No Bounds Chapter 5

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as

your soul is getting along well.

3 John 1:2(NIV)

Chapter 5 Cleo, Blast from the Past & Balcony Surprise.

"Lily!" Lion-O laughed as he watch the normally calm girl jump up and down excitedly on his bed with the biggest smile on her face. But then again she rarely did smile. "Calm down." He laughed out. Part though did enjoy seeing this side her. Happy

"I can't!" Lily laughed out in happiness. "I'm so EXCITED!" She couldn't believe it after being locked up for 2 months she was going a little stir crazy. No matter how much Lion-O tries to help her out and get her in the more sunny areas of the palaces. Or her brief time at Nana to which she only be outside for a moment or even seconds depending on who was taking her outside. She long for the outside and freedom. "I can go OUTSIDE NOW!" She said stressing the word outside. As she rolled on the bed with excitement at seeing the outside for long periods of time. Not to mention she got a sudden burst of energy that demanded her to do something.

"OUTSIDE LION-O" She squealed as she jumped on the bed with renewed vigor which caused Lion-O to chuckle at the normally quiet female action. Yea it was nice to see her like this then the quiet. It suit her. He'll admitted it to himself. It was nice seeing her like this then with the cloud of depression that normally seem to cling to her. This made the whole betroth thing not so bad.

"Oh I know let's go outside now" Lily said as she jump from the bed to floor and ran to him at speed at fit Clerics. Which startled Lion-O a bit. Which amused her if the look on her face was anything to go by.

"Lily" Lion-O wasn't sure if she make a run for it but just in case, he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. That and maybe he can contain the excitement. "we're not sure yet." Which makes sense consider certain things. "If you can go out beside." Lion-O shrugged, he himself wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. But he did know that if it went the way it normal did then Lily would eventually go outside. Which would be good for her. "Traditionally, after the Heart Search the new couple suppose to be alone together so they can get to know each other. This done with a span of 3-4 days and usually done in indoors." Lion-O recited much like robot would. But it was better than stuttering out the second reason indoors only. It makes him blush just thinking about it. Beside he wasn't going to tell her that. He like to remain pain free thank you very much.

"Awwww" Lily pouted, she was so looking forward for being outside again. She never did like being cooped up. She barely tolerated the inside yes. But being stuck inside was making her twitchy and the no freedom wasn't helping. "But we already asked those question and then some." She whined to Lion-O who chuckled. It's returning.

"Willlll" it was long shot but it might work…. Maybe? "I'll ask Dad if I can take you to the inner gardens tomorrow." Lily look at him quizly. Forgot about the whine she could sense him holding something back. But the cloud was disappearing and for that Lion-O was gratefully.

"The Inner Gardens are inside the maze that you saw earlier" He reminded her gentle. "The maze are the only way in the Inner Gardens. Which only accessible to the Royal Family."Lion-O said in one breath which surprised them both. He got only one pat on the back for that achievement. The other was too curious by this Inner Garden to give him more pats.

"Why?" Lily asked curiously as she look up him for her question to be answered. "It has to do with thee fact that only the Royal family doesn't get lost in the Maze." He didn't show the discomfort in talking about this part of his family history. Nope better not let Lily know. Not when she takes curious about something. She so rarely was. "None royal member on the other hand do get lost." Lily blinked at this….wait why? "Ohhhh Magic?" Honestly it could have been tec too. But she hasn't seen any beside Lion-O rooms. But none of seem to work. Beside magic seem to more likely than tec. But she could feel it in other place. But most of it seem to be in Lion-O room.

Lion-O nodded confirming her answers. "Yea we think that what keeps us from getting lost." Will him and Tygra anyways thought so. "You see " Oh story mode Lion-O. Lily made herself comfortable as she could in his arms. "When Thundera was still young Leo's mate wasn't able to have much time with him as he was busy getting the kingdom running. So to fix this she made the maze rise in one night. And have so only they could enter and all others would get lost. Lion-O said ending the tale with it the black outline of people in her mind.

"Oh" Lily tiled her head. Interesting tale. "Yup" Lion-O nodded careful not to hit Lily head with his chin. "...Do people try to go in anyways?" Lily inquired as she shift herself to look him in the eyes. "Yes" Lion-O rolled his eyes at the memory. "Usually it been females" After the throne or my brother. Lion-O mused quietly to himself somewhat angry at that thoughts. "So lately it's been dad that gets them." Has been since he and Tygra reach a certain age. His dad irritable and angry was scary site and that usually keep people from trying the Maze.

