Chapter 3

The woman in black.

A choice had to be made. Go by foot, or go by sea.

The sea route would be ideal - it would lead directly to Grand Chokmah. However, the woman brought up a good point.

"We would be completely defenseless during the trip, plus we would be putting the entire crew in danger..."

It was true. And what made things worse was the fact that they are individual pairs of people. If they committed an act of violence they could become wanted, but that warrant would probably be meaningless.

Tear let out a sigh as she splashed water on her face. She continued to think up alternate paths, but there were only two available: The aforementioned sea route, and the Aramis spring.

The latter was the path Tear chosen when she first went to the Outer Lands, which was what they were called at the time.

"This really is a problem..." Tear told herself, still in her bathroom.

A woman she barely knew was standing in her bedroom, she had eight different pairs of people after her for whatever reason, and she still wasn't anywhere close to figuring our anything else. But she did know one thing.

Standing around and thinking would simply cause more trouble for the people around her.

She exited the bathroom to be greeted by the brown haired woman, sitting on the bed. She had a spaced out look on her face. In the back of her head Tear wondered how someone like this woman was going to protect her.

"Could you give me your name?" Tear asked, it was a question that should have been answered long ago.

The woman simply shook her head, giving a smile, "No, it's not important and would cause more problems if you knew." She really was the laid back type of person.

"Then what should I call you?" Tear asked. Simply calling her That woman would be in poor taste, at least for Tear that is, but the woman really wasn't giving her a real name.

"Whatever you want." The woman replied bluntly, she really didn't seem to care what Tear called her.

"Very well..." Tear paused for a moment, she really wasn't good at coming up with names, at least not for people. "...Grants, I shall call you Grants." Tear picked her last name as the alias as Grants simply blinked.

"How...unoriginal. I expected better to be honest. Wouldn't someone you knew realize we aren't related, unless you magically had an unheard of cousin or something?" The woman pointed out this fact as Tear simply stared off into the distance.

"I'm not planning on lying to people I know about you, that would be rather pointless. Especially considering the fact that we are trying to receive information about the object that grants wishes." Tear crossed her arms as the woman shrugged.

"Okay, Tear, I'll accept that name, but what do we do now?" Grants asked as Tear sat next to her on the large bed.

"You're going to tell me a little more about these people that are after me." Tear eyes narrowed at her.

Grants sighed, "Like I said, I don't know all of them, but I do know the one that attacked you. You already know the human one of the pair, the demon one is known as Zoki the blood soldier." Grants stated as Tears eyes remained unchanged.

That name held no meaning to her, it was just another person with a title, but she continued to listen to Grants explanation of her foe.

"She is much stronger than any human, and she cannot be killed...or more accurately, she can never stay dead. Her weapon is one of the twenty-six weapons made by a fame creator and that's about it." Grants ended her explanation as Tears eyes widened.

"What do you mean by the fact that she cannot be killed?" Tear asked, genuinely interested.

"Well, as long as something is left, even if it's just a memory she can regenerate, so killing her is impossible. Our best bet would be to kill her partner, but you've already seen her, correct?" Grants gave a small smile as Tear looked down.

It was slightly humiliating to be beaten in such a fashion, but that is the law of battle, death wasn't always as glorified as it was in books.

"So, tell me, Tear, which route would you like to take?" Grants asked as Tear lifted herself from the bed.

"I would take a boat, but like you said leaving from here and going straight to Grand Chokmah is just putting a giant target on our backs. I recommend we use the Aramis Spring, from there we can head to Daath and meet up with one of my friends."

"Very well..." Grants sighed, then paused for a moment as she gave Tear a murderous look.

"You do realize Tear, no matter which path we take there is a very high chance that we will be attacked..." Grants said heartlessly.

Tear sighed, "I assumed that was the case, but at least this way we do not have to worry about civilians getting hurt..." she added as Grants simply nodded.

"Very well, do you wish to head out tonight, or wait in tell morning?" Grants' question had meaning to it.

Night would give them a veil of darkness, make them less visible and attract less attention. And if they left now they could make it to Daath later that night. But at the same time, they would be vulnerable to attacks as well, and monsters had a nasty tendency to group together at night.

"So, Tear, when do you want to leave?" Grants asked.

"We will leave tonight, it is for the best." Tear stated, eyes narrowed.

A white room, a beautiful glyph on the ground as Tear stood in the middle.

