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Chapter 26

Flying through the brisk cold winds of the air Cole rode Ohdaviing towards his destination.

"You know where the source of all this is coming from?!" Cole asked the red dragon.

"I can sense where it is coming from and only one place Alduin can draw his power from…Sovrengarde." Ohdaviing said as the name sounded familiar to Cole.

"Wait didn't Colda'r defeat Alduin using an Elder Scroll?!" Cole pointed out.

"Yes did you find it?" he asked him.

"Not exactly." Cole said as Ohdaviing began to descend and they landed in a field as Cole hopped off.

"Without the scroll you will not be able do defeat The World Eater." Ohdaviing said as he was right.

"Colda'r might know where it is?" Cole asked.

"No after he defeated Alduin he gave the scroll to a member of The Blades for safekeeping." Ohdaviing said.

"Let me guess this member has passed on and their ancestor would probably know?" Cole asked.

Cole thought for a second and pulled out his cell phone and called Ben.

"Hey Ben it's me listen I need to find the Elder Scroll and apparently without it I can't defeat Alduin so I need you to find Colda'r and ask him who he gave the scroll to and when you find out get the scroll to me ASAP." Cole asked.

"Ok we'll find it, but what're you going to do until then?" Ben asked.

"I'm going on ahead I'll do some observing and see what they're planning." Cole said as they both hung up.

Cole got on top of Ohdaviing and they flew off.


"At long last I shall achieve my destiny and-oh looks like I will have company after all." Miraak said as he looked out to the distance.

He saw a large red figure landing on a nearby cliff and knew who I was.

"See you soon Coleman." Miraak said as he headed inside the temple.


Meanwhile in another part of the world Ben, Gwen and Kevin were searching for the descendant of the Blade member who held the whereabouts of The Elder Scroll.

"Is this where they guy is?" Kevin asked.

"We got the info from HQ, he's definitely here." Gwen said.

"Let's go." Ben said as they headed into an apartment complex.

"Wait a sec, isn't this…where…?" Kevin said realising where they were.

"Yep." Ben said.

"He's apparently the last descendent." Gwen said as they went a few floors up and headed to a door and knocked on it.

"Get ready for the fan boy." Kevin said as the door opened.

"Mr. Tennyson?! Is there anything I can do to help?" it was Ben's number one fan Jimmy.

"We need your help, it has something to do with your family." Ben said.

"Wait my family?" Jimmy asked not sure what he meant.

"You're a direct descendant from a member of The Blades." Gwen explained.

"You mean the dragon slaying and Dragonborn worshipping faction." Jimmy said as he clearly knew what was going on.

"He already knows" Kevin said.

"I've been keeping my ear to the ground and there's a lot of chatter on Alduin and The Dragonborn but also some on some guy called Miraak?" Jimmy asked.

"It's a long story but we can't talk now we need to know if your ancestor left something to you that may have been important?" Ben asked.

"Well I do have something of his but I don't think it's going to be any use to you." Jimmy said as he went to grab it.

He came back with a sealed parchment as they unsealed it and saw…nothing.

"Uh there's nothing on it." Kevin said.

"Yeah is this all there is?!" Ben said as Jimmy nodded.

"I'm sorry Mr. Tennyson but that's all there is." Jimmy said as Gwen was looking at it with curiosity.

"Guys this scroll is giving off very powerful magic, it's definitely the scroll but I think only a Dragonborn can read this." she explained.

"Better get this to Cole." Ben said as then behind them a portal opened and emerging was Elis.

"Need a ride?" she asked.

"Elis…where's Cole?" Ben asked.

"He's on his way to fight Alduin and Miraak, we need to get to him now." Elis said as they all quickly followed through the portal and Jimmy looked on at what took place outside his home.

"Mr. Tennyson travelling as XLR8 would be way better." he said closing his door.


Meanwhile Cole was still observing Miraak and his forces from above.

"He's already inside but is Alduin there?" Cole asked.

"If you cannot feel him then he has already entered, you cannot enter without Dragonrend." Odahviing said.

"I heard you the first time around and it's not like the shout is going to pop up from out of nowhere." Cole said.

As then a portal opened up and emerging was Elis, Ben, Gwen and Kevin.

"Hey guys! You get it?" Cole asked walking up to them.

They then presented the Elder Scroll to him as Cole could feel the immense power coming from it.

"Let's take a look." Cole said as he opened up the scroll and was hit with a surge of unimaginable power which then sent him into and unconscious state.

"COLE!" they all shouted seeing him collapse to the ground.


