Moments of Happiness

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Chapter One: And So it Begins

Platform Nine and Three Quarters was packed with people. Parents and students milled about on the thin platform, a gleaming, scarlet engine sitting on a track in the middle of the crowds. Draco Malfoy stood, his face impassive as he surveyed the disorganized chaos around him. His pale hands rested on the shoulders of two young boys, both with gleaming blonde hair that matched his own. Both boys had anxious expressions on their faces as they stared up at the imposing structure of the Hogwarts Express. Draco bit back a sigh, glancing at his parents who were standing nearby, both offering him sympathetic expressions. He wondered if they had felt this way, when he had first gone off to school. He knew his mother must have, she had insisted that he attend Hogwarts instead of Durmstrang, where his father had wanted him to go, she had wanted to keep him nearby. His hands tightened lightly against his sons' shoulders, already missing them and they hadn't even gone yet.

"Will you tell Daddy we love him?" Ori's voice murmured, drawing the older blond from his musings. Draco grinned, bending slightly at the knee so he was level with his twin boys.

"Of course, though after the goodbye you shared with him this morning, I'm sure he knows you both love him" He said, smoothing back Ori's hair and smiling reassuringly at Siri, whom was worrying his bottom lip, a habit he had picked up from Harry.

"And he loves you two as well. So much. I know he hates not being able to see you two off" Draco said gently, a small smile on his lips. He and Harry had discussed Harry coming to see the boys off, but the crowded platform was no place for the wheel-chair bound man, especially not with certain people being here. Though issues with the Weasleys had tapered off in the years after the twins' birth, Draco had always worried about the intentions of Molly and her brood, and Harry had completely cut ties with the red-headed family, barring of course the twins as well as Bill and Charlie.

Narcissa and Lucius moved closer, each saying their own goodbyes to the two Potter-Malfoy heirs, trading hugs, kisses and in Lucius' case, handshakes.

"Owl us as soon as you can, we can't wait to hear what houses you get sorted into" Narcissa said, as Lucius nodded.

"You're not gonna be mad if we're not in Slytherin?" Siri asked, scuffing his shoes against the cement pavement of the platform.

"No love, we'd never be mad at you. I was in Slytherin, but Daddy was in Gryffindor" Draco reminded his sons, "We'll love you no matter what house you get sorted into, even if it is Hufflepuff" He added, grinning teasingly at last statements. Both boys shared a horrified expression, Ori even tilting his nose in the air, very similar to how Draco had behaved at eleven.

"We will not be Puffs, Ravens maybe, but not Puffs" The older twin said, earning a giggle from Siri.

"Have fun Jamie" A gratingly familiar voice sounded from near the front of the train. Draco groaned, glancing up to see the Granger-Weasley family standing nearby, their daughter standing by Ronald, who was loading Jamie's battered trunk onto the train.

"I will Mum, I can't wait to see everyone again" The second year said, her blue eyes flashing happily. She wore robes etched in red and gold, marking her as a Gryffindor, something that didn't surprise Draco in the least, it seemed the Weasley family would be continuing their tradition of breeding only lions, despite Granger's brains having been introduced into that gene pool.

Sighing in mild disgust, Draco pulled the twins tight against him, smiling as he felt their arms tighten back in response.

"I'll miss you both, but Yule's not that far off" He reassured, "Daddy and I will see you then, and you can owl us whenever you want" He said softly, ignoring many of the surprised glances former classmates, turned parents were giving him. Despite having turned light, and Harry's influence, the stigma of being an emotionless Malfoy still existed, and he would bet good money that they were all surprised to see him behaving like a parent instead of a statue.

"Bye Father, we'll miss you" The twins chorused, before the two turned and headed onto the train, their trunks having been loaded by Lucius while they had been saying goodbye to their father.

"Damn I'm going to miss them" Draco murmured, waving lightly as the two blonde heads poked out of a compartment near the middle of the train.

"Us too" Narcissa said, as they and many other parents remained on the platform, watching the scarlet express pull out of King's Cross station and away for another year at Hogwarts.

