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Dark soon became light as I opened my eyes and began a new day which was waiting to be encountered. I began getting ready for school as things started going around in my head. Graduation was coming up soon, Nagisa was sick; she was probably going to have to repeat her 3rd year again. My cluttered thoughts were interrupted when I heard knocking at my bedroom d- I mean the guest rooms door. I was still staying over at Nagisa's house. I thought I should move out soon.

"Tomoya are you ready for school?" Sanae-san asked from behind the door.

"Yeah, I'll be right out." I replied to the innocent lady.

After eating breakfast with the Furukawa family and saying goodbye to the humorous family I began walking to school.

The path to school was the same as usual, plain and boring. A little bit of thought led me to realize that my morning strolls to school weren't as normal as I had believed. They are usually interrupted by life changing or just strange events. Suddenly, a quiet humming sounded from behind me. I spun around and saw Kyou on her motor scooter; she looked like she was heading in my direction and was going to hit me. I tried jumping out of the way but she was going too fast.

"Tomoya, are you alright?" Kyou asked with a lack of worry omitting from her voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You should watch where you're going." I explained while trying to get up and uncomfortably rubbing my back.

"OK, see you at school!" She said as she zoomed away. I got up with my sore back and continued my journey to school.

When I got to my classroom I sat at my desk and shut my eyes as I rested my head in my folded arms. The teacher wasn't there yet so I decided to take the time and think about anything that needed to be thought about. I wondered how I did on my last exam, my guess was not good. If I studied enough that week I might have done well. My train of thoughts was interrupted again, but this time my sight was invaded and all I could see was a strange looking blonde guy.

"Hey Tomoya, how's it going?" He asked while staring at me.

"Boring." I told him as he yawned.

"Yesterday when I was walking outside for exercise I had an amazing idea."

"I doubt it was amazing..." I mumbled under my breath. "Wait since when did you start exercising? I thought you were a lazy bum."

"You will regret saying that after hearing what I'm going to say. I think we should all go on a trip and just relax." He lost me there. Is he losing it?

"Yeah we should, so where do you think we can get the 'imaginary' money to go and 'relax'?" I asked as Youhei sat at his desk and put his hands behind his head.

"It's all taken care of." He replied.

"OK sure. There's nothing better to do, but what do you mean by 'all'?"

"You know, the Fujibayashi's, Tomoyo, and Kotomi." He told me. Just hearing the name Fujibayashi made my back hurt. I didn't need the constant reminder of Kyou's obnoxious and painful meetings with me.

"I don't think you'll be able to get any of those people to go."

"Oh come on, Kotomi doesn't need to study, and Tomoyo loves me so why wouldn't they come?"

"Where do you get the 'love' from? In between the kicks or the punches?" I joked as he gave an angry stare.

"You know it's in there deep inside."

"How deep?" I grinned at him as he began thinking, completely ignoring what I just said.

"I don't know how to get the Fujibayashi's..."

"Isn't that a good thing? Kyou is too violent and Ryou is too quiet so it would be pointless for them to c-" I heard sobbing and footsteps running from and to the room. I looked away from Youhei to see high speed dictionaries flying towards both of us. I saw Youhei dodge his but mine hit me square in the face. I fell from my chair and landed hard on the school flooring.

"Why is my sister crying!" I heard Kyou yelling from the other side of the room.

"How should we know?" Youhei responded nonchalantly. I'm glad they were having such a nice conversation, I was just chilling on the floor, half dead.

"You should know because you idiots are always hurting other people!"

Several minutes later after Kyou left and Youhei was on the ground, half dead, like me, the teacher came back and the class settled down. We sat up as quick as we could. Just like that another ordinary day continued.

After Youhei and I ate lunch we sat on the roof plotting revenge for Kyou, but then we came to our senses and realized that it wasn't such a good idea.

"Hey Youhei, what was that trip you were planning?" I asked as the blonde went into deep thought. Yes, it's that obvious when he tries to think.

"Well I've been saving up some money for quite some time and thought that we could all go... I didn't get far enough in my planning for location yet."

"Hmm maybe we could go to the beach?"

"Nah, too sandy."

"How about we go touring Japan with a road trip?" I continued, but my effortless attempts to help the guy seemed pointless since his picky attitude was too strong to get through.

"Nah, too tiring."

"How about we take an air plane to a desert so we can leave you there to die of dehydration?" I suggested, completely serious.

"Let's go camping!" He suddenly yelled, loud enough for the whole school to hear his idea.

"Camping? How much days?"

"Let's go for entire week!" His face lit up as he continued yelling, but this time I bet all of Japan could hear him.

"Can you speak louder? I can't hear you."

"Camping it is. We can go in two weeks, once school is over."

After he decided that we were going camping we looked at each other then began laughing hysterically at our swollen faces from the dictionaries. All we needed was to convince the girls to come along and that was going to be a challenge.

Once school was over I began walking to Nagisa's house. I hoped she was able to get better. Maybe I should ask her to come along with me for the camping trip. Maybe some fresh air would make her feel better.

I was already at the house when I heard Akio's voice yelling to Sanae-san. Something about 'loving' her bread came up as I saw them run from the house. I just casually walked by them and into the store. I went right upstairs to check on Nagisa and gently knocked on her door in-case she was sleeping.

"Come in." Her soft voice called as I slid the door. I walked in quietly and put down my bag. I saw her sitting on her bed, holding the dango plushie that I bought her last month for her birthday.

"How are you feeling?" I asked the sweet girl who was calmly staring down at her stuffed plushie.

"Much better than before." She answered with a cute smile to follow.

"Well, I was wondering if you could come with Youhei and I to go camping in a couple of weeks.

Nagisa looked up from the dango and straight at my face. I was confused for a moment until she spoke up.

"What happened to your face?" She asked with worried look painted on her face.

"Kyou, that's what happened." I replied quickly with frustration. "So can you?"


One down, four to go.

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