X-Men First Class has rotted my brain! I love that movie, and the pairing of Charles/Erik that fans have created XD I love it to death! But I get annoyed when people don't make him bald, or keep him in the chair, or take the OLD Charles and Erik and make a fic about THEM! I would love to see that, but alas, it is not to be :P I had this plot bunny make it's home in my brain after watching First Class again, and thinking about all the Xover (No pun intended if people saw a pun that wasn't there) fics that have popped up :P I have a bald!Paralyzed!Charles here so don't yell at me :P Also AU since Magneto is a good guy here (Sort of)

Anyway, on with the show! (Note to self: watch Old X-Men movies(How are they BTW, are they good?)

I do not own the X-Men or Harry Potter! If I did, I'd be a millionare living in Scottland and drawing Magneto and Professor X!

First Mpreg fic, I hope it's good! And remember, this is in the mid to late '90's so the times are not as bad as the 60's or as good as now (well it's better than the 60's) so I would think it's somewhere in the middle! I was little when 2000 came so I don't know how the world saw homosexual couples then :S

Any mistakes are mine as I have no BETA reader, if anybody knows one or is willing to help, please don't hesitate to ask for the job! I have re-read this many times and I hope it's good!

Harry sighed as he packed his trunk to go home. Home. Ha, it wasn't home. The Dursley's were not family. He slammed his trunk lid shut and dragged it down the

stairs and out to the train. He passed by Draco and his goons and they just stared at him, why though?

He was dressed in his hand-me-downs that were two sizes too big and his tennis shoes had a hole in one of them. His hair was a mess and He set his trunk above his seat and laid down on the other bench, using his cloak for a blanket as he had seen Remus do in his third year. The train started moving just as he fell asleep.

The next moment he woke up, the lady from the trolley asked if he wanted a snack.

He took a few coins from his bag and bought a couple of chocolate frogs and a box of Every Flavor Beans. He opened the box and took out a bean and ate it. He spat it out the window and saw it was sulfur taste. He groaned and ate a chocolate frog to get rid of the taste. He sighed when he saw the card was yet another Dumbledore. He threw the card out the window and put the snacks in his trunk before going back to sleep.

The sound of a horn woke him up and he grabbed his trunk and took Hedwig from a nice gentleman handling the luggage. He exited the platform and didn't see the Dursley's. Maybe they were late? He sat down on a bench and prepared to wait.

'Is that him, Charles?' Asked a voice, who had a hint of a polish/German accent.

'Yes, beloved,' Charles thought back.' Our little Hadrian Lensherr.'

Harry looked at the clock on the wall and sighed, it was 10:00 at night and the Dursley's weren't coming. He gathered his things and started walking to the exit. He looked up when he felt like he was being watched. He was. He looked to his left and saw two men, one was sitting while the other was standing. The one sitting was bald, yet not old. He wore a three piece suit, and was holding a sign that said. "Harry James Potter.". The other man was tall, around 6ft3 and muscular, yet gaunt. He wore a black turtle neck and brown slacks, the turtle neck tucked in. He had on a tan fedora covering his graying hair and a brown leather jacket. Harry adjusted Hedwig's cage on the trunk and pushed his cart over.

"Harry Potter?" Asked the bald man. He had a British accent and now that he was closer, he saw that he had blue eyes.

"Yes?". Harry said, though it came out as a question.

"Wonderful! Professor Charles Xavier, pleased to meet you.". He held his hand out and Harry shook it, "This is my husband, Erik Lensherr.". Harry shook his hand as well.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lensherr."

"Likewise.". He had a no-nonsense attitude like Snape, but his eyes told of hardships not seen by most of his friends.

Hardships worse than what he goes through.

"Did my uncle tell you to pick me up?". He asked as he reached for his trunk.

"Allow me.". Lensherr said. He waved his hand and the trunk along with Hedwig's cage started floating from his power.

"You can't do that!" Harry yelled, startling Erik, the trunk fell to the floor and Hedwig, who hooted in annoyance.

"Why not?" asked Erik, used to using his power in public. Charles had yelled at him a lot about it, especially when humans saw it.

"Aren't you wizards?" He asked as he opened Hedwig's cage to let her out.

"No, but we are something similar." Charles put his two fingers on his temple.

'Harry? Can you hear me?' Harry gasped and made his shields stronger, "Ow!"

"Get out of my head, if you please." Harry said, glaring.

'Sorry, Harry.". He said both in and out of his mind, "But that is my power. I am a telepath."

"And Mr. Lensherr can... Make things float?"

"I can control metal. I can also control the magnetic poles of the Earth." Erik said.

"He's basically a magnet. He does the thing with the poles to fly." Charles explained to Harry, sensing his confusion.

Erik sputtered, "Do not!"

"Do too." Charles said as he turned his chair, "Come, Harry. I shall tell you all about us on the way to the airport."

"Airport?" Harry asked, grabbing his trunk and running after Xavier and Lensherr, "Why airport?" He asked again as he reached the car.

"To take you where you belong.". Erik said, "Our home." Erik kissed Charles as he helped him into the car. A few muggles were glaring while a few were smiling at them, Harry noticed. While getting Charles situated in the car, Erik used his power to open the trunk of the car and put Harry's things inside it.

"Sit in the back with Charles, please?" Asked Erik. He opened both Harry's and his car door. Harry hopped in and buckled up before looking at the driver.

