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Title from The King And I.

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Maria loves to sing. She likes to think she has a beautiful voice, and she takes advantage of it. Too much, her father sometimes says. Lucky for us, he tells her mother, that her friends share her passion, so she can go wear herself out with them and come home calmer. Bernardo, of course, is always accepting. He sings, too, though rarely with her. He only sings with Anita, but they usually fight about it, like they do about everything else. Maria sometimes watches these debates usually from the farthest corner of wherever they happen to be but often leaves quickly, once things start to become distasteful... She loves them both nonetheless, her brother and soon-to-be-sister. She could hardly imagine a world without them, and in this new place, America, she thinks she will not have to say goodbye anytime soon.

Anita is a dancer. She loves the sunshine, teasing Rosalia, America, and, of course, Bernardo, but she thinks she likes dancing best of all. She feels alive when she's dancing, and she leaves everyone else behind- sometimes literally. Maria isn't too much of a dancer, but Anita likes to think she's learning. Her little girl is growing up, and she won't much please Chino by sitting quietly and looking like a small child, so Anita has taken it upon herself to teach her a few things. Not everything, mind you. There are some things her sister isn't ready for.

Riff acts. He's a performer, and always takes center stage. He rarely interacts with the two girls, but when he does, he shows them who's the best. Backed by his best friend, Tony, and his best man, Ice, Riff puts on a show in everything he does. Graziella, his girl, tries to be supportive, but God, sometimes she just doesn't get it. Dumb broad. Only thing she wants is the only thing she's good for. Ice's girl's no help either; she just stands there and agrees with everything Graz says. And now Tony's gone, so basically he's just got Ice. Figures. The one guy who sticks with him only knows what Riff does. Well, at least he's not followin him around like a lost puppy. So he's got one Jet on his side. Well, and this one dyke who never seems to leave him alone. Well, life's just great right now.

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