Joseph feels Clarisse cuddle against him as Genovia One is flying to London to meet Clarisse's brother. Joseph puts his arm around Clarisse's shoulders and pulls her closer. He knows she's not asleep. Clarisse never sleeps on short flights. Joseph knows that she feels more comfortable flying when she has his arms around her. Clarisse never felt like she could relax when she asked Joseph to sit next to her before they were married. Joseph is a light sleeper due to his security job and he hears Clarisse unbuckle her seatbelt and head towards the back of the plane. She's soon back in her seat and when Joseph opens his eyes Clarisse is holding a cup of tea in her hands. "Hey, you didn't bring me one." Joseph says with a smile.

"You were asleep when I got up. Do you want me to go get you a cup of tea?" Clarisse asks turning towards her husband.

"No, I'm alright. I was teasing. You look more relaxed than I've ever seen you on a flight." Joseph kisses Clarisse's cheek.

"I brought some cookies. Do you want one?" Clarisse asks as she sets a plate down. She loves having cookies when she has a cup of tea.

"Oh, you brought Peak Freens. They are my absolute favourites. Is there a chocolate one for me?" Joseph asks looking at the plate.

Clarisse shifts the cookies around on the plate to find the chocolate cookie she knows is on the bottom. "There you are my darling. I brought a chocolate one just in case you woke up. You know I don't like chocolate cookies." Clarisse picks up the chocolate cookie with two fingers and cups her hand under the cookie and feeds it to her husband.

"Am I ever glad you don't like chocolate cookies. It leaves more of them for me." Joseph says as he finishes the bite of cookie and takes the rest of the cookie from Clarisse. "Is something wrong darling? You seem awfully tense."

"I'm worried about my brother's reaction to all this. He doesn't take well to change and he's always been very protective of me. I hope he's happy about this. I'd hate to have an issue between James and I or James and you." Clarisse says quietly as she sips her tea.

"You can't worry about your brother. I am sure he'll be happy for you. He loves you. Don't worry now. Come here and cuddle with me. Drink your tea and just relax. You can't fuss over any of this." Joseph polishes off his cookie as Clarisse snuggles into his side.

Clarisse sighs gently. Joseph always makes her feel as much more when she's stressed about a situation. Joseph always knows just what to say when she needs reassurance. "Your Majesty, we're starting our descent into Heathrow."

"Thank you, Danny," Clarisse says as she sits up and reaches under seat for her handbag. She runs her brush through her hair quickly and runs some lip gloss over her lips. Genovia One rolls to a gentle stop at the gate. Clarisse gets up out of her seat and reaches up to open the overhead bin. "Joseph, can you get the carry-on bags down? I can't reach."

"Of course, darling. Just give me a moment and you're not carrying your own bag." Joseph says as he reaches up and grabs the two carry-on bags.

"My gallant knight, I can carry my bag, but thank you for offering to do that for me." Clarisse praises her husband highly.

"You just need to focus on finding your brother in this massive airport." Joseph teases his wife. "Who's bringing up our large suitcases?"

"Jim said we should wait just off the plane and he'd meet us and walk with us through the terminal together so he wouldn't lose us in the airport. If we get separated it will be next to impossible to meet up again." Clarisse walks just ahead of Joseph as he hoists the bags onto his shoulders.

"What have you got in this bag? Every time I lift one of your bags I feel like I could pull a muscle. You always over pack for trips abroad." Joseph says as he gently sets the bags down while they wait for Jim.

"I am a woman. I always over pack. I could always carry my own bag if it's too heavy for you." Clarisse teases Joseph.

Jim walks up wheeling the suitcases behind him. "Well, at least Jim gets the unenviable task of dealing with the big suitcases." Joseph teases as he and Clarisse walk into the arrivals area at Heathrow.

"You're only upset because you're carrying my laptop and you didn't want this to be a working vacation." Clarisse smiles at her husband.