Cole's eyes opened slowly and saw only Ohdaviing watching below as he got up.

"What in the blue hell happened?!" Cole said as he went over to his ally.

"The scroll gave you your ultimate shout, now you are ready." Ohdaviing said as Cole saw below all his allies were on the ground fighting Miraak's forces. "Let us join the fray." he said as Cole nodded and got into his back as they flew down.

They headed down with such speed Ohdaviing threw down a huge wave of fire at the enemy clouding them in an inferno as they landed on the ground to meet the others and began attacking with a two handed hammer.

"Cole?! Guess nap time is over?" Ben shouted to him as he was using his form of Humungasaur to swat enemies away.

"Yeah I'm freakin ready for this!" Cole shouted over the enemies he was swatting away with his hammer.

"Cole the entrance is unguarded, we'll get you over there." Elis said hitting several enemies with magic bolts.

"Well…CHHHAAARRGGEEE!" Cole shouted as everyone just bombarded their way through any oncoming enemy.

They came at them with all they had as Cole charged himself up.

"FUS-RO-DAH!" he shouted sending them all flying in every direction as the path was cleared.

"Keep at them!" Ben said as he transformed again.

"They just keep coming!" Gwen said blasting a few of them.

"Daniels if we die I'm haunting you!" Kevin said bashing a few of them with his hammer hands.

Hope seemed to be lost until the arrival of backup in the form of The Plumbers, The Dark Brotherhood and The Companions.

As Max was leading the charge he blasted anything that came at them.

"Kids! Get going we'll cover you!" he shouted as they made their way to the entrance and headed on in.

But then were confronted by hordes of the undead.

"Cole get going we've got this!" Ben said as they were holding them off as Cole and Elis hesitated but then nodded as they knew they had to go and ran to the top.

They both got there and saw the area had been cleared out by Miraak and the portal to Sovrengarde as they approached the portal and looked down and saw the entrance.

"Ready for this?" Cole asked his sister.

"We were born to be." she answered.

As they held one another's hand and just stepped into it as a blinding flash of light engulfed them.


They appeared in a dimension of sorts which had a one way path that was shrouded in mist.

"You feel that?" Cole asked his sister.

"I do, he's near we need to be careful." Elis said arming her staff as Cole was keeping his wits about him.

They walked through the mist as they followed the stone path before them, it was endless as they felt they were being toyed with.

"Is this the end?" Elis looked up to see a huge gate.

"Looks that way, listen before we do this I just want you to know whatever happens I'm glad that we found one another and that I'm proud you're my sister." Cole told Elis how he felt.

"Same here bro, you are the hero you need to be and mom and dad would be proud to see who you've become." Elis said to Cole.

They said their words as the gate opened on it's own but then they were confronted by the World Eater himself who stood there then flew away as they went in hot pursuit of him only to find themselves in the middle of a large field, where a huge palace of sorts rested as then coming down from the air was Alduin himself to confront the siblings.

"After eons being thrown through time I have been waiting for this day, the day our kind returns and I shall be its harbinger and the ruler of all worlds." Alduin boomed.

"Not happening Alduin and where's Miraak?" Cole asked to his nemesis's whereabouts.

"Miraak is not here, I would've ended him as soon as I saw him." Alduin said as he had no idea where Miraak was.

"Well guess it's just us then." Cole said arming himself.

"Seems that way Dovahkiin, now let us battle for the fate of this and many worlds." Alduin said as he flew up.

Cole looked back to Elis. "Elis, keep your guard up Miraak is around here I can feel it." he said.

Cole jumped into the battle of his life as he was about to go one on one with The World Eater.

"Bring it bitch!" Cole shouted as he summoned his sword and shield.


Meanwhile outside the battle intensified as all sides were being pummeled.

"What the hell is Daniels doing in there having a tea party?!" Kevin complained as he was deflecting attacks using his metal form.

"He must be fighting Alduin." Gwen said punching with her bolts.

But then more backup arrived.

"Hey who's that?!" Ben said as individuals in armour showed up and began transforming into werewolves.

"I'm guessing those are Cole's buddies." Kevin said.

"Look the Brotherhood even showed up." Gwen said pointing out the assassin's arrival to the battlefield.

"Alright we got more of a chance here, Cole's got this we need to make sure these guys don't get anywhere near him!" he said as they continued to run interference.


"ARGH!" Cole shouted as he was fighting back Alduin's fire breath coming at him from above.

He used his dwarven crafted shield to repel the attack as it was holding but he could feel the immense heat and power behind it.

As he stopped Cole threw his shield at him like a frisbee as it clipped Alduin as he began to shout which sent massive shockwaves at Cole throwing him around the place.