"Harry will be waiting for us" Lucius murmured, nudging his son and wife before he turned, disapparating on the spot. Draco sighed, staring at the empty tracks where the train had been, before following his father's example as Narcissa did the same.


"Look" Siri said, pressing his face against the glass window, his breath fogging lightly on the cold glass. The other children in the compartment all turned, pressing their faces against the glass beside Siri, all staring out as the Hogwarts Express pulled into Hogsmead station.

Once on the train, Siri and Ori had managed to meet up with a few friends they had made thanks to their parents. Michael Zabini, son of Blaise and Pansy and the twins' best friend was there. Along with Haley Crabbe, daughter of Vincent Crabbe and Millicent Bulstrode and lastly Cassandra (Cassie) Flint, daughter of Marcus Flint and Astoria Greengrass. The five children all held similar expressions of awe as the train came to a slow stop in the darkened station. A mad scrambled ensued, the group trying to get out of the compartment, spilling onto the platform along with the many, many other students who rode the train.

"Firs' years this way" A rough voice called out, a lantern swinging from near a cluster of tiny boats.

"Daddy wasn't kidding" Siri murmured, gaping in awe at the half-giant Professor whom was gesturing wildly for the first year students. Ori snorted, rolling his eyes at his twin, having taken a similar view on Hagrid as that Draco had adopted during his Hogwarts days, whereas Siri was more fascinated by the man and the stories Harry had shared about him.

Eagerly the group of young first years made their way into the cluster of students around the seemingly rickety rowboats.

"An' yeh must be Harry's kids" The giant boomed, looking down at the two blond haired boys.

"He's bin tellin' me all about yeh two in his letters" The man explained, noting the questioning looks shining in the two sets of eyes.

"Three ter a boat" He called out, making his voice louder now, addressing all the children. Frowning, Siri and Ori clambered into a boat, along with Michael, while the girls joined up, settling in a boat by themselves, waiting for someone else to join them.

In what seemed to be record time, the small fleet of boats, directed by Hagrid and a pink umbrella, began to make their way across the rippling water of the Black lake. The water was nearly silent, all the children staring in awe at the sights around them, only the gentle lapping of waves against the boats indicating that there were people on the water.

"Look" Haley's voice rang out suddenly, startling many students as they all glanced around wildly. The boats were rounding the corner of an outcrop of rocks, giving the first years their first sighing of Hogwarts. A collective gasp sounded, and Hagrid beamed, he'd never tire of being the one guiding the first years to the school. The expressions of awe that dotted the small, shining faces was one that cheered the half-giant immensely.

Silence reigned again, all the children captivated by the view of the castle in the dark, candles flickered from the many windows, offering a warm, cheery feel to the otherwise imposing structure.


The nervous group of first years gathered in the small antechamber outside the Great Hall. Professor Longbottom, the Herbology professor had explained what would be expected of them when they entered the hall. It was old news for some of the students, having been informed by their parents what would happen, but a few half-bloods and muggle-borns were rather shocked and excited at the whole idea.

"Crabbe, Haley" Longbottom's voice rang out as he read from the long list clutched in his hands. Haley thrust her chin out, her chestnut brown hair swaying as she marched forward towards the small, three-legged stool sitting before the head table. Sitting down, the ratty hat that had once belonged to Godric Gryffindor, was placed on her head. After a moment of contemplation, the large split seam in the middle of the hat opened wide, causing many of the students to suck in anxious, excited breaths.

"Slytherin" The hat called out imperiously. Haley grinned, pulling the hat from her head and handing it to Professor Longbottom before going to join the politely applauding Slytherin table.

"Flint, Cassandra"


"Green, Marissa"


"Hanson, Jeff"


"Jamison, Matthew"


"Potter-Malfoy, Orion"

Ori sucked in a breath, shooting his twin a reassuring glance, he squared his shoulders and made his way to the small stool. Sitting down, he allowed Professor Longbottom to place the hat on his head, wincing slightly as it slipped down over his eyes, effectively blinding him.

