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Chapter 25

It was now mid day and Ben was with Gwen and Kevin at Plumber Headquarters as they had been combat the usual villain stuff but since Cole and Elis had left on their journey it had been normal for them.

"Man things have gotten a bit boring since they left." Ben said as he was sitting in a chair drinking a smoothie.

"You think it's boring not doing anything? I've finally gotten time to do some studying." Gwen said as she was reading a textbook.

As they both looked over to see Kevin had fallen asleep.

"Guess things are not as lively, wonder how they are doing?" Ben wondered what Cole and Elis were doing at this moment.


The journey had been long and was hard but after everything and all they overcame they had finally arrived at their destination.

"Is this it?" Elis asked as Cole was looking at a map.

"I'm sure of it, this is the location but there's no door." Cole said as they looked around for an entrance of sorts.

They searched for anyway in around the place but unbeknownst to them they were being watched.

So this is himnot much but he looks like Coldar

Cole was searching around the area as he could hear the sound of running water and went to investigate as he came upon a waterfall beneath their location and went in for a closer look.

Nothing here so far but why do I feel like this is like one of those movies Ben had when the character is looking around some harmless place then out of nowhere he's toast.

As he then heard a sound and quickly looked around and was beginning to feel a little paranoid but knew he was over thinking this.

Really gotta stop watching horror movies with Ben after midnight.

Cole looked around one more time but then his instincts took over as he grabbed someone and threw whoever it was right into the water and just quickly leaped in and had his sword pointed at the supposed attacker as it was revealed to be a woman.

"Who are you?!" Cole demanded to know.

"I was hoping you'd be ready but this proves me further right Coleman Daniels." she said knowing who he was.

"You didn't answer my question." Cole said as she got to her feet as he got a good look at her.

She had red hair, some face paint on, and wearing barely any sort of clothing as everything was on display but was also armed with a bow, arrows, sword and daggers.

"My name is Aeala and I was told you'd be here by your ancestor." Aeala said revealing herself to him.

Cole sent his sword away knowing she was the one he was looking for. "Ok sorry for that I'm usually more friendly." he said extending his hand.

She accepted as he helped her up and they left the water.

"There you are!" Elis said seeing them as she met them. "I take it you've both met then?" she said as she knew it was Aeala.

"Wait how do you know it's her?" Cole asked.

"I studied the journals and also I have a picture here so yeah." Elis said as Cole shook his head.

"Elisif Daniels, Mistress of Alchemy and Magic." Aeala said as Cole gave her a look.

"It's a name I sometimes go by." Elis said to her brother.

"Egotistical but catchy." Cole said as she rolled her eyes at him.

"Let us go we have much to do." Aeala said leading them towards the waterfall.

They were then beneath the waterfall and found a secret entrance which led deeper into a cave as they followed Aeala down they then travelled up and emerged in a mountainside village of sorts as they were led through the place they saw some of the looks they were given by people and non-humans.

"Why is everyone looking at us?" Cole asked.

"You are the first outsiders to even come here in decades, the people are weary of outsiders but don't worry we'll introduce you to them all." Aeala assured them it was just people being cautious.

They walked through the streets as they were approaching a building which had a sign on it written in Nordic language.

"The Companions." Elis said reading it.

"Yes we're still operating and Cole it is time that you ascend your skills and abilities further." Aeala said as they followed her into their headquarters.

They entered the huge hall as several people some human and some non-human greeted them.

"So this is him?" one asked as they all looked at him.

"I am not impressed." another said.

"I get that a lot." Cole said hearing the same words again.

Aeala approached him. "Cole it is time to begin your training." she said.

"Let's do this." Cole said.

The training had begun with Cole training in various forms of combat which included hand to hand, weapons training in sword, archery, magic, alchemy and even learning the art of blacksmithing as it enabled Cole to forge his own armoury.

The days turned to weeks as he spent a huge amount of time crafting a weapon specifically designed to defeat Miraak.

He brought a dagger out but it wasn't just any dagger it was the weapon of his beloved, the same weapon Miraak used to kill her was still covered in her blood as he melted the weapon down and merged it with the steel he was forging.

As the metal was being molded and then brought out into physical form as the metal was heated and brought it slowly towards the anvil and placed it on top of it and began to hammer hard with sparks flying he hit as hard as he could crafting the weapon to it's finest.

He then finished hammering it into shape and placed the heated metal into the water to bring it to form as the steam rose up from the water as it had been cooled, bringing it out he took it to a grindstone and began to sharpen the blade.

