Like Mother like daughter

"Mum," came a shout through the Snape rooms in Hogwarts. The previous head of Gryffindor and Slytherin flats had been merged so they made a comfortable family home.

"In here," came the reply from the sitting room. Eliza Snape came into the sitting room of the suite and saw her mother sat reading a large textbook on the scarlet sofa.

"Hey Eliza," her mother Hermione Snape smiled "what are you doing here?"

"Just thought I would see how the new term is."

"Getting homesick?" Hermione asked picking her youngest daughter Amelia who had been playing at her feet. Eliza had lived for all her life at Hogwarts growing up at the school and then attending between the ages of 11 and 18, she had just left her home for a job at the Ministry of Magic. Eliza Snape was the eldest of the four Snape children at eighteen she looked most like her mother out of her siblings, only the shoulder length curtain of jet black hair showed her father's heritage.

Eliza had been followed by Tobias two years later, a perpetual trouble maker Tobias was the Captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team, a position his sister had held before him. He too had the black hair of his father tall and slim with a strong face. Instead of achieving top grades like his sister he spent most of his playing quidditch and flirting. Neither of his parents had any ideas were this had come from as dating had not been high of either of their priority lists at his age. Hermione had shrugged it off as "being a teenager".

The third Snape child was eleven year old Edward, he had bucked against the family trend and much to his father's delight had been sorted into Slytherin. He was a bright boy perpetually curious and already brilliant at potions. He was his father's son and looked identical to Severus at that age. The youngest child was Amelia at just three, she was the only Snape child that hadn't inherited their father's black hair and had somehow been born with dark blonde hair that throughly puzzled Severus until Hermione explained her mother had blonde hair in her youth. Hermione held secret hopes that her youngest daughter would follow her in Gryffindor.

"Where's dad?" Eliza asked her mother suddenly realising her father was absent.

"Meeting with the headmistress," Hermione replied "so is there a serious reason for this meeting?" She asked "or are you just homesick."

"I do have something to ask you but it is so stupid." Hermione looked at her daughter confused Eliza was an organised and highly ambitious this was unlike her. Then the lightbulb went off in her head.

"Ellie," she asked suddenly reverting to the nickname she used for her daughter as a child. "Are you trying to talk to me about a boy?" Eliza glanced at Amelia who was picking up a her favourite book and trying to get her mother or her sister to read it.

"Err yes," Eliza said as thought expecting her mother to tell her off. Hermione smiled "go on tell me about him."

"He's twenty eight mum and he says we can't be together because he's too old for me." She blurted out suddenly. Hermione smiled.

"You do know there is a bigger gap than that between me and your father?" Eliza nodded. "Like mother like daughter," Hermione smiled "I think you need to tell your dad about this." Eliza pulled a face.


"If anyone knows what his man is thinking he does." The pair heard the swish of a banner falling over the entrance to the flat and they looked at each other.


"Dad," came two shouts Severus heard before he had walked two steps.

"What?" He asked taking Amelia from his wife. The pair looked at each other and Severus could not help thinking something was being kept from him.

Notes: Although I hinted heavily above I did imagine that at 11 Amelia would be sorted into Gryffindor.

Thank you so much if you have stuck with this story all the way through next week I am posting my new story that at the minute is under the working title of 'Much Ado About Nothing' which tells the story of Draco and Hermione cast in two of my favourite Shakespeare roles Benedict and Beatrice of the above title.