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Art Room Fiasco!

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~Third person pov~


Nobody knew he took it.

but he excelled at it.

Who am I talking about?

Isn't it simple?

Roy Harper.

Fourteen Year old Roy Harper was heading to his art class, (that he got to get out of P.E. to go too), to work on a new project. He was happy to go today because he really did not want to do football drills. (The coach took flag football way too Seriously)

Roy threw the door open and walked inside.

It barley took a second for him to register the door was going to slam and stop it.

He threw out his hand.


He froze.

He just hit someone in the face.

Roy, Quick as the Flash pulled his hand back and immediately apologized.

"Holy crap dude I'm so sorry!" The archer said "Are you alright!" It was right then that Roy registered who he hit.

Thalia Gold.

Roy blushed slightly seeing as he had a small Crush on her. Alright, That was a lie. He nearly worshiped the girl.

Thalia then did something that was never thought possible for her.

She laughed.

She laughed.

Roy then joined her in the laughter.





The both of them then laughed so hard that the class on the other side of the room stared at them like they were insane only causing them to laugh harder.

After what seemed like an eternity of laughing they finally stopped, Panting on their knees, Gasping for air.

"I" gasp "I'msosorry!" Roy gasped

"No" gasp "Problem" Thalia panted

After two more minutes of gasping and random giggles they both got up, Realized the art teacher wasn't in the room, and left.

Thalia smirked and said "But if you want to make it up to me" She handed the archer a slip of paper, "Here's my number!"

Roy blushed a bit harder and then smirked "There's a movie playing at the theater at seven. Wanna come?"

"As long as it isn't a chick flick, Pick me up at six."

And they both went their separate ways.

Well, Until six where Roy came along with a car and driver in tow.

Thalia stared at the archer weirdly.

"What? I'm only fourteen, I can't drive yet!"

"Of course."

Sad thing is this did happen to me.

I was going to the art room to talk to the teacher. (My art room splits into two, there is just no wall.)

I threw open the door to the art room and realized that the door was going to slam, so I threw out my hand to stop it and slapped my friend in the face.

We began laughing so hard that the class on the other side of the room started laughing and then when we finally stopped laughing, we realized that the teacher wasn't there and went our separate ways.

It was one of those moments that you can never forget.