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I may have forgotten about this little project, but I have had the story finished for a while, and here's chapter 3 of 4!

As soon as Lieutenant Schrank opens his mouth, the whole room turns sour. No one likes the foul-mouthed cop who hates them all in return. The security guard at the studio, he plays a bigger role than people think. He keeps people from entering the stage and interrupting rehearsals. He keeps the cast in line so nothing breaks that isn't supposed to. He takes pressure off the crew, and, though they don't know it, does his part to make sure everything runs smoothly and no one puts a toe out of line. Schrank runs the production from backstage, and as self-appointed stage manager, he does a pretty damn good job.

When Doc walks into the studio, no one moves. They throw themselves into a role and stay there, and he either says, I like it, or Get out. No one wants to hear the latter, so they all try their hardest when the director comes in. So far, no family member has been thrown out, but every time John sounds the alarm, they wait with bated breath to see who stays and who goes. It s a risky game, they all know, but if Doc says to play, they play.

No one knows it, but Chino is responsible for the entire show all the effects, lights, sound, and everything that makes the production what it is. Chino is head technician, so he gets to spend hours doing what he loves. He's only at peace when he's got a new contraption to take apart and put together again. Unfortunately, if the director catches him, he's out. So he makes sure to work on his little projects in secret. And whenever he has the time, he watches Maria from the rafters, watches her sing, dance, and come alive. Chino feels he knows everything about his little Maruca, and he swears that only he will hold that honor.

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