"YOU INSOLENT INSECT!" he boomed at him.

Alduin kept flying around breathing fire at him and using different shouts to try and destroy Cole but he was somehow able to narrowly avoid being hit as he was still getting thrown around.

Come on Cole! He has to have a weaknessoh the shout!

Cole knew it was time to use his newly acquired shout.

"JOOR-ZAH-FRUL!" he shouted as the shout just sent a wave which was like pure devastation towards The World Eater who was hit as he felt himself weakening and began to fall to the ground below as he came down on it with a thunderous drop leaving a crater with him at the bottom of it.

Cole followed him down carefully as he slid down the rocky crater and went to check if he was still breathing.

"Did I get him?" Cole asked himself out loud.

As then Alduin began to stir and was attempting to fly but was only able to get himself out of the crater and crash to the ground as he was indeed grounded.

However Cole held on to him and was up with him and both were seemingly on even ground.

"I underestimated you Dovahkiin you have become stronger since we last met." Alduin noticed Cole's increase in strength.

"Yeah well I've been learning some new tricks." Cole said as Alduin roared a shockwave towards him.

Cole quickly dodged it and went right at Alduin but he swiped at Cole with his massive arms and was able to dodge the one but got caught by the other as it cut through the dwarven crafted armour he was wearing.

"ARGH!" Cole let out in pain as he saw he was bleeding from his side torso.

How the hell did he?

Cole didn't have time to think as he just saw out of the corner of his eye another claw coming at him and quickly rolled out of the way as he was now in a fight for his life.

"Goddamit what am I going to do?!" Cole shouted as he was stumped for ideas.

"Cole?! Can you hear me?!" It was Elis.

"Elis?! You in my head right now?" Cole asked.

"It's called a mind link and you need to get that wound patched up first, you have deep pockets and I left something in there for ya." she said.

Cole went into his "deep pockets" and began to rummage around and pulled out a small vile which contained a dark blue liquid.

"Elis what is this?" Cole asked as he quickly dodged another attack from Alduin.

"It's a new potion I've been working on, it'll heal you quicker than a normal potion and will give an extra bite on Alduin." she explained.

Cole looked at it and without question drank it all. "Oh this is disgusting and…"

He felt his wounds closing and his strength not only returning but increasing as he stood up he switched to his dragon bone armour and brought out his two handed war hammer made from dragon bone.

"Hammer time!" Cole shouted as he charged at him and swung with all he had as the hammer just connected with the face of The World Eater as a loud crunch was heard and it staggered him back a bit.

"Switch it up!" Cole said as he then summoned a two handed sword which began to glow red.

"Burn baby!" Cole shouted as he swiped at him but he grabbed his blade with his massive jaws and yanked the weapon away from him.

"You think these instruments are a match for a god!" Alduin said as he began powering up for a huge attack.

He just breathed fire at Cole who quickly summoned a shield and was trying to block the attack but the power behind the flames was too strong he could not withstand it and was forced to drop his shield and try to take cover behind some rocks as then Dragonrend wore off and Alduin was about to take flight once more.

"Oh no you don't!" Cole just went right at him as he tried to get airborne again.

Alduin was able to get flight once more and was looking down below for Cole who he had no sight of…

"You dare challenge a god!" Alduin said seeing that Cole was literally on his tail climbing his way towards his back.

"Nope more like an arrow to the face." Cole said as he had his daedric bow and arrow aimed directly at his face as he remembered his training.

"Slow my breathing, take aim andfly."

The arrow flew at high velocity and with the winds carrying it the metal tip connected.

"WARGH!" Alduin screamed as the arrow had pierced right into his left eye as he began to descend from the sky Cole held on and braced for a crash landing.

They hit the ground as Cole was flung off as he fell right in front of Alduin who was beginning to awaken.

"Alduin! I'm giving you one last chance to surrender or lese I will be forced to put you down." Cole laid down the ultimatum.

Alduin tilted his head up with the arrow still stuck in his damaged eye was not sure if he heard right.

"You show me mercy like a pathetic mortal?!" Alduin said as he felt insulted at the notion of mercy.

"No not like one, because I am not a god, I am Cole Daniels, I am a mortal and I am The DragonBorn and I am not going to kill you, so I ask you one more time Alduin surrender now or I will be forced to stop you." Cole gave him one last warning.

"Well I guess I was wrong about you Cole or am I right?" as then coming into view was Miraak who stood in between them.

"Miraak? Why could I not sense you entering this realm?" Alduin asked.

