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Dick is 8

Wally is 10

Roy is 12

"Why...why do they do this?" Dick thought as yet another tear slid sown his pale face.
The They he was reffering to was the big pack of bullies positioned in front of him cornering him.

"You worthless freak no one wants you." A tall girl with dirty blonde hair and Ice eyes Insulted

"Just go back to the circus you freak." a boy Growled "OH WAIT! you cant they kicked you out!"

"Yeah!" an boy with dirty hair dishwater eyes and a smug grin said "Your parents probably Died from embarresment from having such a itiotic son."

Dick sobbed "LEAVE ME ALONE!" he curled up in to a ball against the wall as he receved yet another kick.

"Why?" the eight year old thought "why? won't they leave me alone?"

Then suddenly the kicks stopped. Grunting echoed throuout the ally. Dick opened his eyes to see two Ticked off redheads.

"Woy...Wawe" the ebony sobbed lisping a bit. "Tank you..."

he felt himself being picked up by Roy and cradled to his chest Wally grabbing Dic's school books and putting them in Dick's bag. he then slung the bag over his sholder and sped up to Roy and Dick.

"Your welcome Dikkie Bird Don't you worry we will make it better." Roy comforted

"Your our brother Dick!" Wally Exclamed "We can't let something bad happen to you!" he then messed with Dick's hair

Dick smiled, rested his head against Roy's chest,

"Thank you guys For everything..."

and fell into a peaceful slumber.

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