Ah, Orion Potter-Malfoy, son of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Quite the parents you have lad. The hat said inside his mind, causing Ori to jump slightly at the intrusion. You're very much a Malfoy, but your Daddy, as you call him, has also had a great influence on you. However, you are your Father's son.

With that parting comment, the hat's mouth opened wide, and Ori tensed, awaiting the name that would decide the rest of his Hogwarts future.

"Slytherin" The hat called out, before being pulled of Ori's head. Grinning, the young Malfoy made his way over to the table that housed his father's house and settled down next to Haley and Cassie, settling back to watch as Siri was sorted.

Potter-Malfoy, Sirius"

Siri shuffled forward anxiously, a lot more timid then his brother had been. Carefully he settled himself on the stool, looking up slightly as Professor Longbottom settled the hat on his head.

Another Potter-Malfoy, my but you are different from your twin. The hat purred in Siri's head.

Named for two of Hogwarts' infamous pranksters, and son of a Slytherin and a Gryffindor. However, neither of those houses seem to suit you. You aren't a prankster, at least not to the same level of your namesakes, you don't have the ambition of a snake, nor the nearly insane level bravery of a Gryffindor. You are loyal and kind, much like a Hufflepuff, yet also studious with a love of books. You, young Sirius, would do well in either house. The hat murmured in his head.

Yes, your Daddy had a difficult choice as well, having to choose between Slytherin and Gryffindor, in the end he chose the house that he felt best suited him, but you seem torn. You do not want to be a Puff because you do not feel as if that house would be accepted by your family. Yet the studiousness of the Ravenclaws you have encountered is off putting to you. I suppose, you'll have to leave the decision up to me then, young Sirius, and I believe I have made it. With that parting comment, the hat once again opened its mouth, yelling out a name that left the students and staff of Hogwarts stunned.


Finally, Longbottom seemed to pull himself together and carefully pull the hat from a shocked Sirius' head. With a nudge, the young boy carefully made his way over to the Hufflepuff table, whom after a moment began to applaud and clap their newest member on the back encouragingly.

Sirius sat down, carefully raising his green eyes to meet Ori's stunned silver ones. To say his twin was shocked seemed and understatement, and Ori's eyes narrowed for a moment before pointedly turning back to the sorting. Siri's cheeks flamed, and unshed tears swam in his eyes, his twin had effectively shunned him. He was the first Malfoy, and potentially first Potter to ever be sorted into Hufflepuff. Shaking lightly, Siri rested his head on the table, ignoring the worried glances from his new housemates as he tried to calm down.

"Zabini, Michael"


And with Michael seating himself at the Snake table, the sorting was over and the feast could begin. Siri was horrified, everyone of his friends had been sorted into Slytherin along with his twin, he was alone, and by the looks that Ori kept shooting him, he was totally shunned. Gryffindor would have been better then this, at least his Daddy had been in Gryffindor, he would have still been alone, but he wouldn't have dishonored the family. Oh he knew that Draco had said they'd still be loved even if they had been sorted into Hufflepuff, but no one had really expected one of the Malfoy twins to be sorted into Hufflepuff.

Siri was in a state of shock throughout the Feast and Headmistress McGonagall's subsequent speech. A hand on his shoulder roused him, and he glanced up to see one of the Hufflepuff prefects nudging him lightly.

"We're heading to the Common Room now" The prefect, whose name he hadn't bothered to listen to, said gently. Siri nodded, chewing his lip again as he let himself be led off with the rest of the Hufflepuff first years.

The Hufflepuff Common Room was located in a small nook on the right side of the Kitchen hallway, artfully hidden behind a stack of barrels. Instead of a password or answering a question, the entrance was similar to the entrance of Diagon Alley. To enter, as the prefects demonstrated, you had to tap the barrels in a specific order to the rhythm of 'Helga Hufflepuff'. A tunnel opened behind the the barrels, and the first years were lead down into what was known as the Hufflepuff basement, similar to the Gryffindor tower or Slytherin dungeon.

