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16 years later….

Lily rested her chin in her hand as she sat at the table at the Grille. Her long dark hair fell around her face as her dark brown eyes scanned the restaurant for her dad. She smiled a little at a couple girls she knew from school, but sat back to wait. The back of her neck tingled a little as her eyes darted to the door, taking the man that had entered. He was so gorgeous, one of the hottest men she had ever seen, the hottest already being married to her mother. Her dad embarrassed her sometimes with the way her friends fawned over him. When her eyes met the new occupant of the restaurant, her heart leaped. She didn't really talk to people she didn't know, but there was something about this guy.

"Hi," he said warmly, his eyes twinkling. "You look so familiar."

She almost rolled her eyes. She had heard that a million times before. "I look like my mom," she said with a shrug. "I get that all the time." The older she got the more her face began to shape to that of her mother's, looking more and more like her as the years past.

"Is she as pretty as you?" he asked, sliding his hand into his pocket.

Her dad told her mom regularly how beautiful she was, their love each other always radiating through the house. She had never seen two people more in love, but her Aunt Jenna and Uncle Ric were close behind."Her name's Elena," Lily said. "Perhaps you know her." Everyone in town knew Elena, it was hard not to, being a founding family.

The man froze, his eyes darkened a little. "Oh my god," he said in shock. "She… you're her daughter?"

And instantly the warm tingles she was feeling changed to loud warnings that were like gongs going off in her head. Lily rose to her feet, an uneasy feeling her stomach. "You sound surprised," she said crossing her arms. When her mom and dad had sat her down to tell her about how she came to be in this world, she had been horrified. She could never imagine something so horrible happening to her mom, and for a brief time it had killed her that she wasn't biologically related to her dad. So she knew it was surprising when people who knew her mom found out about her. But this man's reaction was different, made her stomach churn a little.

"I'm sorry," he said, his demeanor softening. "I didn't think she went through with her pregnancy."

"Which was over 16 years ago," Lily said in annoyance. He looked so familiar, but she couldn't place his face. It was irritating her that he was passing judgement on her mom when he hadn't been around in so long. "Who are you anyways?"

"Stefan Salvatore," he said. "Sorry, bad manners."

Her eyes widened. She had seen him in pictures. There were a million photo albums at the house, more pictures then anyone could imagine. There was no way. "Are you related to Damon Salvatore?" she asked. Damon has mentioned he had a brother but they didn't talk about him much. She knew a little about him, but neither of her parents had wanted to bring him up in conversation, not finding it important to tell her about him. Slowly she was beginning to understand why.

"You know Damon?" he asked, glancing around in alarm.

"Is that a problem?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. It was like he was afraid the boogey man was going to jump out and attack him. How could someone have such a bad reaction to a family member? She had wanted a brother or sister for a long time and once she found out the truth about her parents, she had understood why she was an only child. She would have loved to have a sibling.

"You have to stay away from him," Stefan said. "He's dangerous."

Lily rolled her eyes and headed outside, growling a little when he followed her. "Leave me alone." His gorgeous face and eyes aside, Stefan's attitude wasn't appealing to her. He didn't even know the kind of man his own brother was, didn't know anything about their lives for the last 15 years or so. Everyone in their life knew how happy they were, how great of a life they had. Only her mom's friend Bonnie didn't like her dad, the witch unable to ever get over his past deeds. They hardly ever saw the woman, she barely visited, moving out of Mystic Falls as fast as she could.

"You're mother wouldn't want you near him," Stefan said, grabbing her arm when she tried to walk away again. If only he knew exactly what was going on between her mother and his brother. It would blow his mind.

"Get the hell away from my daughter," someone snarled.

Stefan jumped, as Damon moved between him and Lily. "You're not serious," he said.

"I'm fine," Lily said pushing her hair from her face. "Nothing happened." She had seen first- hand how violent her dad could be, especially when she or her mom were in danger. Some vampires had attacked her and her mom when they were out one day, and although she had been scared out of her mind, she had seen more bloodshed, created by Damon, then she ever wanted to see in her life. God help anyone that dared to lay a finger on his family. But she didn't want to see him hurt his own brother when the worst he had done was be annoying.

"What did Elena do?" Stefan asked glaring at Damon. "What did you do to her?"

"Things are different now Stefan," Damon said, clenching his fists, clearly trying to calm his nerves. "And if you ever touch either of them like that again, I'll rip your arm off." He slid an arm around Lily and led her back inside. "Hi Angel."

