This is the first chapter of my new story "The Story of Us" based on the Taylor Swift song of the same name and the quote at the beginning of each chapter is from it hope you enjoy please review and enjoy. Love C.J.

Just like a Slytherin

"I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us

How we met and the sparks flew instantly

People would say they're the lucky ones."

"And what Severus? That's it!" Hermione Granger stood in front of her boyfriend. "Partner," she reminded herself Severus hated being called her boyfriend insisting he was too old for the term. He was sat on the large leather chair that dominated the office he had occupied for twenty years. Hermione was stood in front of him her hands balled into fists as she tried in vain to keep her temper.

"Hermione," he replied softly.

"Don't." She said almost spitting the word "don't speak." They stood - and sat - in perfect silence for a minute. "Let me get this right," she smiled sarcastically "you want to break up with me because you think you are too old for me?"

"I told you this when we started dating." He said firmly.

"And I told you it didn't matter." She shouted back. She walked towards him and sat on the desk beside the chair. "I don't care Severus," She said much more calmly.

"But I do," he replied sternly. "I am too old for you Hermione I can't give you everything you need. We are at different places."

"Different places," Hermione sniped "that's rubbish and you know it. I am mature for my age and what we've been through would make anyone love each other." There was a deafening silence.

"That's it isn't it," Hermione asked her face growing increasingly pale. "You think I am with you because of what has happened rather than the strength of feeling between us." His silence was response enough for Hermione. If possible she looked angrier than before.

"If you think that Severus then despite this year you don't know me at all." Her voice was quieter than before but infinitely more dangerous and for the first time Hermione's voice penetrated Severus' heart. He watched as Hermione Granger walked out of his life.

Severus looked to the decanter beside him and poured a sizeable glass of firewhiskey.