"Hmm, so this will take us to the Aramis Springs?" Grants asked bluntly as Tear nodded.

"Yes, so please stand close to me..." Tear slowly put her hand down as a flash of light engulfed the two women, surely this was proof that they will be transported to another location.

Aramis Springs, Tear had been here on many occasions, listing them all, however, would be pointless.

The two landed in a shallow pond, the water was no higher then ankle deep. Grants simply blinked as she looked at her dress, which would have been soaked in water had they been transported to any normal springs. But Tear knew that they wouldn't get wet in that particular pond.

The Aramis Springs were a strange area, the tunnels followed a path that would lead outward and inward, one moment you would be inside the large cave, the next you would be outside on a small mountain ledge.

The moon was shining ever so brightly, as the duo continued their trek through the caves. They encountered a narrow path over a large pit, it seemed odd to say the least, this was the correct path, but she did not remember such an area in past trips. But then again she had never traveled through the springs at night.

Not only that, but the area was rather massive in size, many large ledges one could sneak around on. Large and empty was all that entered Tear's head as a long gap of silence entered the area.


An arrow was shot, aimed for Tear's head.

Without hesitation, Tear jumped back from the projectile.

"Was it the same attacker as before?" Tear thought, dismissing the thought quickly, "No, the last enemy did not use arrows, but rather bullets." Tear corrected herself as she took out her knives.

"It isn't very nice to play hide and seek in such a horrid area, but then again I already know your location. Why not come out and save us the trouble of hunting you down like a dog?" Grants did not lose her smile, this made her comment even more eerie.

"Tsk, Schwartz come here now!" a noble voice boomed from an unknown location. It was most likely the sniper, but who was the person she was referring to?

As soon as the question was asked, a woman dressed in black jumped from the ceiling. She wore a flowing dress, had hair that was grayish-green tied in a braid, and she wielded a weapon that seemed to be a fusion of an axe and a lance. Her face was covered in a mask, but her glare penetrated even that.

"Natalia...these are the people correct?" The masked woman called Schwartz wielded her weapon as Tear's eyes widened at the name she uttered.

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, the princess of Kimlasca. Tear traveled with her to stop Van's plans two years ago, and she was currently in Baticul, so why was she here?

"Don't get confused Tear, it's probably a completely different Natalia than the one from this world." Grants pointed out as Tear nodded numbly.

"Yes, I know." Tear continued to scan the room for the known sniper as the axe wielding woman crept closer to the duo.

Schwartz lowered her stance as she griped her weapon, she didn't say a single word, words were not needed for what was about to happen.

A swing of an Axe cutting through air as a path of darkness followed, a sword of light brought up to block such a vicious attack.

Swings of vigor, light and darkness made a perfect blend as the two non humans attack one another. An upward swing from Schwartz was met with a thrust by Grants, their movements countered each other perfectly, before the woman dressed in black took a step back.

She seemed to switch styles completely, she lowered her center of gravity and took a single step forward before she unleashed an onslaught of thrusts.





The sound of a sword clashing with a lance echoed through the cave, the sight was simply beautiful as sparks of white and black danced about the room in a dazzling display.

As the onslaught went on, the thrusts increased in speed and intensity.









"Pointless..." Schwartz stated in an almost robotic tone as she jumped back.

"Even if you can defend yourself against me, can you defend that girl?" The green haired woman asked bluntly as Grants stared at Tear.

"No, not like this, not when a sniper is all over us." Grants' eyes narrowed.

The only reason the sniper didn't make another move was because she was waiting for a chance for a kill shot, the more shots a sniper takes the less likely the following ones will hit it's target, the element of surprise was their greatest weapon, and that drastically goes down after the first shot misses.

Tear was waiting for the perfect time to start singing a Hymn, but the area was far to narrow and there wasn't much time between attacks where she saw an opening.

"Hey, Tear, can you swim?" Grants asked randomly.

Tear simply blinked. "Ah, yes, why do you ask?" she tilted her head before she felt a tug on her collar.

"Wh-what are you?" Tear almost screamed as Grants tossed her over the side of the narrow passage into the dark depths of the unknown cave.

"Trust me, you'll thank me later!" Grants shouted after her.

Those were the last words Tear heard, before everything grew dark.

Author notes

Yeah, action once again, hopefully this chapter isn't as slow as the other, we'll finish this fight in the next one, and maybe reach Daath

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