Siri blinked, taking in the Common Room with wide eyes. It was round, with a low ceiling and earthy feeling, with a very comforting air. It was comfy, with large, overstuffed chairs, all done up in the Hufflepuff colours of black and yellow. Since they were in the basement, the windows were enchanted, like those in Slytherin. The windows showed bright, sunny pictures of rippling grass and flowers such as dandelions. The walls were decorated with all types of different plants, even some that were singing and dancing. At the far end of the circular common room was a large, carved fireplace, decorated with badgers, positioned beneath a large portrait of Helga Hufflepuff, whom was smiling happily at all the new students.

The first years were gathered in the center of the room, while the other students wandered off to their dormitories or to different couches and chairs to talk to friends. Professor Bones, whom had taken over as head of Hufflepuff as well as teaching charms, entered the room from a secret passage behind the students. Smiling, she walked over to a chair, positioned especially for her in the center of the group, and settled down.

"Welcome to Hufflepuff" She said, looking over at the nervous group. Her eyes seemed to linger on Siri, though she quickly glanced away.

"I am Susan Bones, head of Hufflepuff and your charms Professor here at Hogwarts" She explained.

"I will be responsible for you here at Hogwarts, and anytime you need to talk or have problems in your classes, or in anything else I encourage you to come and see me. I will make myself available in the Common Room every Wednesday night after dinner, and I have office hours posted on the notice board" She nodded at a cork board positioned by the tunnel which lead in and out of the Common Room.

"I will post important notices on the board, as well as Quidditch times and any other information you may need" She explained, smiling again at the small group.

"You may seek out the Hufflepuff prefects for anything you need, or you can have them bring you to me if they are unable to solve the problem" She said, gesturing to the group of prefects. "Our prefects are here for you, but also are around to help the staff monitor Hogwarts. They are allowed to take points or assign detentions, depending on the severity of the crime. They of course, have to clear everything with their head of house, and you are welcome to contest their ruling by taking it up with any staff members, though I suggest either your head of house, the headmistress or the deputy headmaster" She explained.

"I will be handing out class schedules tomorrow with breakfast, and classes begin promptly at nine, while breakfast starts at seven each day, giving you plenty of time to eat and get to class on time" She said with a smirk at some of the older house members whom were blushing and looking away.

"I suggest you all get to bed, its been a busy day for all of you and we have an early start tomorrow" She grinned, rising and levitating her chair back to its original place beside the fire.

She glanced around, eyes landing on a still upset Siri and frowned.

"Mr. Potter-Malfoy could you please come with me?" She asked gently. Siri's face paled, but the young boy nodded, walking over to the Charms professor.

"Yes Professor?" He asked in a timid voice, looking up at Professor Bones with shiny eyes.

"I'd just like to speak with you for a moment" She explained, leading the little boy out towards her office, which was set up not far from the Common Room. Once inside, she flicked her wand, lighting the candles around the room and nodded for Siri to sit down in a comfortable chair in front of the desk.

"I noticed at the sorting that you were awfully surprised to be sorted into Hufflepuff" She said, sitting down opposite the little boy. Siri nodded, looking down and playing with the hem of his robe.

"Its just, none of my family have ever been sorted into Hufflepuff" Siri said, tears beginning to work their way down his cheeks.

"My Daddy was in Gryffindor, and My Father was in Slytherin, and now my twin and all my friends are in Slytherin" Siri said, pent up emotion beginning to spill out of him.

"They're not going to want to hang out with me anymore, and Father's going to be so upset" Siri said, looking down at his hands, which were still gripping the hem of his robe tightly. Professor Bones nodded, many students felt the same way about Hufflepuff, especially if their families hadn't been members of the house.

"You know" She mused, smiling at the little boy, "I went to school with both your parents, I graduated with them. I don't think Harry will be disappointed in you at all, and I don't think Draco will be either. Surprised maybe, but I don't think they could ever be disappointed" She said, her tone soft.

"No, they will" Siri said stubbornly, "And Ori's mad at me" He said, tears still running down his cheeks, "He looked so mad at me when I got sorted" He mumbled.