"Everyone else is too afraid of it." She noded her head in understanding. Tense he was tense. She could feel his muscle tighten under his fur. So plenty of good diggers were after the brothers and it annoyed him. Distract, distract him. "By the way" A sly grin slowly made itself know. Her green eyes twinkled with mischief. "You going to let go anytime soon?" Lion-O smirked, "I don't know," two can play this game " are you going to jump on the bed again?"

Lily try to make herself innocent as possible which just caused Lion-O to raise an eyebrow. " Nooooooo" He wasn't fooled he knew her to well by now. "Are you sureeeee" He leaned in closer to her. There foreheads almost touching but neither mind it was now the start of game of wills. "Yessss" Her innocent face didn't last but that didn't matter the game was fun. "Hmmm"

Now the start of stare contest. Eyes widen to get from blinking, lips thin in concentration. But at last none could beat the master of the stare down. Lily grin at Lion-O who blinked. His eye twitch in irritation. "Okay but don't jump on the bed." Lion-O said as he released Lily who back out of his reach before he could change his mind. "Or the couch….or the chairs. " he added last minute just to be sure. "Yes father." Lily giggle out as began to walk around the furniture which soon turn into a run which was soon followed by laughter.

The door begin to squeak open cause Lily and Lion-O to freeze. Lily dived behind the Lion-O who did his best to hide her. Once the door was complete open did it reveal Nana. Lion-O sighed in relief. " Nana it's just you." Lily took a peek from behind Lion-O shoulder to see a Nana's gentle smile.

" So where is she?" Nana asked excited to finally meet the one who would care for her cub. Lion-O motion for her to close the door. Nana did so, if a little confused by it. Even more when Lily came out from behind him. "Is it good that she here". Nana question not quite like the mischief on looks on the two of them. "What if your fiancée saw her?" Nana raised an eyebrow when both of them giggle mischiefly. Alright enough of this. "Alright you two." Nana put her hand on her hips, tired of these two kids. "What are you hiding?" with two grins both Lily and Lion-o said at the sametime "Nothing."

"Sure you're not" Nana didn't believe these two; years as a nanny had taught her better. "So tell Nana" Nana emitting bring-on-children aura. "What's going on or she going to torture it out of you two." Both of snicker at her not quite believing Nana could do anything to them. "Remember hun i raised you. "She give Lion-O a pointed look. "I can tell you fiancée all about those embarrassing" Nana smirk at Lion-O growing horror and Lily growing delight. " moments in your childhood."

"Really?!" Lily exclaimed almost jumping with energy from hearing juicy details. Lion-O on the other hand look torn from making a run from it or dying from pure embarrassment. He already had someone that has childhood blackmail on him, he didn't need another.

Nana stood confused for a bit. Not quite understand their reaction meant. Looking between the both of them Till finally it clicked. "LILY YOUR?!" Nana sputter while Lily nodded her head yes while enjoying Nana reaction. "Set down Nana" Lily gesture to the chair near the fireplace. "I'll explain"

Lily began her tale how she became Lion-O's fiancée with Lion-O interrupting to put his two cents in. "Hmm…. will at least something good out of this." Nana commented. Lion-O's ears perked up while Lily look wry at Nana as she sip her tea. "I'll have work soon." Lily face turned red as Lion-O's mane who fell out his chair. "NANA!"They both exclaimed in horror. Nana justed smiled at the twin looks of horror and embarrassment from the two cubs .

"Ah young love." she reminisce of past love which most was with a certain jagar. "WILL then." Nana get up to leave the two alone to soak in the embarrassment. "I'll leave the two alone." Pausing just before she closed the door. Turning to look at two youngster a sky grin on her face. "Before I forget there's no hurry to get to back on the job." With a wink she left the two stunned young adults.

Lion-O open and close his mouth stunned at at what his nanny just said. Looking at Lily to see her redder the his mane. "Lily?" He squeaked out. "Book?" Lily looked him before nodding stiffly.

Lion-O walked to night held Lily's (for the lack of better word) homework while Lily got comfortable on the couch. Lion-O seat his usual spot at the end of couch with Lily leaning on him. Unfortunately for the both of them Nana comment had them both hyper aware of each other. Both looked at each other and stiffly they got up.

