The room was quiet. Cardinal Cesare Borgia was too busy letting his tongue run over his thumb to speak, and his manservant was too busy watching.

The damnable appendage moved in and out and Micheletto caught glimpses of the Cardinal's pink tongue. There was no reason for him to keep licking his thumb like that; the watermelon juice had to have been sucked off long ago. The longer the thumb kept twisting in the Cardinal's mouth, the hotter Micheletto's face grew. The heat traveled down his throat and abdomen and he was almost at the point where he could have had to leave the kitchen when the Cardinal held out his hand.


The thumb was warm and wet with spit, reminding Micheletto of other things. That was almost certainly the point. The Cardinal's eyes rolled back when the assassin's teeth lightly scraped against his thumb. Pleased to have produced such a reaction, Micheletto closed his eyes and let his mind travel to what he would rather be sucking on. A moan served to strengthen the mental image.

A hand gripped his hair and pulled, dictating how his mouth and tongue moved around the thumb. The nail tapped his teeth and tongue, and he paid the edge between nail and flesh special attention. He circled it and the hand cupped his chin. His face was tilted up and the thumb removed from his mouth.

It was soon replaced with the Cardinal's tongue. Their mouths met and Micheletto happily surrendered to the other man's domination. When a hand gloved in leather pulled him closer, his own found a waist, a hip, and traveled the curves of the prince of the Church.

Suddenly, in a move that reminded him who was in charge, but was at the same time dominating and incredibly cruel, Cardinal Borgia pulled away and ended the session. They panted for breath and Micheletto waited, hoped, for instructions on how to continue.

He was a little heartbroken when his dark haired master told him to keep his garrote close and left. The only thing he could do to comfort himself was think that at least he had a new fetish for thumbs.

Author's notes: Poor Michey. He always gets so abused in my fics. Ya'll ever notice how all his sex scenes involve fruit? Peaches, watermelon and lemons. Anywhose, you get two bonuses. Enjoy.

Bonus the First.

"Seriously? What are you… are you trying to mess with me by sucking your thumb?"

"Consider it payback for when we first met. The whole 'master-less dog' routine combined with puppy-eyes, then you manipulated me into whipping you. Turnabout's fair play."

"You totally enjoyed whipping me. Don't front."

"And you're totally enjoying watching me suck my thumb."

"Look, if you want to mess with me, let's just have sex. That'll throw me for a loop. Promise."

"Watching me eat my hand is throwing you for a loop. Nom nom nom."

Bonus the Second.

For the first twenty seconds Micheletto did nothing. At the twenty-first second he checked his watch. He checked it again at thirty seconds. Forty seconds, fifty, he cleared his throat at the one minute point.

No response. Cardinal Borgia kept licking and throwing him bedroom eyes. Which was fine and all, but he'd been doing that for, Micheletto checked his watch again, one minute thirty seconds.

"Um…" He was cut off by a particularly lusty stare and decided to shut up. There were worse things than watching a leather-clad priest with long dark hair make out with his thumb. It was fetish-central in the kitchen; no point in ruining that.

After ten minutes that resolution went out the window. "Um, Your Eminence?"

The thumb left Cardinal Borgia's mouth with a pop that filled the room. "That was our sex scene," the Cardinal said smugly. He looked very pleased with himself.

"And like most such moments it lasted way too damn long."