"I have learned many things since we last met and cheating death was one of them but now since you are finally free of the prison I threw you in, it's time to claim that power of yours." Miraak said.

"YOL-TOOL-SHOR!" Cole shouted as fire blocked Miraak's path.

"Not happening Miraak." he said standing in front of him.

"Well now we could fight right now on who claims the power of Alduin or maybe we should ask Elisif?" Miraak said as he looked to his left and Cole looked in his direction.

His eyes seeing only one thing his sister on the floor.

"Elis?!" Cole called to her.

"Ah-Ah-Ah now there I want you to pay attention to me, you could stop me from killing Alduin and stealing his power or you could go and save your dear sister…make your choice." Miraak said delivering two options.

Cole knew he had to make a tough decision and knew what he had to do.

"Elis I'm coming!" Cole shouted as then he went to her as that left Miraak open to fulfil his plan.

Cole rushed to her side and quickly cradled her in his arms.

"Cole…ah…" Elis was barely able to make words to him as the pain was excruciating.

"Elis what did he do to you?!" he said as he tried to do something.

"P-P…Poison…my bag…uh…" she said as Cole rummaged through it.

Meanwhile Miraak approached Alduin and was about to achieve ultimate power.

"Now I have you, I waited for this day, your power will belong to me and I will rule over all." Miraak said as he summoned a staff.

He was then hit in the face with a shield as he looked to see it was Cole who he then saw had his sister by his side healed from her affliction.

"Hey sis, you want to handle this one?" Cole asked.

Elis just began to power up and just threw a devastating lightning bolt directly at Miraak who did not react in time to stop it as it just threw him flying away across the field as he was down she went right after him.

Cole approached Alduin who had recovered from his wounds and was very angry.

"You and Miraak will both pay for your insolence!" Alduin said as he took to the skies and looked down for Cole but could not see him…

"AGH!" it was Cole who was climbing along his back as Alduin tried to shake him off by flying at such speeds but Cole held on somehow.

"Last chance Alduin…surrender or I'll put you down!" Cole said as he brought out a dragon bone axe.

"I will not yield mortal!" Alduin made very clear.

Cole climbed onwards as he was nearing his head he grabbed the axe and drove it right between his shoulder blades.

"WARGH!" Alduin screamed in pain as Cole held on by the axe as he flailed in mid air.

"JOOR-ZAH-FRUL!" he shouted as the devastating shout just de-powered Alduin once more as they both just fell to the ground below with both hitting the soil hard as the force threw Cole off him and both were laid next to one another.

"Ah…sunnva…ah…" Cole said lying there in agony.

Both laid out as they were drained of their power, bruised, battered but Cole was beginning to stir as he got to his knees slowly and was almost out of breath he got back up to his feet.

Cole looked to see Alduin was still alive but was weak, he didn't waste time and went for his axe which was still embedded in his back he pulled out the double edged weapon as Alduin let out a yelp.

"Alduin one last chance surrender, never return or I end this now." Cole gave him one final chance to surrender.

"You think I would surrender to your kind? Your kind is fickle, flawed, destructive, greedy and corrupted you think sparing my life would redeem the evils of mortals?" Alduin asked him.

"No I'm doing it to prove not all of us are savages, that mortals are not monsters or corrupted, yeah Miraak is one of those you described but he chose to abuse his power me I chose to protect from those like him." Cole gave him an answer.

"Very well mortal." Alduin said as the place began to rumble.

"What're you doing?!" Cole said.

"Eating this world and soon many will follow!" Alduin said as this was his last attempt to win this was of desperation.

Cole knew he had no choice and changed his weapon to his forged weapon, he took hold of it and ran right at him and with one swipe he cut Aldiun across his face then quickly scaled up to the top of his head and drove the blade right through his skull as the world began to stop shaking Alduin was no more and an immense power was being absorbed by Cole.


Outside in the real world.

"What's going on?!" Ben asked as the sky began to brighten and the dragons were beginning to disappear.

"Daniels pulled it off." Kevin said realising what it meant.

"Still got Miraak's guys to deal with." Gwen said as they were not done.


Cole had fulfilled the prophecy but he now had one more problem to deal with…

"You can feel it can you?" it was Miraak who had an incapacitated Elis with him as he left her on the ground.

"All that power it's incredible is it not?" Miraak asked.

Cole knew he was right and knew what needed to be done…

"What are you doing?" Miraak asked as he could feel the power dwindling.

"The right thing." Cole said as he channelled the power into the sword and he threw the power out into the sky.

