Chapter one

Yulia city, a place dedicated the the woman known as Yulia Jue, known as the city of watchers, hidden from the publics eye...or at least that is how it was two years ago.

Since those events have transpired, the city has been getting more and more visitors from Malkuth and Kimlasca.

"..." Tear took a deep breath as she looked around the field of flowers, she looked at the grave stone that once had no meaning.

Both Luke and Asch are back, she should be happy, but why did she have this awkward feeling inside of her.

Not only about the general air and presence that she had been feeling, but also her relationship with Luke.

Fabre hadn't visited in two months, and Tear wondered if she should be the one to visit instead.

"Would it be awkward, two months isn't that long of a time apart, but..." She stopped once again.

Worrying about it at the current moment would do little good, indecisiveness yields no rewards, Tear then crossed her arms as she exited the flower bed and entered her room.

She sat on her bed, ruffling the sheets ever so slightly, Tear then started to rework an odd occurrence in her body.

She felt good, more then good she felt great, much better then before, that was concerning.

While if someone was having a good day or gotten plenty of sleep and was well rested, then it wasn't out of the ordinary to feel slightly better then, but to be consistently so is...

"Odd." She finished her own thought as she lifted herself from her bed.

Once again, laying around thinking would not solve, anything, at least that is what Tear thought.

"Maybe, I should go to the port."

A simple solution, walking around has been proven to make the brain more active, that is something she needed to do at the moment.

The trip to the port was mostly uneventful, she passed familiar people and waved, the city was much more crowded then before, mostly due to the replicas that were abandoned by Mohs a couple of years ago.

Speaking of figure heads, Tears grandfather was out more and more, most likely strengthening the relationship with the other countries, though that term is very loose, Yulia city by itself is far to small to be considered its own nation, it's been getting increasing pressure from both sides to join one of them.

What was Tear opinion of the matter, well she wasn't even sure herself, in the end no matter what they chose, someone is going to be disappointed in the end.

Tear stopped her feet, she was already at the port and looking towards the sea, it seems like she was in such deep thought she didn't even notice.

The sea had a certain sparkle to it that reflected perfectly off of the sunset, it truly was beautiful in an indescribable way.

To think, all of this was almost lost, nearly two years ago, all because of Van, all because of her brother...

"Standing out like that in the open, isn't that a little dangerous?" A voice echoed behind Tear, as her heart skipped a beat.

"That can't be right, she's suppose to be dead..." Was the only thing she whispered to herself as she turned around.

What she saw confirmed her fears.

A small pink haired girl holding a doll, smiling at her, white dress, perfectly straight hair, no doubt about it, that was Arietta the wild.

"Don't act so surprised, when I figured out you killed this worlds Arietta, I jumped at the chance to drop on in." Arietta snickered.

That is something Arietta wouldn't do, Tear remembered the wild and she rarely laughed, this threw more suspicion in her head, was she a replica.

"Who are you!" Tear demanded an answer as the Arietta look alike sighed.

"I don't have behemoth with me right now, so I'll have to take you body later, so in tell them, stay frosty." The white dress girl gave a wave, as a white light engulfed her, before Tear could even react the girl vanished.

"Who...was she." Tear bit her thumb as her thoughts raced.

This was important, but who should she tell, Jade would be the obvious answer, he knew the most about replicas, and he may have hints on if any stray ones were running around, however getting to him now would be a problem.

"Tomorrow, I'll head to grand chokmah tomorrow." Tear said to herself.

It was on short notice, but holding back key information in tell later, proved to be fatal before, plus she wanted to know how him and Guy was doing.

With those thoughts, the one known as Tear grants left the port and headed back into the city once again.

Tears roomed remained unchanged as she fell backwards on her soft mattress

Night had fallen, and once again Tear was with her thoughts.

"Who was that girl, is she really a replica of Arietta? Were the other God-generals made into replicas as well?" Once again Tear wondered.

"Thinking about it now, won't do me any good, I should just get some rest, I have a long trip tomorrow and waiting would simply cause more problems." Tear slowly closed her eyes as she drifted to sleep.


Not a single thought filled her head.

No dreams just a fade to black and she would be awake, nothing in between

Ever since...

"Eh..." Tear blinked twitched as she felt a large stick like object touch her chest.

"Do not move, Tear grants." A womans voice was heard, it did not sound familiar, but the tone was threating.

Without hesitation, Tears eyes opened as she stared at her intruder.

She had long brown hair, and hair decorations she had seen before, blueish purplish gloves, a white dress that was rather amazing, but what was more amazing then anything else was the weapon she was carrying.

No doubt about it, it was the Key of Lorelei.

"How di-" Tear was cut off as the woman pressed her sword deeper into the her chest, it would surly break skin soon enough.

"Hmm, so you are connected to the other Tear, interesting..." The woman smiled, for some reason Tear recognized it, she knew who it was, she simply could not match the face with the name.

"Who are you?" Tear knew she wasn't in a position to ask questions, however her thoughts kept gnawing at her brain as the woman sighed.

"I'll tell you later, but first..."


That was the sound of Tears window breaking.

Before Tear could even move the woman swung her sword at the unknown projectile, as a bullet dyed in red, fell onto the floor, split perfectly in two.

"I need to take care of this, please wait here for the time being." With those words the woman jumped out the window, vanishing from sight before she even hit the ground.

"Fast" Was the only thing that entered Tears mind as she got up.

Listening to someone she barely knew and had her at sword point would be foolish, at this moment she needed to leave and find someone else.

It is true that Tear was confident in her fighting abilities, but battling an unknown opponent whose power is still a mystery would be suicide.

Tear needed no more convincing, she walk towards her door, and exited her room, entering the main halls of the city.

"Eh..." Tears eyes widened as her vision filled with a thick fog.

Everyone in the area was laying on the ground, breathing ever so softly.

"Sleeping gas?" Tear quickly covered her face as she looked around.

Who was the intended target of this attack, was it that woman that had her at sword point earlier?

Once again her thought s flooded her head.

"It would be best to head to the port in an event like this...however" Tear hesitated to run as she looked around to find the faces of her friends and family.

She wouldn't be able to forgive herself is anyone of them died because someone was after her for one reason or another.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to fall for this trap so easily." A voice Tear wish she didn't hear, something worse then any before this.

Tear didn't want to turn around, not for this voice, because in her heart, in the deepest part of her stomach she knew if she turned around, she would be looking into a mirror.

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