Lion-O return to book back in it's rightfully place while Lily grab a book from the bookshelf. She curled up in her favorite reading spot. But at last not even the book could distract Lily the way she wanted. Getting up she, went to Lion-O's desk where where the drawing utensil where place. Lion-O was kind enough to buy herself so that they didn't have to worry about both wanting to draw at the same time. "Drawing?" He asked not looking up from his own homework. "Yup." She said as she grab the drawing stuff from the drawer dubbed as drawing drawer by both them. Tygra thought that they were silly calling it that. "Tired of reading" Lion-O flips his book with boredom. "Yup" Lion-O pauses at this, looks at Lily with fake shock. "Miss Queen of the Book Worm herself." Memories of her reading just about any book she good get her hands on flash though his head. "Me tired of books. NEVER!" Lily says with fake hurt in her voice. "Just felt the need to doodle that's all." She said as she walk to the fireplace.

Doodle she does which turns into drawing which turn into studying the fire again. Looking up from her drawing to to stretch her limbs. Looking around boredly she notice that now would be the time they would have dinner. "Lion-O" Lily said gentle to bored lion studying. "What are we doing for dinner?" she inquired causing the lion to look up slightly started at it being dinner time already. "Will for us traditionally we're suppose to have dinner alone." Lion-O said as he stretch his stiff limbs. "But considering it's us will….." He shrugged, he was quite sure what was going to happen. "I'm not sure. I'll go ask." Lion-O paused remembering a certain past event with a certain female. "On second thought we'll both go." Lily smirked guess what he was thinking at the moment. "Don't trust me, do you?" Taking his outstretched, to which she finally got used to his finely use to his fur and felin pads. Which to be honest it wasn't that it bugged her to hold his hand. Nor was it weird for either. Just idk maybe it took awhile for her brain not to freak out.

"Haha consider last time." Lion-O smirked as he wiggled his fingers, he too had finally gotten use her skin and non-pads hand. It wasn't bad just different for him. Most animals have the pads on there hand. As for fur will not ever animal had fur so that was fine.

Lion-O and Lily took to the secret tunnels. "You're not going let me live that down are you?" Lily asked, not really caring for answer since she knew the answer already. "Nope." Lion-O said popping the 'p'. Silence fell upon them but it was comfortable silence.

"Who are we looking for?" Lion-O glanced at Lily who was staring straight ahead. "Will My dad or Jaga. Preferable Jaga." Lily noded her head in understanding, she had notice how tense things were between the two lions. But with Jaga she had notice that he was incredible relax.

Lion-O and Lily end up where Lily had her potion class, Jaga's studies. Through said person wasn't there. "Darn it." Lion-O snapped his fingers. "And here i was hoping he was here." Lily patted his shoulder absent mindly. "How about where i had my first magic lesson?" Lily suggested. "Why didn't I think of that?" Lily smirked "Cause your not me" She smiled gently at Lion-O "But don't worry the world can't handle two of me." Lion-O laughed to cover his horror that his mind conceived with two Lilys running around. "Really!?" Lion-O barked "Yes really!" She shoved him playfully. "But don't worry I like you the way you are." Lily smiled at Lion-O who lifted an eyebrow quizzically. "Huh….why?" Lily blinked surprised by what he asked her. "Will," she scratched her chin trying to figure out why she like him for him. "Because you're… will you." She shrugged not quite sure how to put it. "I guess." Lily shrugged. "If you want a better answer i'm going to have to think about it." She said as she intertwining her arm with his. "Haha aren't you suppose to know already." Lion-O question, he was bit sad that he did get hear the reason why.

Lily hmmed at that his statement. "Will if we were lovers sure I would." Lion-O stumbles surprised by what she said take off guard by what she said. He unfortunately took Lily with him on the stumble. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean like that." Letting her arm slide out from his. She rather not fall down again thank you very much. "It's okay" Lion-O said amused by this whole situation. "Bye here's another question why would they know?" Lion-O look at Lily looked who smiles at the embarrassed lion. "Will because they're in love with each other and they see everything about that their love." Lily tilted her head , while Lion-O blinked as his brain processed what she said. "So what you're saying is that even though people only see one side of you." Lily nodded "Lovers see all sides of you and love the good with the bad."