"Well I can't speak for your brother, but I'm sure he was just surprised" She said, frowning lightly.

"It's hard for siblings to be split up into different houses sometimes, especially twins" Susan explained, "I'm sure he was just upset, and when you see him tomorrow everything will be fine" She nodded, as if to reassure herself. Siri looked skeptical, though he just shrugged in response. He wanted noting more then to go home, curl up with his parents and pretend today didn't happen. Susan looked pained for a moment, she was used to dealing with the usual bouts of homesickness, and offering some mild reassurance about families and acceptance. But it seemed Sirius Potter-Malfoy was proving to be a more difficult case. It didn't help that she remembered Malfoy from school, and she remembered how Draco Malfoy had been during school, and how Lucius Malfoy had treated him. She, like pretty much everyone, had been surprised when Harry had married Draco, but she had been happy for Harry, and was hopeful about the influence he would have on Malfoy's family. She frowned at the little boy, finally making her mind up to do something that she normally wouldn't do.

"How about we floo your parents Siri? You can tell them what happened and I'm sure they'll reassure you that everything is fine" She said, flicking her wand at the fireplace and starting a fire.

"Are you sure?" Siri asked, green eyes wide, hopeful.

"Of course" Susan said, picking up a small, golden jar and reaching inside to remove a pinch of green powder. Tossing it into the fire, she inserted her head, calling out Harry and Draco's address.

"Susan?" Harry's surprised voice sounded from the other end, looking at the disembodied head of his former classmate which was floating in his fire.

"Hello Harry" She said with a grin, "How are you?" She asked, eyes flicking to Draco as he wandered into the room.

"Fine, fine, though I thought you were teaching at Hogwarts now?" Harry said, looking confused.

"I am, I'm the Charms Professor as well as the head of Hufflepuff house" The auburn haired witch said. Harry's brow furrowed, along with Draco's as they regarded Susan curiously.

"What are you doing flooing us then?" Draco drawled, looking at Susan with a familiar scowl.

"Well, I'm sure you know that the sorting was tonight" Susan began, both men nodded, watching her warily.

"We received a letter from Orion, but we have yet to receive one from Siri" Harry murmured, looking at Susan worriedly. "Is he okay?" He asked, already picturing his son in the hospital wing from falling out of the boats or something.

"He's fine" Susan quickly reassured, "But, well something a bit odd happened with the sorting. He was sorted into Hufflepuff" She said quickly, almost slurring the words in her desire to just spit them out.

"H-hufflepuff?" Draco stammered, looking shocked.

"He's fairly upset about the whole thing, convinced you'll disown him or something" Susan said with a nervous titter, looking from Harry to Draco worriedly.

"Disown him?" Harry asked, eyes going wide. "Susan can we talk to him?" The raven-haired parent asked worriedly.

"Of course" Susan grinned, pulling herself from the fire, soon to be replaced with the face of Siri. It was obvious the little boy had been crying, as fresh tear tracks on his cheeks. His lip was red and irritated, hinting that he'd been chewing it constantly.

"Daddy?" Siri whispered, looking anxiously at his parents.

"Oh love" Draco murmured, kneeling down by the fire and reaching out a hand to caress Siri's face.

"We'd never disown you Siri. We're proud of you regardless of what house you're in" Draco reassured, while Harry nodded dumbly.

"Siri, we love you, no matter what" Harry said, smiling at his son, "There's nothing wrong with being a Hufflepuff. The hat's never wrong love, it might seem odd, but the hat knew where you'd fit in the most at Hogwarts, where you'd be happiest" Harry said gently, "So you're a Hufflepuff, there's nothing wrong with that. You will always be our son" Harry said with a small smile. Draco nodded, removing his hand from the fire, but not before playfully ruffling Siri's hair

"I told you before you got on the train that I'd be fine with whatever house you were in, Hufflepuff included. The Hufflepuff house has gained a fine member Siri, and perhaps a fantastic Quidditch player for next year" He grinned as Siri's eyes sparkled hopefully.

"You think so?" He whispered, looking at his parents.

