I was BORED okay? And thus this idea was born! Wow. Okay after this you are too make a chapter for Loren's Secret. Enjoy.

I struggled. Stupid wing! Stupid two hour limet, and STUPID RACOON! I felt myself being dragged to the little stream. I know racoons always wash their prey. Before they eat it. I felt myself plunge into the steam. After like five mintues...


Ellimist suddenly asked. ((Yes!)) I shouted ((Yes!)) And nothing. What the? Then all the sudden I came up with it. I reached with talon, and...


I heard Tobias shout with surprise. Then silence. Silence that freaked me out a little. I tore away from the group. As they looked around in confusion. Finally I came across a stream. I saw a racoon eating a red-tailed hawk. I knew instantly who that hawk was.

I saw the strand wither and disappear. I just looked at it. Confused. Then I wondered to myself. If only I had been earlier. Who knew what one lousy minute could do?

See? I'm taking all of Tobias' close calls, and pretty much. Adding a minute.