No Bounds

Chapter 1: The Prophecy

Be joyful always;

Pray continually;

Give thanks in God's will for you in Christ Jesus

Do not put out the Spirit's fire;

Do not treat prophecies with contempt

Test everything

Hold on to the good

Avoid every kind of evil.

~1 Thessalonians 5:16-22

The menacing storm continued to rage violently on Thundera and her proud people the Thunderians. The storm showed no mercy to all who couldn't find shelter. The wind howled in rage, thunder and lightning let all know its anger from the beautiful and frightening display of power, of light and sound. But in a single room in the Thunderpalace, none of the sound of anger and display of power, of light reached in. For in that room a single crystal statue stood, emitting faint light that seem to be growing stronger.
The crystal itself was raw and had a female figure. But she still had that enchanting beauty to her. The crystal's species was not well-known, for its un-refined stated made identification difficult, but it was thought to be beautiful lioness.
A lone guard walked down the hallway, the one where the crystal's room was, a room that this guard visited on his nightly guard duty. The statue's room and door was something the guard had memorized down to a "T". Every detail of the room was memorized: the walls, pillars, glowing statue in the middle, the other wall, pillars, some more…..
Wait a glowing… crystal…STATUE! The guard dropped his spear in shock and ran to get Jaga the Wise.
"He would know what to do…about... a…glowing statue…even one that was glowing faintly."
He ran down many hallways, corners thought doors 'till finally he reached his destination, the room of Jaga. The guard pounded wildly on the Jaga's door, 'till finally the door opened.
Jaga the Wise was an elderly jaguar. He looked to be annoyed with the guard for being waken up in the middle of the night… at least until he started to understand the guard's rambling and wide eyes. He quickly told him to fetch the king and princes. As he ran to the crystal statue's room and opened the door, Jaga noticed the crystal's glow had gotten stronger and was getting stronger by the second.
Soon the prophecy would be coming true…very soon.
Just as the royal family entered the room, the lighting blinded all, illuminating the dark. The sound of breaking crystal reached their ears. As the light faded, it revealed a young lady lay on the cold tile. Her long hair spread on top of her like a blanket, concealing her form, for she was without clothes.
"Jaga what is that," whispered a tiger of twenty-three.
"That, Tygra, is an excellent question." He whispered while quietly walking to the young maiden. "But I have no doubt she is the young maiden that was foretold. The magic coming off her is like angry waves. Even the storm is has calmed."
A young lion with a red, spike-like mane walked softly toward the young lady. "She's kind of interesting looking." He reached to move some of her hair from face, to only jerk back at in surprise at her eyes snapping open. Her eyes widened in fear and confusion, though whether her body shaking from terror or the cold was anyone's guess.
No-one moved a muscle or made a single sound, at least until the guard came in.
"Sir I didn't hear…..OH WHAT THUNDERA IS THAT!"
This was all she needed to take off running towards the door.
"Tygra, block her!" ordered the older male lion. Tygra put himself between her and the door, bracing for impact.
She slid under his legs and ran past the freaked-out guard, out the door and out of the Thundercats' sight. It was all a burr to her; the only thing she saw was walls, hallways, doors, and more hallways. The doors she ignored for she had no way of knowing if they would or would not lead outside, a mistake she could not afford to make. She needed a window; one that was open would be nice. The sound of feet running after her reached her ears.
Door more doors WINDOW!
She jumped for it. Her pursuers just stopped before they hit the window ledge.
"Did you see that? She went straight through the window!" The young lion exclaimed.
"Yes…It is… amazing." Jaga put his paw on the window. "Even more so since she cannot control her magic." He turned to look at them.
"We must make sure she doesn't leave the city. We mustn't let the lizards catch wind of her." The older lion stated.
"It is best if we are gentle with the young lady and have her come to us, Claudus." Jaga looked directly into the older lion's eye. "She is frightened and will mostly like lose what little control she has on her magic."
Tygra made a face of thoughtful confusion. "I thought you said she doesn't have control over her magic."
Jaga chuckled at this. "You are right but even the untrained have some control over their magic. However Tygra, that control is very limited. Even more so when frightened." He put a hand on Tygra's shoulder. "Do you understand?" Tygra nodded. "Good. I will get the Clerics to help us search for her" He looked at all of them. "Do NOT scare her, or the consequence of doing so will be dire."
With that he turned and walked away.
"Right, we shall." Claudus looked at Tygra and the younger lion, and the frightened guard. "What are you still DOING here? LOOK FOR HER!" he said as he walked away from them. The guard scrambled in the opposite direction while Tygra and the young lion calmly walked outside. At least until the young lion ran back inside to grab his cloak. Once he had his cloak on, he ran back outside to search for the young maiden of the prophecy.
The young lion continued looking high and low for the young lady when something hit his head.
"Ow," He put his hand on his head and looked up. "Whiskers...hail." He ran for shelter, and once he was safely covered from the hail, he looked to see where he was.
"Thunderdome…Eh…She could be here. Yeah." He turned away from the entrance of the Thunderdome and began his search inside, also occasionally checking to see if the hail had stopped or at least become bearable. After looking all over the royal boxes, he peaked outside to see the weather. "Wow.." As he looked out into yard, he saw a barrier just on the inside of the Thunderdome. "She's here." His eyes scanned the coliseum. "But where?"
His eyes continued to search, darting around until his gaze landed on the center of the Thunderdome.
"The trees. Duh." He jumped out of the box and on to the seats. He quickly got to boats that allowed competitors to safely cross without getting wet. The young lion looked around the tree area until he reached the center of the battle arena. He stopped in his tracks, hearing a sniffle as if someone was crying. He followed the sound to find the young girl.
~Do. Not. Scare. Her! ~ Jaga's words returned to him with abrupt clarity.
"Right, she's scared." The young lion quietly walked up to her, to the point where he could give her space but not enough escape him if she fled. He knelt down. "Hi."
She jumped at the sound of his voice, looking at him with a how-do-you-get-there-without-me-noticing face. The young lion smiled at her.
"What don't be afraid…Uh…I won't hurt you. I promise."
She clung to the tree tighter.
"Uh…um." He scratched his head. "Oh…my name is Lion-O. What's yours?"
She looked at him with a are-you-serious-face.
"Sorry but that's all I got." Lion-O continued to stare at her when he noticed her hold tighten even further on the tree. "Hmm. Why are you…ARGH!" Lion-O slapped his hand over his eyes. "SORRY! SORRY! I forgot about the no-clothes thing."
Her lip twitched. He turned around to show her his back. "Okay what can she wear…Oh…What's up with me being slow today...NIGHT!"
Lion-O took his cloak and shirt off. "Here." He tossed them to her, the clothes landing on her head. She grabbed them with a questionable look at Lion-O's back, then the clothes, then Lion-O, then the clothes again, and shrugged. Lion-O's ears twitched at the sound shifting of clothes. "So if you want we can stay here or we can go back to the palace."
"I want to go home…Back to my family." She whispered.
Lion-O turned to face her, finding her looking defeated. Her head was downcast as if in shame. Her hands turned white from griping the cloak so tight. "I'm afraid I can't help you do that but I'm sure…maybe Jaga can help you. He can use magic like you…"
Abruptly, she hugged him. Lion-O, surprised by this, was at first hesitant to hug her back, but he eventually gave in. She began to cry, and Lion-O rubbed her back awkwardly. Truthfully, he didn't know what to do with a crying female of any species.
She clung to him like a child having their first real nightmare. Even if she might feel upset for doing so later, she needed to feel that comforting touch of someone, even if that person was a stranger. She felt so lost, hurt…again…anger…again… tired, confused, betrayed, heartbroken…again…anger at what brought her here.
She just really needed to cry and..
"…sleep yeah sleep sounds nice."
And that is exactly what she did: sleep.
Lion-O looked at her. "Okay now what… Right, get back to the palace….I'll go from there." He picked her up, beginning to look for the boat. "You think it be easy to find the ONLY boat, but no, IT'S NOT… Ah ha there it is."
Lion-O climbed into the boat, putting the young lady down and rowing the boat back to the dock. As he brought the boat next to the dock, he grabbed the rope and tied the boat off. He carefully picked up the young lady, cautiously stepped onto the dock and then began to walk back to the Thunderpalace…

