs and nods and Shusei leaves. It doesn't take long when a weird, high noise echoes over the school grounds. That shall be the school bell I guess. And just like Shusei said, the boys and girls all walk slowly into the building and soon, silence is where a few moments earlier still noise has been. I look up to Hotsuma.

"Where are we going now?" I ask.

"I don't care. You can decide" he says and sighs.

I look around. Then I see far, far away a green place, like covered with grass. People are there running around.

"What is that?" I ask and point at it.

"The soccer field. Some students have PE now" he says.

I don't know what PE is, but I start walking.

"Fine, let's go see the soccer field" Hotsuma mumbles nastily behind me, but I have learned to not take him serious all the time.


I find it really fascinating that so many people run after a single ball.

"Why don't they just have one ball each?" I ask Hotsuma, as we stand and watch.

Hotsuma blinks and shrugs. "…Why would I know? It's just the rule, you know?"

I don't, but I keep silent and watch. Then I want to go somewhere else. I poke my finger into Hotsuma's arm. He asks me where I want to go now. I tell him that I don't know. He just sighs again and then he starts walking.

"I'll show you our gym and then I show you how it looks inside the school" he says.

I nod and run after him, because his long legs make a step where I need two or three.

In the gym there are, like outside, people running around, but not after a ball but they run and then they jump on such weird things so the jump even higher. Hotsuma says those things are trampolines. I feel slightly envious as I see them. On the moon, I could even jump higher than them without any sort of trampoline to help me.

"It looks like fun" I say.

"…Kind of. Some really like that" Hotsuma says.

"And do you like it, too?" I ask him.

He shrugs. "Actually, I always skip PE when it's in the gym. I only like it when we're outdoors".

"And why?"

"I don't know…".

We stand there and watch the students. Then I want to go on.

"Fine. But after we enter the building, you don't talk to anyone, ok? I'll just tell them you're not from Japan and you don't know the language, got it" he says as we stand in front of a door that leads inside.

"But I do know the language" I say.

"Yes, but it'll only cause too many questions, ok? Just do as I said".

I shrug. Then I nod. If he says so…


I think that the school is quite nice insides. The ground and the walls have a darker shade of white. There are doors everywhere, and corridors and stairs. Sometimes, we pass other boys and girls, but we never stop. Hotsuma shows me the library. It's a place with lots of books. Books are things with a lot of pages out of paper and weird, small, black letters are written there. I don't know how to read, but sometimes there are pictures in the books that I can study.

As we walk down a corridor in the first floor, suddenly someone calls out a name.

"Renjou-kun! Renjou-kun, I know that you heard me!"

And to my greatest surprise, Hotsuma turns and looks at the woman that walks up to him and she walks in a pace I wouldn't have thought of her being capable of.

"Oh, crap" he whispers.

The small woman that reminds me of a ball, puts her hands to her hips and says "Renjou-kun, we need a strong man carrying the stage setting for the literature class. And it happens that I know that you have two free periods until break" she says but she looks like the hungry lion that I saw in one of the books in the library.

Hotsuma rolls his eyes. "Yeah, but I was just about to –" he starts but she interrupts him: "Shush! Follow me, you have some muscles in your arms, right? So go help your classmates!"

Hotsuma looks helplessly my way, as she grips his arm and pulls him through a door. I hardly register what just happened.

Suddenly, I am alone again.


I try to find the way back outside, but no matter how many times I walk through corridors and doors I don't find a door to get outside. I pass many, many windows that show me the outside, but I cannot open them. With every moment that passes, I feel the nervousness return, but much worse this time.

Suddenly, a loud noise that I remember is the school bell echoes through the halls. I jump and all the doors are ripped open and a flow of students enters the corridors. I am frightened and I just want to see Shusei and Hotsuma again and go home. I start to really dislike this place a lot.

There's nowhere to run and so I hide in a corner. My knees are pulled to my chest and I wrap my arms tightly around them. The scarf is pulled up over my ears to protect them from the noise. My eyes feel itchy and hot and as I touch them, my fingers are wet, like when I touch water.

"Oh Lord, what has happened to you?" suddenly an unknown voice says softly.

I lift my gaze and see an unknown face of a girl with really long hair. I don't answer and look away.

"Are you hurt? Or has someone been mean to you?" she asks.

"What is it, Touko-chan?" another voice asks. Another unknown face appears beside her.

"It's a boy, Tsukumo… and he's so small! And he is crying…"

She crouches down in front of me.

"I am Touko and this is my brother Tsukumo. What is your name?"

I shake my head.

"…Well, shall we take you to the office?"

I shake my head again. The girl and the boy look at each other.

"You're not from this school, right?" the boy, Tsukumo, asks.

I shrug and wipe my eyes. Suddenly, the girl offers me her hand.

"Maybe you just panicked because of all the students here. Don't worry; it also happened to me the first school day I was here" the girl, Touko says to me.

I take her hand and let her pull me up to my feet.

"And how did you manage to handle it later, Touko-chan?" Tsukumo asks her and his voice is really nice and friendly.

She turns to him and again I see that weird movement around their lips; the lips stretch and the corners turn upwards, like a banana.

"I made some friends".


And here we stop again. It is late and I am tired.

The lonely man in the moon is lost in High School, but two kind hearts find and take care of him.

I wonder what happened to Luca… and where are Shusei and Hotsuma?

Let's meet again to hear the end of this story.

To be continued...

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