Lily grinned he got it. "Yup." He couldn't help but smile back at her. Her smile was strangely contagious. "Will i hate to interrupt this love feast but…" Tygra trailed off.

Lion-O jump at the sound of his brother voice. Growling at him due to not being able to swipe thanks to Tygra being out of his reach. Lily on the other hand did nothing making them both them unsure if it was because she doesn't like reacting to things. Or if she knew Tygra was there and simple didn't say anything. Both like like to think it was the first.

"What do you want Tygra?" Said an annoyed Lion-O, he really didn't like it when his brother snuck up on him. He always so smug about it later. Tygra choose to ignore his younger brother he knew how it annoyed Lion-O. Hence why he does it. "Father sent me to look for you two." He said as he put his hand on his hip. "Here i find you two being all lovey dovey." He grin his shit eating grin as Lion-O sputter and Lily will she turn red. And look ready to strike him too. Now that he thought about I wonder how she fights couldn't be that good consider what he seen so far.

Soon the trio found themselves in usually place they dined. Claudus looked every bit the lion king even when it was just them alone. And Jaga looking every bit the cat of wisdom standing beside the king. To help with King when he hit fork in the road.

"You wanted to see us Father?" Lion-O stated more than he asked. "Yes" Claudus look down at his youngest son and heir. Seeing how stiff he was in his presences. "Jaga and I have come to a decision." But it was to late the damage had been done. "For now Lily will be your fiancée." Claudus watch his youngest for any reaction to this new but none came from him.

And Lily looked like she did before her angry outburst. Emotionless as stone… no a stone shows more emotion than her. "Lily" Claudus look down to notice her silver eyes were back. They were still creepy too. Not that he let it show. "If anyone ask your here for magic training with Jaga." She raised an eyebrow but still nodded. And still no emotion from her. Perhaps that was good consider her last outburst and the destruction from the other.

"Now then you two will being dinning as tradition dictates together and alone for three days." Lily frowned at this. "And Tygra" Claudus look to his first son notice how he smirked down at his younger brother. "You'll be delivering the food to them." Tygra frowned. "Now both of you back to your room before someone notice your gone." They all nodded, Lily and Lion-O stiffen there laughs at role Tygra had to play. Though once out of sight roaring laughter could be heard from the pair.

Grumbling tiger left to do as his father told him. Some days though he think to himself that his father does this on purpose, pitting him and Lion-O against each other. Other days not so much but those seem to be farther than the days when they were pited against each other. Now is seem like everything become a competition between the brothers. The only one that seem to keep them on good terms is Nana but there was only such much she could do.

The tiger sigh, begin the track to his little brothers room. Of course he resented him for taking her away from him and maybe even hated him on his darker days. But those days were less than before. As will as has also been years since then, and he learned that it wasn't his brother fault just really bad luck. But there are days when he forgot that and fires of hate springed back to life from ashes. But that's usually when Lion-O really made him anger.

Taking a deep breath to calm his displeased mind before he knocked least he take out on Lily. He knocking on the door, usually he would just enter but with Lily there and her being will her. It was better safe than sorry. This time at least he didn't have to block the view into the room. Which was good as he didn't how he would while balancing two tray.

Enter the room Lion-O closed the door which did Tygra see Lily who hide behind the door this time. Lily eyes narrowed on trays and noticing how they were shaky in Tygra hands. Grabbing trays from him with all the experts of time from her being maid. Tygra blink at this but didn't say anything except follow her. Why cause he was bored and maybe with all these outburst of emotion maybe she'll let something about her past out. Yet all he got was curious glance from her. "You need something hun?" Lily shook her head no yet it was clear that there was something that she wanted to say something.

"Are you okay?" Tygra blinked, he was surprised by that. No-one ever notice will okay Nana did and maybe Jaga but everyone else. He fooled into thinking he was fine. But yet her this strange female figure it out. Tygra putting on his million dollar smile "Fine sweet heart." He said as he made a quick exit out. Lily scrunchies eyes followed him as he left out the room. He could see feel them even outside the room.

Lion-O look at Lily confused by her question. "What was that about?" Lily look at lion. Before looking back at the door. Almost as if she could see tygra where the door stood. "He seem sad."