"Of course kiddo, we'll see you at Yule love and you can owl us anytime" Draco said.

"Love you Siri" Harry grinned, "I can't wait to read your owls, tell us all about school alright?" He asked, winking at his son.

"I will Daddy, love you guys" Siri withdrew from the fire, much more reassured then he had been moments ago. Susan reappeared in the flames, offering both men a happy grin.

"Thank you" She murmured, "I'm sure Siri will fit into Hufflepuff house fine" She added.

"Thanks Susan, for letting him contact us" Harry said, looking worried now that Siri was gone, "We really appreciate it"

"No worries Harry, I remember how hard it can be to be a first year, especially being sorted into a house you didn't think you belonged in" She murmured, "He'll be fine here" She added, before pulling from the flames, the green fire turning back to its familiar red and orange.

Harry sighed, looking at Draco sadly, letting his head fall back against the couch cushions.

"I was wondering why Ori didn't mention Siri in his letter" Harry muttered, looking down at the parchment he had been holding.

"I hope this doesn't cause any problems between them" Draco mused, shrugging his shoulders before he dropped a kiss on Harry's raven hair.

"I don't think so, they know better then to be upset at one another over something they have no control over" Harry said, rubbing a hand over his face tiredly.

"Come on love, lets go to bed" Draco said, scooping Harry up and grinning contently.

"Mmm bed does sound lovely" Harry said, pressing a kiss to Draco's cheek as he let his husband carry him off to bed. It had been a trying day for both Potter-Malfoy parents, especially for Harry who hadn't been able to go to King's Cross to see his sons off.


It was lunch time before Siri ran into his twin. The youngest Malfoy heir wandered down the hall towards the Great Hall, his bag banging uncomfortably against his leg as he walked. He had had his first classes at Hogwarts this morning, and so far he'd really enjoyed himself. Hufflepuffs seemed to have most of their classes with the Ravens, which was good yet bad at the same time. He wanted to talk to Ori, see what was going on with his twin and friends, but he was also relieved that he didn't have to face Ori just yet. He still remembered the expression on his face at the sorting the other night and it scared him.

"Oh look" A familiar voice drawled from behind him, causing him to turn, clutching the obnoxious book bag tightly.

"Hey Ori" He mumbled, looking up at his twin and friends, a nervous expression on his face.

"Orion" His twin corrected, "Only friends can call me Ori" He growled, looking at his twin with a haughty expression. "You're a traitor to our family, being sorted into Hufflepuff" He spat, glowering at his cowering younger brother.

"Or-Orion" Siri stammered, "I talked to Daddy and Father last night, they said its fine that I'm in Hufflepuff" He defended, looking at his twin angrily.

"Well they have to say that" Haley pipped up, "They're your parents, its their job to pretend to love you. But I bet they're secretly really disappointed. Never in history as a Potter or a Malfoy been sorted into Hufflepuff" The girl said, flicking her chestnut hair over her shoulder and scowling, the green and silver emblem on her chest presented proudly.

"Daddy and Father love me, they said so" Siri spat out, glowering at his twin and so-called friends.

"You're an embarrassment to our family. I bet Papa convinces Father to disown you, he'll be so disappointed" Ori said spitefully, shaking his head, as if disgusted with his twin.

"He will not" Siri said, crossing his arms across his chest angrily.

"Will too" Ori said, narrowing his silver eyes, "You don't deserve to be a Potter-Malfoy, and I'm ashamed to call you my twin"

Tears filled Siri's eyes, before spilling down his cheeks as the little boy turned tail and ran back towards the Hufflepuff Common Room, no longer hungry at all.

Ori and his friends watched Siri go with an impassive expression.

"I can't believe he's a Hufflepuff" Cassie said, shaking her head and looking at her friends. Ori nodded, straightening his green and silver tie absentmindedly.

"Its disgusting, my parents are probably super embarrassed. I wouldn't be surprised if he's not invited home for Yule" He said, sniffing disdainfully again.

