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"I am from a perfect race," he recited, "Azaratheans have perfected the art of emotional control. Since the first High Priestess, Azar, led the band of rogue humans to the other dimension, settling them on Azarath, we have been taught how to control our emotions. All of us undergo rigorous training, having to pass several exams to demonstrate our proficiency. The reason this was put in place was for the 'Specials', or those who contained true power. However, everyone was forced to take up the same training as they did, for how could the Specials be expected to contain their emotions if they lived in an emotionally free society? It would be chaos.

Generations of this training have given us a unique, truly objective perspective. This makes us superior to every other race, including our human ancestors. We are superior in military achievements, technological advances, special talents, and purification rituals. We are no longer dominated by our emotions, and therefore, are able to extend our power further than even the strongest races, including the Tameranians who are best known for their strength."

"And what was Azarath's only weakness?" the proctor asked.

"The government. Society used to be governed by the Royals. This proved detrimental when Trigon the Terrible wrested power from the Royals. Because Trigon was able to take power, to take the Royals's seat, it was his. He used his absolute power to terrorise and enslave the Azarathean people. It wasn't until he was locked away in the interdimensional prison with the help of Arella that order was finally restored. Arella approved of, and even helped, give many of the powers of the Royals to parliament. And, though the Royals still have quite a bit of sway, they are no longer unchallenged."

"Now for part two," drawled the proctor.

Up in the questioner's box, Raven looked down at the poor young student getting examined. It was clear that he was trying to feign bravery, but he was too worried. His emotions were rolling off in noticeable waves. By looking at him she could tell that, like herself, he wasn't fully Azarathean. He looked to be a mix of provincial Azarathean and Tameranean. This would be harder for him, as it had been for her. Both Tameraneans and Earthlings were meant to feel, and for the Special Tameranians, their powers were inextricably linked to their emotions. If he was a Special, life on Azarath would be incredibly difficult.

"Would you like some tea?" asked the technician, taking Raven from her thoughts.

She nodded. That was the one thing she hated about impersonating Rorek, she could barely speak. As the princess of Azarath, the monks and the government had declared it unsafe for Raven to be without a bodyguard at all times after an attempted kidnapping. It was believed that the kidnapper was not fully Azarathean nor fully in control of his emotions yet, so he was presumed to be a student. While it was unclear the purpose, there was much speculation, but the two main theories were he resented her rise to power and felt that she wasn't truly a Royal or he knew that her parentage proved a great risk for Azerath.

Rorek was assigned to the task as her bodyguard after a long process. He too was half human, born on Earth and whisked away to Azarath in infancy. He possessed no unique abilities (Azar always said that the humans could no longer be Specials due to the spiritual connection they had long since lost),but he was skilled in every weapon and had learned how to fortify and protect his mind (with the help of some enchantments Raven prepared for him). And Raven was not totally vulnerable, either. So, often, Raven and Rorek would dress similarly to further throw off any potential attackers and to allow herself more freedom to walk about undetected. So, to accomplish this, she had long taken to dying her hair an inky black and cutting it around ear-length. Hair this short meant it would curl, just as Rorek's was prone to do. Rorek also wore loose white, Victorian style shirts. For the longest time, Raven thought he wore the same style shirt every day, however, being around him all the time meant she eventually began to notice things about him, including the fact that his shirts were differentiated by the pleats and ruffles near the collar. He also wore his long, military jacket lined with golden buttons that was part of the Azarathean military uniform (A/N: Basing his character on Raven from Phantom Planet. Look it up on google if you want a clearer picture). He, unlike most, left the black jacket unbuttoned. He wore dark pants and Victorian boots. Therefore, Raven adopted the same uniform when acting as him. It was easy to hide underneath all of the layers.

It was very difficult to change other things, however. For instance, they were of different heights. He was about 7 inches taller than she was, which posed a problem. Raven usually wore heels that she had enchanted to look like his shoes, but some of the best Specials could see through the basic enchantment, but it generally served. Their faces were also a bit different, hers was less angular than his. However, they looked close enough where it mattered- the hair, the blue eyes, and the height (after her adjustments). Besides, today it hardly mattered. These technicians had never been visited by someone so high up in the government, let alone the Princess's personal guard, so the details were like to go unnoticed.

"Your tea, Sir."

Raven accepted the tea graciously, taking a cautious sip. As expected, the tea was horribly done, however, she appreciated the gesture and forced herself to drink it all.

"So what do you think of this boy?" asked the head technician.

"He is learning, but he still has a lot to learn," she commented in her best impersonation of Rorek's voice while watching the rest of the child's examination. She was surprised that it sounded pretty close to what he actually sounded like. Good.

Gazing back out, she could see the child was being tested on the combat skills that he had learned up to this point. Before she could really assess his skills, her personal communicator went off.

She looked to the other men in the cabin, "I must be off, but thank-you for your hospitality."

With that she turned, walking out of the testing compartment. Then, she continued to her chambers, at a slow pace. She had two ringers for her communicator, one especially for emergencies and the other for when Rorek deemed that she had enough time roaming about. He was always generous about the time he allowed, today she was off for 5 hours, but he always did want her back to ensure her safety. And, as per their deal, when he called her she would return to his side.

Walking through the streets of gilded buildings, Raven marvelled at Azarath, not for the first time. The river, which cut through the city, was a bright, sparkling blue. She was in the government sector currently and these buildings were all decorated with lavish amounts of silver, the rarest and most expensive in Azarath. Unlike their Earling ancestors, Gold was seen as cheap, gaudy, and tasteless and was worth nothing here, a feature for which Raven was glad. The silver was more of a calm element compared to the brightness of gold. And the silver perfectly complemented the blue waters and deep purple sky (at least at sunset). Walking quickly, Raven finally reached the palace, an imitation of the Palace of Versailles. The back of the Palace was also on the lake and offered a gorgeous view. The mansion was huge, too big for Raven's taste, however, she seldom used all of the rooms. Therefore, it was as though she was in a small apartment since she only really used 5 rooms with any regularity. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by Rorek, who looked relieved, as always, to see she was well.