(Next Day)

Lion-O like always woke up before the sun and got ready for another day. Like always he let Lily sleep in. No point in waking up early beside she need her rest. He did notice that she was tired, even after all this month's of being here she still tired easy. Something he notice that frustrated Lily to no end. Beside Lily wake up quickly and got dress so there was no problem in letting her sleep in. Beside he like that little quiet time when she sleep. It was almost like he alone.

"Lily" Lion-O called out from his desk as he was looking at some of the notes that might need for the day. His ear twitch when all he hear was low grumbling. Will this new she never did this before. Usually she woke up quickly with no complaining. "Lily?" Lion-O called out worried for the tiny female. Putting down the papers Lion-O walked quickly to Lily. "Lily are you okay?" grumbling Lily she whisper to Lion- O to get Nana. Lion nodded and left quickly. As he was leaving out the corner of his eye he saw Snarf get up and curl near her stomach.

When Lion-O came back with Nana both Jaga and Tygra examining Lily who curled up holding her stomach. Will more like Jaga was and Tygra was awkwardly standing there not sure on what to do or where to stand for that matter.

Nana look at Lily with critical eye look for any sign of sickness. "Hmmm" Look at males with mischief in her eyes. "It nothing to worry about boys." She waved them off "it just something that happens to all females species." Lion-O and Tygra mental went eww that was just bit too much information for them. Jaga went ah ha, he was far too old to care for silly things like that. "Ah that"

"Yes that." Nana eyeballed Jaga, "No magic training Till THIS!" pointing to the grumbling female. " Is gone." Lily was gratefully for Nana ordering. For it had come back with VENAGES. She wasn't sure if she could concentrate on magic with her uterus stops self destructing on her. She heard the them talking but all she could feel at the moment was pain crippling pain.

"Will then I'll be right back with medicine to help her. " Nana said as she walk away and into the secret tunnels. To which the males in the room nodded. "I believe i'll get the female Clerics to guard her then." Jaga mumble as he walked he walked out of the room. Tygra ears perk up at this he followed Jaga out.

"MAROOWW" Lion-O look down to see a worry Snarf. "It's okay Snarf ," Kneeling down he pet his tiny friend in reinsurance. "She just need to rest." Snarf didn't believe really believe him. "Marooowww?" Lion-O sigh, "Yes Snarf. I'm sure." Honestly you think Snaf would trust him on certain things. Snarf grinned impishly. "Maaarow" Lion-O jaw drop at what Snarf said. As suppose to everyone else he thought for sure he be safe from teasing from Snarf at least. "SNARF" Lion-O cried out in embarrassment. "not you too!"

"I see you blushing." Lion-O froze, his fur puffing up from being snuck up on. "Nana!" Nana smiled gently at her cub. "The one and only" Nana patted Lion on the arm as she walked by him. "Is he teasing you too?" Lion-O pouty as he smoothed his fur down. "Yea something about a string on my finger." Nana raised any eyebrow at this. Pausing a bit in putting her thing on nightstand. "You know there a story behind that string." Lion-O blink slight confused by that. "What?" Nana grinned as she began to grinned some plants in the stone mortar. "In some cultures that string around your finger has another meaning." Lion-O nodded slightly interested by this but he had other things he need to do. And with Lily being watch by someone he could do it without worrying. "Nana before I forget can you watch Lily till i get back."

Nana look up her mortar and curiously looked at Lion-O. "That would be?" He looked away her gaze he was nervous already he didn't need to add to it. Fiddling with his fingers he answered her. "Nothing much." My that's a interesting wall. "Just need to ask father something" Nana paused for third time that morning, of course she was quick to go back to grinding the plants into mush. Not only for Lily need it but because Lion-O would have notice that pause. And he was such a sensitive child. "About?" Lion-O continue to look everywhere but Nana to nervous for reason he didn't know.

"Nothing much just." Lion-O smiled wry " about going outside with Lily into the Inner Gardens." He mumbled out. Not that Nana had trouble hearing him. She already had a feeling what it might be. But she want to make sure and as will in sure it something that she could talk to Claudus if he said no to Lion-O.

"Will that would be nice for Lily." Nana thought of something that may help Lion-O convince Claudus to let lily outside. "I believe it be good for Lily to get in sun and fresh air. It help her get better faster." There now Claudus can't say no….. Or at least have a hard time to saying no.