"Okay I am here now what?" She shifted in her sleep. "Right a place for her to sleep. But where? Well, let's see… I need to tell the others I found her and she needs to sleep without anyone bothering her…My room! Yeah no-one goes in there." Lion-O headed to his room. Once he went in, he put her on the bed and covered her with a blanket to ward off the cold.
"Right now I can look for the others."
Lion-O headed out his room, closing the door and going to look for the others, hoping and praying that he'd find them quickly. His prayers were answered in the form of the guard that his dad scared to near death. He told the guard to find the others and tell them that he had found the girl.
Lion-O sighed, running a paw through his mane. "Okay now what!" He headed back to his room, hoping to get some sleep on the floor…
Two glowing green eyes opened, frantically looking around, not remembering where or how they got there.
"Hush my little Lily. Do not be afraid for you are safe. No harm will come to you for I, your supporter…shall not allow danger harm you anymore…"
The voice Lily heard seem to be coming everywhere but yet was inside her mind. Her face held a state of confusion.
"Who are you…wait, how do I know you are not a demon…"
"Have you said your mind prayer."
"Say It Now."
"Lord Jesus, my savior and lord, protect my mind from evil; don't let evil enter my mind, and may only your voice be the one I hear. Amen….Testing 1 2 testing 1 2…"
She winced. "Ow. Sorry."
"So you believe me now."
"Good now rest and dream. I will keep you safe."
"'Kay." Lily laid back down and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, the blanket seemed not to be doing its job of keeping her warm. She sat up and looked around she noticed the tuft of red hair. Lily crawled to the edge of the bed, seeing a lion (or at least she thought it was a lion,) curled up on the floor.
That's what he introduced himself as: Lion-O.
She shivered.
"Hm…Oh, to hell with it."
She curled up against him, a reptile like tail grabbing the blanket and draping it over their sleeping forms.

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