"Hi Daddy," she said with a giggle, as they sat at their usual table. After she had accepted that he wasn't her "real" dad, she had been a little angry and hurt, but they had worked things out. She felt it brought them closer together, their relationship so much stronger than it had ever been before. Damon was so good about making sure he spent quality time with her, cherishing the rare gift he had been given. "So that's your brother?" She was intrigued, but mostly just from curiosity.

"Yeah," Damon said. "You sure he didn't hurt you?"

"Nope," she said, as the waitress brought them their usual drinks. "We were just talking, he was being annoying. So where's Mom?"

"Doing like… shopping or something with Caroline," he said with a shrug.

She and Caroline had gotten so close. Caroline had been her baby sitter, and since she had become a teenager, Caroline had helped her through so many things. "Do you think… Stefan would go after Mom?"

Damon growled a little, a dangerous possessive tone in his voice. "Yeah, I'm going to give her a heads up," he said, calling his wife. "Hi sweetheart," he greeted when she answered. Lily loved the way his eyes twinkled when he was talking to her mom. She couldn't count the number of times she found them making out together or doing mushy things for each other.

"Hey," she said happily. "I'm almost there. I swear."

"I heard that before," Damon teased. "But I wanted to tell you, I saw Stefan outside, and he saw Lily, talked to her. So just… be careful." It was clear to her that her parents had talked about this subject together, obviously ready for him to return out of the blue.

"Is she okay?" Elena asked.

"Everything is fine," Damon said firmly. "We're here waiting for you, but I'm sure he's lurking outside. Going to give you some kind speech about what's happened over the years."

"Alright, I love you," she said.

"Love you too," he said, hanging up.

"Shouldn't… your brother be happy you have a family, considering the circumstances?" Lily asked. She knew quite a bit about vampires, her parents wanting her fully prepared for this life. Damon even trained her to defend herself, god forbid something should happen when her parents weren't around. She was extra careful when she was alone, not one to go looking for trouble, unlike her mother. She had heard numerous stories of Elena's adventurous days.

"It's complicated," Damon said tiredly. "Stefan… really loved your mom. You know that. And he doesn't… forget things easily. The way he sees it, I stole her from him, which is not what happened. He was gone for almost a year before she fell in love with me. But he won't see it that way." Her mom had told her many things about Stefan, about how he didn't want her to have a baby.

"If he loved her he wouldn't have left," she said with a shrug.


A block away…

"I would say it's nice to see you, but I'd be lying," Elena said folding her arms as she faced Stefan for the first time in almost 17 years. Her hair was a little bit shorter, a little past her shoulders and away from her face. She was a little paler than usual, her curves filling out nicely as she had gotten older.

"I can't believe you kept your baby," he said shaking his head.

"Why, because she wasn't yours?" Elena growled. "And we both know this isn't about her. This is about Damon."

"So you just… set up house once I left?" Stefan asked.

"Exactly Stefan," she flared angrily as she shoved in the chest. "You left me at the lowest point in my life. I loved you so much and you abandoned me. You just left because you couldn't handle me being pregnant. Damon was there for me. He was my friend. He took care of me when I was sick, made sure that I was eating, and sleeping. Everything that you were supposed to do for me. Yes he took care of me and yes I fell in love with him along the way. And we didn't get together 'til Lily was born."

"But he's a vampire," Stefan said in confusion. "How'd you explain that to her?"

"She's grown up with us Stefan," Elena said. "So she know the truth, about both her parents."

His eyes widened. "You… he turned you?" he whispered.

"He not only turned me Stefan," Elena said softly. "He married me." And she held up her hand, displaying her wedding band. There was a small silver band with tiny stones adorning it with a wider silver band with a three stone ring above it. "He's given me everything I could have ever wanted. He helped me find myself again, helped me fix my life and he is the best father anyone could ever ask for."

"This isn't want I wanted for you," Stefan said, shaking his head.

"You didn't want me to be happy Stefan? Good thing it's not about you," she said sadly. "And if you do something to hurt my daughter, like hurting her father, you'll regret it." And she walked away. She rounded the corner to enter the grill, a bright smile on her face as she joined her husband and daughter. "Hey you two."

"Everything okay?" Damon asked, as she slid into his side of the booth, kissing her softly.

"Everything is perfect," Elena said, sliding her hand into his under the table. "Should we eat?"