Lion-O nodded before leaving the room to find his father who should be in his office at this time of day. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. "Father." Claudus look up from his paperwork. "I was wondering." Don't display your nerves don't display your nerves he mentally chanted. "if I can take Lily…... to the Inner gardens."

Claudus quietly went back to his paper works as he son spoke. "Tradition states that you are to be in your room for three days." Lion-O shuffled his feet. Not a no so this good he has a chance. "I know but considering…." Lion-O trailed off. Not wanting say it out in the open just incase someone overheard. "Beside Nana said it be a good idea." At that Claudus looked at him. "She wasn't feeling well…." Lion-O blushed a bit embarrassed at having to say this to his dad. "It didn't help that only real female he been around is Nana. "It's um her monthly." Claudus sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He was going to regret this he just knew it. "You may take her out. But BE DISCRETE!" Claudus stressed as much as possible on discrete as he could.

"Yes father" Lion grinned as he quickly left to tell both Lily the good news and will to make sure his dad couldn't change his mind. When he got back to the room neither Nana, Lily nor Snarf was in the room. This confused him. "Nana? Lily? Snarf?" He called out.

"In here my sweet cub." Came Nana muffled replied. Lion-O ears perk up as the door squeaked open. Nana came out holding Lily's pajamas in her hand. "Nana I'm not a cub anymore." Lion-O laughed out, Nana just smiled and pat him on the arm gently. "You'll always be a cub to me even when you have your own cubs." Nana smiled up him gentle seeing not as the young adult but the little cub that she used to watch. Oh how he was such a sweet cub. So curious he was and talkative when the mood stuck him. Nana tutted softly at this memory, it was making her feel old.

"Nana?" Lion-O slightly confused by her reaction. "I don't think you want to smell or see the blood on the sheets darling." She knew what he asking but she rather ignore that. Lion-O blushed "Yea thanks." He said sheepishly. "No problem my sweet lion cub." Lion-O huffed in annoyance but he let her call her cub. She was his Nana so it was okay if it was her. "Now then I'll be back with some cloths for Lily." She said as she walked to the secret tunnels just remembering the cloths she finished for younger female.

Lion-O looked at the bathroom door and with a sigh he knock on the door. "Lily are you okay?" he asked concerned for the her. "Yes" Came her quiet reply. Lion-O smiled at that he was happy that everything was going good for her now.

While waiting for Nana to come back he clean his room up a bit. Thanks to Lily staying his room and his dad wanting her to be secret. The maids haven't be allowed in his room to clean it up. They were allowed to clean it only when they were sure Lily wasn't going to be in the room for long periods of time. Which wasn't everyday even with the Lily magic training happening. To keep his room clean, he started to pick up it himself. Of course he wasn't very good like the maids but he did his best and beside Lily help too sometimes. She did a better job which probably confused the maid as he wasn't all that good to maid standard. Which was good as it keep the maid from bugging him.

Don't get him wrong he rather she let him clean it, she is a guest after all. But Lily was bored and he couldn't really stop her from cleaning even if he wanted to. She was too stubborn and he rather not see her get creative in order not to be bored. He just did his best to help her and listen to her advice how to clean better.

Though strangely enough he found out that cleaning help him calm down and think. Which he found rather funny. As he was finishing up cleaning Nana walked in the room and went straight to the bathroom to help Lily get ready for the day. When they finally came out the bathroom Lion-O was finishing up some paperwork his father give him to do. Lily looked better than before, and the deep blue dress help her look better too. "Feel better?" Lily nodded her head. She felt so much better than before when all she could feel was the crippling pain. "Yes much better." the bath help relax her as will so there was that. Lily smiled at Lion-O who smiled back. Nana chuckled at them ah how she remember to be that young again. Both look at Nana quizzically neither were quite sure why she chuckle both of them were sure they didn't want to know why.

Instead of question Nana, Lion-O instead told Lily the good news. To which she jumped hug him. Which caused them both to fall laughing to the floor. Due Lion-O not being able to balance them both thanks to the inclosed space. Not that either mind. Nana and Snarf smiled fondly at the two of them. And look at each other with knowing smiles.

All of them left the room though the secret tunnels. As Lion-O did remember what his dad want. To not be seen. Nana on the other hand simple left through the tunnels to because she wanted to. It made her feel young teen again.