The blade was as sharp as any weapon but now he needed a hilt and began to craft it using Daedric metal and combining it with Dragonbone the hilt was created as it was a dark grey V and in the center of it was a red jewel of sorts with no pommel.

Cole was making final preparations to the weapon combining both blade and hilt he hammered them into place as he made a few more finishing touches.

And with one final strike of his hammer he has finished his creation.

"It's done." Cole said as he held the weapon in his hands.

He brought the weapon out and displayed it to the rest of The Companions and to his sister.

"You finished it?" Elis said as she looked the weapon up and down.

"Took a while but I did it." Cole said as then Aeala took the weapon in her hands.

"A fine blade." she said as she wielded it. "The blade is perfectly balanced and I think you may have made something different here." she said noticing it's aura.

"You could say that." Cole said as she handed the blade back to him as he held it in his hand.

"You got a name for it bro?" Elis asked.

Looking at it he had a name in mind. "Astrid's Revenge." he said christening his weapon.

"Cole you've done well in your training but now I believe you have one final test before you become the warrior you need to be." Aeala said.

"What do I do?" Cole asked.

"We will head south of here, Elisif you need to stay here as this is Cole's trial and he must do this alone." Aeala said as Elis nodded agreeing to do so. "Cole we leave now." she said as Cole went to hug his sister.

"I'll be back soon, try not to get frisky with any of the locals." Cole joked as she gave him that look.

"I'll try but you know the blood that runs in our veins won't allow it." Elis said as Cole chuckled as he waved goodbye.


It took both Cole and Aeala a couple of days to get to their destination as the place they were looking for was an old ruin leading underground as they entered.

Aeala led with torch in hand as Cole also had one they both traveled the dark, dank ruin which had not been occupied in a very long time as Cole passed the various crypts, tombs and corpses resting in each side within their own coffins as Cole got a bit creeped out by seeing them all laid bare but kept going.

"How far does this place go?" Cole asked.

"It's an underground cavern, this place sometimes is infested with ghouls but today they seem to be docile which is odd." Aeala said noticing the lack of live ghouls.

"That's a good thing right?" Cole asked.

"I'm not sure if we should be relieved or worried but in any case we're almost there." Aeala said as she then approached a huge door and pulled out what could only be described as a dragon claw and used it as a key which opened the door as they entered.

They were in a large room filled with more sarcophagus's and in the middle of it was an altar with a statue of a being and beside it was a large bowl.

"Now Cole this is your final test, if you are ready then we shall begin." Aeala asked.

There was a bowl right in the middle of the place as then emerging were several Lycans.

"What is this?!" Cole said as he looked ready to fight.

"Do not be afraid youngling, it is I." the wolf spoke as he realised who it was.

"Colda'r…this is why you didn't want to tell me the full details." Cole said understanding why he withheld information from him.

"I wanted to know if you were ready to make this decision as if you do this there will be not turning back for you." Colda'r warned his descendent.

Cole needed to think about this as if he becomes a Lycan he cannot take it back as it will be with him until the day he dies but then thought of everything that will happen if he fails to defeat Miraak and Alduin.

"To stop Miraak and Alduin…let's do this." Cole said making his decision.

Aeala stepped forward and Colda'r held out his massive hand and she then drew out a blade and cut it as he then approached the large bowl and began to squeeze the blood from his cut and fill the bowl with it.

He then finished as Aeala led Cole over to it. "Now drink." she said as Cole looked in shock and disgust as he was again caught off guard by all this.

You want me to-OK! Time out! You want me to drink my ancestor's blood to do this?!" Cole said as he was now having seconds thoughts on this.

"It is the ritual Coleman ,now do you accept this gift?" he asked.

Cole gave it a thought and knew his answer. "I accept this gift." he said as he got ready to change his life forever.

He took the bowl up with both hands and consumed the contents within it as he wretched at the taste and smell of it he drank as much as he could until he felt something.

"Ah…what the…AGH!" Cole said as he dropped the bowl and fell to the floor as Cole fell to his knees and was holding his sides.

"GOD! IT'S LIKE MY INSIDES ARE ON FIRE!" Cole shouted as he was in agony.

He could only feel pain as then something else seemingly had taken over as he began to fade into black…


"Uh…my head…" Cole said out loud as he woke up.

He stood up slowly as he was then trying to maintain his balance and saw he was in the middle of a forest.

