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{Dick is 11}

Dick sat in the entertainment room of Wayne Manor staring glassy-eyed at the big screen television. He wore pajamas and had one leg, the foot wrapped in a white cast, resting on a leather ottoman. The injury was a gift, courtesy of Lady Gotham's seedy criminal underground.

When Dick had been with his parents he had watched very little television. Traveling with the circus, left little time for frivolous activity. He was too busy practicing acrobatics and when he was not practicing, he and the other kids made their own fun.

It had been two years since his parents' death. Two years of living at Wayne Manor. Yet, the television still gave Dick a thrill of enjoyment. So engrossed was he that he did not hear Bruce call him three times or see him walk in.


"Hmm," Dick mumbled glancing at Bruce.

"Did you do your homework already?"

Dick nodded and turned back to the TV.

It was a lie. He had done none of it. No, that was not true, he had done one math problem. The only reason Dick tolerated school was that Bruce took his grades into consideration when determining whether he could patrol Gotham with him. Since Robin was not fit for duty and would not be for a few months, Dick felt he was on a vacation of sorts.

"All of it?"


"So, if I were to check it—"

Dick's head whipped around. "You don't need to check it. Alfred checked it."

Bruce's eyes narrowed, suspicious.

Dick could feel Bruce mentally saying to himself, well that's convenient. Alfred had left that afternoon, catching a plane to London to visit family. With the plane up in the air, Bruce could not call Alfred. His phone would be turned off.

"I want to check it all the same."

"You don't have to though. You're really busy."

"I'm never too busy for you."

Dick frowned. The statement would have been comforting if it had not been said in such an ominous way. He glanced at the clock. The clock showed the time to be half passed nine. Batman would be patrolling Gotham soon.

Dick shrugged. "Who knows Bruce, there might be some sorta emergency. I'd hate to take Batman away from the citizens of Gotham."

"If there is an emergency, I will deal with it when it happens."

"I don't know, Bruce. What if aliens attack and Superman's like, 'Batman I need you,' and you're so preoccupied with my homework that the world gets taken over."

"At no point do I see that happening."

"AND a giant battle for the earth takes place and when the League comes by and demands why you didn't help, you will be forced to say: 'gee guys, I had to check Robin's homework, even though he totally told me I didn't have too.'"

"Richa- "

"AND I know what you're thinking, Bruce—this is obviously an attempt at stalling—but it is not." Dick looked Bruce dead in the eye, his face serious. "My math homework is so neatly done it's a work of art. My essay for English has such literary finesse that Hemingway would weep. The answers to my science homework can only indicate me as pure genius. And that, Bruce is what will captivate you. Like a spell you will not be able to put my homework down. You will marvel at the beginnings of my social studies final project. What is the next wonder of the world? Why, it's a little something called my homework. It's museum quality. Years from now people will travel miles—"

Bruce walked away with an irritated growl.

Dick waited until he heard the living room grandfather clock, the secret passage to the Batcave, slide open and shut, before smiling to himself.

Dick knew he excelled in many things, but no one could stall better than him. For the show did not always start on time and what kind of ex-circus brat would he be if he did not know how to entertain a crowed or distract a very grumpy single man who probably needed to party more. Dick settled himself in the couch, turning the volume up on the show he had been following.

"I have something to tell you," said the pretty actress on the TV. She grabbing the shoulders of an FBI Agent.


"You must listen closely, this is very important. Everyone's lives, our very futures, depend on it." She looked up dramatically as erie piano music began to play. "They're not dead."

"Whose not dead?"


The TV screen went black. The sound disappeared.

Dick's mouth dropped. "Oh my god!" He brought his hands to his checks. "Oh my god, whose not dead?" He futilely pressed the buttons on the remote. "No. No. No! Whose not dead? Stupid cable connection!"

Dick almost stood up in alarm, but the pain in his leg, forced him back down on the couch. "This can't be happening!"He slammed an angry finger on the power button. The screen turned on. "YES!"

The screen lit up to a pops of static. Then, the screen grew bright with only white light. A batman emblem appeared as if the emblem itself was coming from the shadows into the light.

"What?" Dick mouth silently to himself in disbelief, awe, and indignation. To the ceiling, he shouted:"Like, who has a homework avoidance contingency plan!"

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