"NOOO! YOU IDIOT! Why?!" Miraak said not believing what he saw.

"Doing the right thing and banishing that power forever." Cole said.

"You fool, I'll have to settle with killing you instead." Miraak said coming at him.

Cole was too weak to fight him off in his current state as he tried to defend with his sword but Miraak used his mace and knocked it out of his hands.

"Any last words?" he asked.

"Yeah…" Cole looked him dead in the eye and Miraak saw his features change as he knew what was coming.

"WARGH!" Cole shouted as he began to change his form from human to wolf.

"Are you-" Miraak was grabbed by a now lycan formed Cole and thrown around the place as he just ran right at him with such speed he used his claws to get at him but only managed to rip the front of his armour off.

"You actually went and did it but how-" he was cut off again and thrown around and then jumped on top of as Cole letting the savage side of himself let loose and beat him down as he had him then by his throat.

"Do it…kill me…prove your just like me…" Miraak goaded him.

Cole still in beast mode was conflicted by his human and beast sides as he opened his huge jaws he threw Miraak to one side and began to revert back to normal.

He calmed down and then used his magic to put his armour back on and quickly went to check on his sister.

"I'M NOT DONE!" Miraak shouted coming at them with his mace Cole was still too weak to fight as he shielded Elis from the oncoming attack…


"AHHHH!" Miraak shouted as he was holding his right arm with his hand missing as it had been cut off by Cole's sword.

"What is this?! Ah!" Miraak said as he saw who was responsible.

"Astrid's Revenge." Cole said as the sword he created was in the hands of the now ethereal assassin herself who held the weapon and indeed getting her revenge on the one who murdered her.

"Coleman." Astrid said.

He was in disbelief seeing her again and approached her. "Is it really you?" he asked as they were face to face.

"I came to save you one last time." she said as he was happy to see her again as he went to try and embrace her he just caught nothing but air.

"Astrid…" Cole said trying to hold himself together.

"I know this is hard but I needed to do this before the end." Astrid said.

"I don't want you go, I have so much I wanted to say." Cole said as his emotions were running rampant.

"You don't need to, Coleman when I knew I was ready to embrace my death and my purpose but I didn't foresee falling for you…Cole Daniels I love you…" Astrid said as she disappeared and the sword dropped to the ground.

Cole walked over and grabbed his sword. "I love you Astrid." he said.

"Ah shame she couldn't stay was hoping to kill her again." Miraak taunted Cole as he was grabbed by the cuff of his robe.

"Only reason she didn't kill you is because you're already beat, you already lost your eye and now she's taken your hand so to be clear your done." Cole said.

"This is not over and we both know it we're destined to do this forever, you lock me up and I'll break out, people die, you'll lock me up and I'll break out again, don't you get it? The cycle between us will continue unless you do the one necessary thing." Miraak was telling him to do that one thing he knows he won't do.

"Miraak, I know what you mean people will get hurt or die but I just want you to know each time you do I'll always be here to stop you." Cole stated as Elis approached them.

"Should I heal him?" she asked.

Cole looked down on him and saw the pain he was in. "Yeah." he said.


Outside the battle was over and all forces had been quelled with them all being arrested as The Plumbers took them away.

"Looks like Cole did it, any sign of him?" Max asked.

"Over there!" Ben said as out from the steps of the temple stepped out Cole, Elis and a subdued Miraak as he was being towed by chain forced to follow them.

"Got a present." Cole said handing Miraak to them as they took him away.

"Can't believe I'm saying this but Daniels you're the man." Kevin said shaking his hand.

"Awesome dude just awesome." Ben said giving him a high five.

"Glad your both ok." Gwen said hugging both siblings.

Cole looked on at all the allies there were present and could see they had accomplished something amazing today.

"Now what?" Cole said to himself.

Then a huge shockwave hit as it was Miraak who broke free and then opened a portal.

"If I can't rule here then I'll rule another universe!" Miraak shouted as he jumped through it.

They all ran towards the portal as Cole and Elis looked to one another.

"Guys it's been real but guess this is where we part ways." Cole said.

"Go get em dude." Ben said as Cole nodded to him.

"Ready bro?" Elis sad.

"You bet sis, let's go save the world again." Cole said as the siblings jumped in after Miraak.

That was the last they saw them but not what they heard of as they had been travelling through countless universes continuing to help others and saving and changing lives in pursuit of the rogue Dragonborn hoping that the next journey would one day bring them home.

There it is the end! Or is it?

Thanks to all who have supported this fic for the entire way and just to say this isn't the last time we hear from the these guys so stick around and see what happens next or where they end up.