"You're awake." he heard the voice to be Aeala as he could see her above him.

"How'd I get here…Ah…" Cole asked as he began to have a migraine of sorts.

You're feeling after-effects of your transformation it'll take time to get used to but I think we should get you cleaned up first before I explain everything to you." Aeala noted to Cole's awkward predicament.

He looked down on himself and saw he was in the buff and quickly covered his more private area up in the presence of a lady.

She chuckled a little and threw him some clothes as he went to change quickly, now fully clothed he followed her as they walked to a nearby lake.

"We'll camp here for the night." Aeala said as they set up the camp.

While Aeala got the fire going Cole decided to go and clean up before they ate as he tripped off and washed in the nearby lake getting all the dirt off of him as he tried to wrap himself around what had just happened.

What happened to me? I drank the blood and thenthe painthe painI-I-I-can't seem to remember everything

He then was stopped from his trail of thought as he was smelling something, not food but a scent as he was trying to find it's source but then felt something come up to him from behind…

"You're feeling it aren't you?" he knew it was Aeala.

"What is happening to me?" Cole asked.

"The Wolf…it's accepted you, it wants you to embrace it." she said.

"What's going on?" he asked as he then realised she was standing up close to him in all her glory.

"What do you feel?" she asked.

"An appetite." he said.

"Satisfy it." she said.

Cole was unsure if he should listen to his wolf. "One part of me says yes another says no." he admitted.

"There are times when you should think and times when you should let all thought go." she told him as things were now getting very tense.

"What do I do?" he asked still unsure.

She brought her face to his and his journey began to becoming not just a member of The Companions but also as a Wolf.

The next several days he trained with her learning how to master his newfound form and abilities as each day he continued to become more stronger as he relished his time with his teacher.

Now mastered in the art of hunting Cole and Aeala returned to the town as they had brought a feast.

Seeing her brother return Elis just went right up to him and hugged him tightly as he was also glad to see her.

"Missed you." Elis said.

"And you really did miss me." Cole said as his new nose was telling him the story of what she got up to while he was away.

She gave a look of sorts.

"Let's just say I picked up some new tricks." he said.

"Guess you can teach a dog old tricks." Elis said as she knew what her brother was up to while he was away.

"How'd you find out?" Cole asked.

"I may or may not have stumbled upon The Companions initiation ritual in writing." she revealed her source.

"Colda'rs journal." he said as she nodded confirming it.

"So how strong are you now?" she asked.

"I'll need to test it as soon as we leave." Cole said as he was looking to put his newfound abilities to the test.

However before they left they were treated to a well deserved dinner as they dined in the halls of The Companions.

"Tell me something bro what was she like?" Elis whispered to her brother as he was surprised she knew.

Cole looked to his sibling and gave a look and leaned to her ear. "It was just part of my training nothing more let's just leave it at that." he said not confirming or denying it.

As the feast went on it was now the following day and Cole and Elis were about to leave.

"Farewell to you both." Aeala said as she gave Cole a look as he returned one to her and seeing that Elis knew something had gone on between them while they were away.

Elis then opened a portal and they left back to Hearthfire where they emerged outside the manor.

"Coleman!" he heard Colda'r coming out with Seranna.

"What's wrong?" Cole asked.

"Dragons are rampaging all around the world…it is time." Colda'r said.

"I have to face him." Cole knew what this means.

"I cannot go with you but I can give you aid from a friend." Colda'r said.

"OH-DA-VIING!" he shouted into the skies.

A loud roar was heard and the sound of what could only be described as thunder as coming from the clouds and just landing in front of them was a blood red dragon as Cole stood right in front of him as his yellow eyes were directed on Cole who also looked him directly in the eye.

"It is time isn't it?" Ohdaviing asked.

Colda'r nodded.

"This is him your descendant? I am to aid him now?" Ohdaviing asked.

"Yes old friend he will need your help to finally defeat Alduin and Miraak." Colda'r said.

"Very well Dovahkiin, we ride." Ohdaviing said as he sat and Cole just scaled up his back and mounted him.

"Elis! Get Ben and everyone and tell them to meet us there!" Cole told his sister to get reinforcements.

Ohdaviing took a huge leap and flew through the air as he and Cole set off for this final battle.

"Ben…it's Elis it's time to save the world."

The final battle begins.

Now it's all coming to a close as the final battle nears. Will Cole achieve his destiny? Will Alduin succeed? What is Miraak's plans in all this?

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