"I bet he's not" Haley said, shuddering, "Can you imagine how your parents feel? I mean your Dad's like this fantastic hero, he defeated the dark lord and everything, he's like the perfect Gryffindor hero. Not to mention your Father, he's a huge Quidditch star, and turned from the dark lord, not to mention he's now a super successful business man" Haley said, "Plus everyone knows that Malfoys have been in Slytherin since the beginning of like time, so for Siri to be sorted into Hufflepuff is awful. Its a crime to your family's name and history" She said angrily.

"Don't get upset about him Haley, he's not even worth it" Ori said, smirking in a Malfoy-esque manner and leading his friends off to the Great Hall to eat, not even sparing a glance down the hallway behind them where Siri had fled down.


Draco sighed, reading over a letter he had received from Siri. He frowned tiredly, rubbing a hand over his face, before bringing his eyes up to regard his rather nice office in one of his many businesses. The letter was spattered with large tear drops, the ink having run from the tear drops. The letter was hastily scrawled, and he could practically picture his youngest son writing it, tears running down his cheeks while he furiously scribbled the note.

He had known this would happen, despite Harry's optimism about the situation, he knew the twins would grow distant at Hogwarts if they were sorted into separate houses, but Siri being sorted into Hufflepuff had probably set off Ori fairly violently. Both boys had heard numerous stories about his and Harry's days at Hogwarts. Of course the twins had also been subjected to the Malfoy prejudices, though much more toned down then they had once been. Being in Slytherin or Gryffindor was the pinnacle of importance for the twins, Slytherin more so since they had heard that even Harry was, initially, destined for Gryffindor. He was sure that Hufflepuff hadn't even crossed their minds in terms of where they'd end up. Ori had been a shoo-in for Slytherin, everyone who had met the little boy seemed to see that. But Siri, he had always been a bit of a anomaly, Harry had figured him for a Ravenclaw, just due to his love of reading, but Draco had been adamant that he would be a Gryffindor, instead he had ended up a Puff. Not that Draco was upset at Siri for being put in Hufflepuff, it was like he and Harry said to their son the other night, they'd love him regardless. But being at Hogwarts, away from their parents and under the influence of house rivalries, Draco was positive that Siri and Ori weren't getting along, probably with Ori instigating, being subject to the Slytherin ideals. He had been the same at eleven, an arrogant little prat, mostly because of his upbringing, but also because of the influence of being a Slytherin. He just sincerely hoped that his sons worked things out, or else Yule would be a decidedly difficult time. Shaking his head, he quickly penned a reassuring letter to Siri, reminding him that his parents loved him, and that he wasn't about to be disowned because of his house, nor did his grandparents hate him. He would be having a talk with Ori that was for sure, threatening disownment was really low, and probably the last thing that Siri had needed to hear.

Shaking his head, he handed the letter to the owl sitting on his desk, watching it take off while he tried to figure out what to tell Harry as well as what to write to Ori about the situation. He had never expected his children to be in this situation, nor did he ever expect to have to deal with the situation. Ori and Siri had always gotten along marvelously well, except for the expected minor spats all siblings had.

Hopefully things just sort of worked out, though Draco strongly doubted that.

A/N: The description of Hufflepuff Common Room came from HP Wiki. Also, before I get any questions relating to the matter, Siri is able to use the floo from Bones' office becasue I think that under certain circumstances floo from Hogwarts can be connected to family's houses. Just like in Order of the Pheonix when Harry uses Umbridge's floo to contact Sirius.

Also, I've changed a few of the staff at Hogwarts, so for reference:
Headmistress/Transfiguration Professor: Minerva McGongall
Head of Hufflepuff/Charms Professor: Susan Bones
Head of Slytherin/Potions Professor: Horace Slughorn (I decided to keep him around, despite him being old enough to retire)
Head of Gryffindor/Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor: Dean Thomas
Head of Ravenclaw/Divination Professor: Luna Lovegood
Herbology Professor: Neville Longbottom
COMC: Rebus Hagrid
Flying Instructor: Madame Hooch
Nurse: Madame Pomfrey
History: Binns
-Besides that, I'm not overly worried about Professors, these will just be the ones most referenced.