"What's on my schedule for the rest of today?" she asked him.

"Just a meeting with the monks in an hour. They will receive you at the Sacred Temple," he supplied.

She nodded, "Best go change, then."

In her chambers she got to work. She found a darker blue dress and, before putting it on, slipped into the skeleton for the dress and her petticoat. She then donned the dress using her powers to levitate it over her petite frame. The dress was a solid blue with 3/4 sleeves and a small lace collar. Down the centre of the dress was a very thick deeper blue stripe that began from the base of her throat to the floor. She left her heels that she had been wearing as Rorek on and went to her vanity, using her powers to comb her curly ebony hair into a manageable style. That was difficult considering it was only ear-length and there wasn't much give to her hair. She sighed, this was as good as she was like to look. Walking back, slowly of course as not to trip ungracefully due to the heaviness of the dress, she found Rorek. She could see the displeasure on his face-he would rather her stay dressed like him.

Answering his non-verbal question, she shrugged, "The monks are powerful enough to see through my charms and it's disrespectful to them not to go as myself."

He sighed, knowing it was no use to argue. He then picked up his large axe, the one that was as tall as he with blades at both ends (though the blade at the bottom end was smaller than the massive one on the top). The axe was simply decorated, with just a purple bandage wrapped around its handle. The axe spoke for itself, it was large, intimidating, and pure silver (A/N: I'm picturing the one from the End part 3 that the executioner fights Slade with, only less dreary and a bit more fit for a royal guard). The most impressive thing was how well Rorek could wield it. She had seen him train with it and moved just as quickly and gracefully with it as with any other weapon. His speed was unmatched.

Drawing herself back to the task at hand, she took his hand and teleported them to the Sacred Temple. The Sacred Temple of Azar was constructed in Azar's memory and was not lacking in splendor. The building was built of pale, veined marble. It stretched out far and low to the ground with three spires, two at the ends and one large one at the middle over the large entrance. The spires were made of silver and glinted in the last rays of the sun. All three of the spires scraped the skies. The structure was enormous, the inside was characterised by arched ceilings. There were no doors on the temple, nor windows, so air blew through the structure, making it even colder. Inside, on the right side, was a huge marble statue of Azar, with a gleaming silver dress. At her throat was an amethyst as big as a fist. Above her floated a suspended crystal that was at least 30 metres long, though judging from her vantage point at the ground, she knew she had to have miscalculated. Still, it was a behemoth. It was clear, yet at its widest point was a silver belt with purple inscriptions that glowed, casting purple light down onto Azar. At the base of the statue was an altar, with incense burning sending an exotic aroma throughout the palace. An aroma that could be found no where else, as far as Raven knew. The Azealas the incense was made from were very rare. In front of the altar, several monks robed in shades of blue were chanting. Raven waited patiently, knowing better than to disturb the monks at their prayer.

Finally, after they had finished, they were approached by seven monks robed in white silks. Raven didn't know much about the monks, save that they were excellent at purification and that they had different colour robes to distinguish each of the different levels of monk. The monks in training were in dark blue and wore roughspun robes. The novices wore a lighter blue. The journeyman monks, who had each made 3 pilgrimages, wore a shade of aquamarine. The masters wore an icy blue framed by a white border. And the archmasters, with whom she was about to speak, wore white in symbol of their enlightened status.

The eldest of the sages approached her with his other comrades behind in a 'v' formation, with him as the point.

"Princess," they echoed before bowing deeply.

"You may rise," replied Raven.

That was the one annoyance Raven found to being a princess-all of the bowing. She understood they were trying to be courteous, but somehow, the bowing seemed too much.

"You wished to see me?" began Raven.

The elder nodded, "May we speak somewhere...more private. This is for you alone."

Raven began to walk, however, Rorek broke in, "Wait, I have to be there at all times."

Raven rolled her eyes, his sense of duty, while necessary for a guard, was at times rather unnecessary.

"I will be fine and we shant be long," she said, giving him a cool glare- a signal him to push the matter further.

He had a good read of her, and thankfully, did not challenge her here. She turned and followed the monk. He was incredibly old, must have been around 900. Azaratheans lived for about 1,000 years, give or take a century. Due to his age, he walked incredibly slowly, and out of respect, Raven walked even slower. It seemed forever to her until they reached the Temple Gardens. The Gardens were beautiful and held several hundred types of flowers and had statues decorating the flower bushes at intervals.

"What's so urgent?" she questioned.

"We have done our research. The prophecy is true. He will come for you and you must flee."

Raven felt a pit in her stomach, she hated the idea of leaving her home. Where would she go? No other place had the same perfection and beauty that Azarath possessed. Still, she would talk about it later with Rorek, he usually helped in times like this.

Taking a deep breath, Raven asked monotonously, "Now what, then?"

"We have contacted the government. They will find a place suitable for you, they are doing research now. Wait until they find someplace for you. Then you must leave in the utmost secrecy."

Raven nodded, the news hit her harder than expected.

"I'm truly sorry, Child. But there is no more I can do for you but pray."

He then tottered off, counting his prayer beads and chanting once more. Raven allowed herself a few moments in the garden to collect herself before going back to Rorek.

"We need to leave and I need to discuss some things with you," she stated, holding out her hand to him. Plus, she really needed to meditate.

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