The driver was covered in blue fur and looked like some sort of large cat breed.

"Hank, the airport?". Asked Charles.

"Right away, Professor." Hank said, before looking up at Harry through the rear-view. "Can you stop staring, Kid?"

"Sorry.". Harry looked away, "I know what it's like to be stared at, I should not have done that."

"That's Ok. I'm Hank McCoy, although most everyone, save the Professor, calls me Beast." Hank said, smiling at him.

"Pleasure to meet you, Hank." Harry smiled back.

"Same here, Harry." He pulled out onto the highway towards the airport, but not before almost getting Charles's side of the car, and his side since they were in Europe, crunched. Erik put a hand out and turned the wheel back and they were straight on the left side again, "Sorry, not used to these roads.". Harry looked at Erik, who was looking at Charles who gave a slight nod to Erik.

"I'm fine, Erik, calm down. Hank explained that he doesn't know how to drive here." Erik huffed and turned around, but not before glaring at Hank, who glared back out of the corner of his eye. He had gained a lot of confidence since the accident that turned him blue.

"So, Harry. Tell me about yourself?". Asked Charles, who turned to face him, but his bottom half still faced forward.

"What do you want to know?". Asked Harry getting defensive, "Couldn't you just get it out of my head?"

"I think that is an invasion of privacy."

"After we all yelled at you.". Erik retorted. Charles glared daggers at Erik's head.

"I was young, can we let it go?" Charles said, clearly angry, yet he didn't raise his voice. Erik nodded and sat back up in his seat.

Harry told them the safe version of the Dursley's story, although he knew Charles was a telepath and could probably tell when he's lying. He told him of his years in Hogwarts, and how he had just lost his godfather, Sirius, to the veil, and how Dumbledore kept sending him back to the Dursley's every year. Charles nodded and rested a hand on Harry's leg.

"Calm your mind, Harry. Your thoughts are straying and you are starting to hyperventilate. Take a deep breath. . . In. . . Out. . . There we go, keep doing that until your thoughts are stable again." Harry continued to breath and his thoughts centered themselves again. He sighed and thanked Charles. He was about to continue when they reached a private jet in the middle of the tarmac.

"Whose plane is that?" Asked Harry.

"Mine." Erik said, "The only thing I acquired through Charles' and I's joint account." He smiled at Charles who smiled back and rolled over to an elevator that was lowered from the bottom of the plane.

"That element was from FDR's plane." Said Hank, who climbed the stairs into the plane and entered the cockpit.

"Who's FDR?" Harry asked.

"United States president during WWII, great man." Charles answered using his telepathy. Harry followed the graying Magneto to the back of the plane and saw Professor X locking his wheelchair into place. Erik rubbed his hand over Charles' bald head and sat down in the seat next to him, Harry sat on the other side of the plane facing them. He buckled up and saw Hedwig flying beside them; he let her out before he got out of the plane.

"Should we let the poor thing in?" Asked Charles. Hedwig then flew up and away from the plane.

"Hedwig's a wizarding owl; she's a smart girl, she will know where I am." Harry said, looking out the window. Erik sighed and took his fedora and jacket off, revealing a black turtleneck sweater. He set the jacket and hat next to him and wrapped an arm around Charles' shoulders and kissed his cheek. Charles sighed and rested his head on Erik's shoulder. For fifteen minutes everything was quiet, Charles starting to snore on Erik's shoulder.

"This is Hank everybody, we got clearance to take off, so hold on! Apparently Harry's world sent someone to see us leave." Harry's eyes widened as he said this, for the entire Order except for Remus, Sirius, Tonks, Moody, and surprisingly Snape, trained their wands on the plane.

"Professor?" Harry said loudly. Charles startled and sat up. He quickly unlocked his chair and rolled over to the window, he saw the wizards and put his fingers to his temple. The plane started moving very quickly at that point, and Charles forgot to lock his wheels!

"Whoa!" Charles tried to grab the window, but his hand slipped. Harry stood up and grabbed Charles arm and his chair kept rolling from under and away him. Erik used the metal in Charles' clothes to push him toward Harry's open seat. Harry tried to gently set Charles into the chair but he lost his grip as the plane suddenly jerked. He fell to the ground and Charles fell into the seat. He gripped the armrest with one hand and put his fingers back on his temple. Soon the spells stopped coming after them and the wizards disappeared. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Charles rubbed a hand against his forehead, not used to the strange minds of wizards.

"When you said to take me to where you belong, what did you mean?" Harry asked.

"Harry, have you had anything happen to you? Anything that even magic couldn't do?" Asked Charles.

"I haven't noticed anything lately." Harry said.

"Hmm... then your powers may have not manifested yet, when do wizards reach maturity?"

"Around their 17th birthday, but some can get it earlier or later, it depends on their magic levels." Erik was rubbing his chin in thought, his other hand moving the chair back over to the spot next to him. He locked it into place and moved to the seat next to Charles. He rubbed the back of Charles' neck and then gently maneuvered Charles to lay his head in his lap, making sure his useless legs got proper blood flow while lying sideways in the seat. Charles sighed and closed his eyes to rest for the remainder of the flight.

"You might as well sleep as well, Harry. It is a long flight to New York." Harry nodded and reclined his chair so he could sleep comfortably. Erik gently rubbed a hand over Charles' bald head, he sighed and leaned his head back against the headrest and closed his eyes to fall into his light sleep.

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