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Summary: Wherein no one thinks Clark is cool enough to do a school report on.

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Watch Tower Cafeteria

The Flash watched the glower on Batman's face with fascination. The Dark Night had just walked into the cafeteria and his attention was solely directed across the room at Superman and Robin. Robin was making wild hand gestures, clearly excited about whatever conversation he was in.

The Flash chuckled to himself and took a sip of his drink.

Black Canary took a seat next to Barry. "What's got you laughing?"

The Flash nodded towards Batman.
"Look at who he's glaring at."

Black Canary turned her head at the duo by the window.

"Dick's got a school project," explained the Flash. "One of those 'follow someone at work' things. So, Dick's going to join Clark at work tomorrow. I do believe Bats is jealous."

Black Canary studied Batman for a moment and then turned back to Flash. "He is." She smiled. "It's sorta adorable."

"What's adorable?" asked John Stewart as he, Hal Jordan, and Martian Manhunter arrived at the table. They all took seats across from the other two heroes.

"Batman," said the Flash.

Martian Manhunter raised an eyebrow. "There is a lot of things that come to mind when I hear the name Batman. Adorable, is not one of them."

Black Canary quickly filled the three in.

Hal frowned. "Mild mannered reporter, Clark Kent," he scoffed. "I had a cooler job than that. I was test pilot."

"The key word here is: was a test pilot," said Black Canary.

"A career is a career," said Hal. "I'm sure he would not get a bad grade just because his report was based on an interview only." His shoulder's hunched a bit. "There was a time Robin thought that being a test pilot was cool."

John Stewart rolled eyes. "HE was nine. At that time, he also thought farts were funny."

"Anyway, we all have or have had far more interesting jobs than Clark." Hal pointed to the Flash."You're a CSI for Pete's sake. You hang out with dead bodies all day."

"Actually that's not specifically what I do—"

Hal pointed to Canary "You worked in Special Ops."

Canary looked at Hal like he was dumb. "Sure I will just go ahead and spill classified details because I am asked nicely. All those hours in anti-interrogation techniques wasted. Who needs torture when you can get a pre-teen to do your dirty work?"

"But Hal is right," said Flash. "We all have or have had cooler jobs than Clark."

Everyone at the table nodded


Daily Planet

Clark looked out the glass door into the hallway that led to the bathroom and frowned. How long was Dick going to take in there? He slowly spun himself in his chair, looking uneasily around the bullpen at all his colleagues who were either stealing glances in his direction or flat out staring. He returned to his original position in front of his computer screen and looked up at the well dressed suited man standing next to him. "Bruce, can you please stop glaring at me. People are beginning to notice."

"I was not glaring at you. I am simply looking at you. If I were to glare at you, you would know."

"Well, your looking does not make me feel safe. I certainly feel like you are glaring at me."

Bruce glared at him.

"Oh . . ."Clark loosened his tie and lean backwards in his chair uncomfortably. "You know, you did not have to come."

"No. No." Bruce looked around. "I want to be here to see what is so special about the Daily Profit."

Clark was not going to mention that Bruce had been to the Profit before and had not been this irritated. Clearly, the fact that Dick had wanted to do his school report on him and not his guardian was ruffling the man's feathers. Clark had heard his fellow Leaguers talking in the cafeteria. Black Canary was right. It was adorable.

Clark smiled up at Bruce.

"I will stop glaring at you if you stop giving me those lovey-dovey eyes."

Clark ignored him. "Dina thinks it's adorable you are jealous of me."

"I'm not jealous."

Clark made a noncommittal sound. Then, his expression turned thoughtful. "Did you know that everyone thinks it is weird that Dick thinks my job is cool?"

Bruce raised a questioning eyebrow.

"I overheard them talking."

"Do you spend your days now eavesdropping on people's conversations?"

"Said the kettle to the pot."

Bruce gave a half shrug as if to say touché.

"My job," said Clark defensively, "is interesting, by the way."

"As compared to a fighter pilot," said Bruce. "One does not think in that way and then downgrade to a reporter."

"Hey! I do exciting things. Lois and I have done quite a few exposés. We've both won awards. And—I can't believe I'm saying this to win points—Lex luthor sees our reporting as a nuisance." He slapped his knee. "That's darn good reporting right there."

"The newspaper," said Bruce evenly, "is a dying medium."

Instead of being mad or annoyed Clark threw Bruce a good natured smile. "It's all right for fathers to be a bit jealous—"

"I am not jealous. I am intrigued. This situation is a puzzle I will figure out."

Clark rolled his eyes. "There's no mystery here, Detective. Dick just thinks I'm cooler than you."

It was nice to be able to say that out loud. Clark could remember the first time he met Robin. He had never met a kid so unfazed by the fact he was meeting Superman. Clark never considered himself vain in any manner, but it had hurt a little. Especially, when he had seen how excited Robin had become when meeting Green Lantern, the Flash, Wonder Woman . . .

Actually, now that Clark was really thinking about it, Robin had been excited about meeting everyone, but him.

Bruce folded his hands across his chest. "I am not jealous. It simply does not make sense."

"So you're saying you would not be all prickly if Dick wanted to follow you at work?"

"Dick likes going to work with me."

"In my defense, you don't even like your job." Clark paused in thought. "What exactly is your job? You just show up to smile at meetings and charity functions and cut ribbons in front of new Wayne buildings." Clark pointed to himself. "My job is a lot more exciting than that."

"I travel around the world and meet interesting people at those meetings and events. Dick loves to travel. It's what his family did." Bruce straightened up. "Besides, Wayne Enterprises encompasses a broad range of industries and develops cutting edge technologies and pharmaceuticals—"

"Which occur due to people with job titles that you technically do not have," said Clark a bit smug. "Thus, technically, my job is more exciting."

Bruce glared.

"Oh look," said Clark jovially turning to look at Dick who had just come through the door.

Dick headed towards the two men and before he reached them they both made a face.

"What are you wearing?" asked Clark.

"Cologne," said Dick simply. "It's called Amore."

Bruce cocked his head."Why—?"

Dick's attention suddenly shot behind the two as Lois came towards her desk, which was adjacent to Clark's. Dick grabbed his composition notebook and pen that had been sitting on Clark's desk. He stepped eagerly up to Lois. "Hi Miss Lane, can I interview you for class. It's for career day."

"Hey," said Clark. "What about me?"

Dick completely ignored him. It was like Clark had not even spoken.

Lois started rummaging in her drawer. "Sorry kid, I'm sort of busy."

Dick's shoulders slumped.

"You can just ask Clark," said Lois. "We do the same things."

"Yeah," said Dick giving Clark a dismissive wave, "but I bet you do it better."

Bruce smirked at Clark. Clark frowned back.

Lois looked up at Dick's hopeful face and smiled. "You know what?" She said grabbing the press badge from her drawer. "I do have some time. To the break room!" She walked away with Dick following close behind her.

The two men watch him go.

"So . . ." said Clark slowly. "This entire time he was only using me to interview Lois?"

Bruce laughed. "Mystery solved."

"Sure, laugh it all up," said Clark. He smirked at Bruce. "If Dick's getting crushes, you do realize what is heading your way in very short time, then?" He lowered his voice, so that only Bruce would be able to hear what he said next. "Watch as the Cape Crusader battles his most challenging foes yet: Teen hormones, Angst, and Planned Parenthood."

Bruce's face paled.

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