~Inner Gardens~

Lion-O and Lily rested in the shade of the gazebly. Relaxing under the shade it provided, laying comforted on the porch swing, Lily hummed will Lion-O absemindl petted Snarf. "Will ain't that cute." Lion-O lazy open one eye to see Tygra holding the trays of food meant for him and Lily. Lion-O yawned, Lily got up from her comfortable pillow. Snarf meow in annoyance at Lily who forced him to move as he was laying on her.

"Lunch time already." Lily yawned out as she stretched. "Yea" Tygra answered patiently as he waited for her to take the tray from him. Lion-O smirked at his brother, seeing chance to tease his brother Lion-O took it. "What Happen Tygra you missed your cat nap?" Tygra didn't rise to the bait but he did roll his eye at his little brother. " Nope it's called babysitting your 18 year old brother." Never mind he could resist teasing him. Lion-O growled at Tygra who just grinned at him. Lily just rolled her eyes at their silly antics. "Girls girls you're both pretty." Lion-O and Tygra gaped at Lily who just grin that shit eating grin at them.

(3 day later)

Three figures stood on the outskirts of the Thundera. "Finally!" One of the exclaimed while though up there arms. "Thundera" One was tired of that walking. "Ready to play dear sister." Two asked as grinned at the tired one. "Behave Both of you remember what here for." Third one said glaring at the other two. Who act too much like children sometime especially when one was supposed to be serious.

~In the Thundera Palace~

"Okay let's go over this again." King Claudus said as Lion-O and Lily and Tygra all groaned, tired of hearing of the same lecture over and over again. "Dad please!" Lion-O begged tired of hearing this for 100th time? Maybe it was the 1000th time. Whatever it doesn't matter all that does is that the what to do and what to say lecture was getting really tiring to hear. "We went over this already 100 times." Lion-O groan out. "AND we'll go over this another 100 times till I'm sure you all have it done." Claudus stated with his back facing them. He was going over the mental check list for today and tonight's event.

"Now Claudus." Jaga interrupted as he walk into the room. "I believe they got it down." Jaga smiled at him as the kids behind him nodded vigorously. "Beside you wouldn't want to keep Nana waiting do you." Claudus stiffen remember last time and only time he keep Nana waiting. Shivering as he remember the how scary she could get. "Right then Lily you may go." Lily jump for joy and ran out the room. Never would she had though she be excited for fitting. Tygra and Lion-O where right now her heels trying to escape with Lily. Key word being trying their father caught them by back there shirts and pulled them back into the room. "And where do you two think you're going?" Both boys groan in pain.

As Lion-O and Tygra suffered under their father's paranoia Lily got read with Nana with her Lion Illusion in place for Nana was having help in getting Lily ready. "There all done." Nana took a set back to admired her handy work. Lily stood awkwardly on the stool. "This feels weird she mumbled to herself. Nana slap her hand away from her dress. "Ow" Nana rolled her eyes at the oblivious fake pain. "Relax dear" It was Lily turn to rolled her eyes as she carefully set down from stool. She was kinda happy that the Thunderians didn't wears shoes or else she be heels. And her and heels are dangerous combination. "Riiiigggghhhtt tell that to Claudus." She mumbled quietly.

~Minutes from the Event~

"Okay now" Claudus took a deep breath to calm his nerves. "Everyone knows their place and what to do correct?" Everyone nodded. "Lily you're okay?" Lily nodded her supporter magic was secured and wasn't going to drop at inconvenient time. "Okay let's begin." With that Claudus walk on the the Balcony with everyone following. Cheer erupted from the people below. The royal family and Lily waved waved at the people below.

"Is he always like this Lily whisper between her teeth as she continued to smile at those below and once she was sure Claudus won't hear her. "I think it's worse today." Lion-O whispered back leaning into Lily to make sure his dad didn't hear him. "He right he bit more..." Tygra glanced at his father insure that he was into what he saying to the people. "Worried." Tygra whisper as he leaned closer to Lily. "Though i don't think he ever imagine this happening." Both Lily and Lion-O nodded in agreement what happen was something not they could image.

"So how long do these thing last?" She whisper to both of them. She really hope it wasn't to long. She didn't care for crowds or people. It's even worse with everyone watching as will. "Just depends on Dad." Lion-O whisper back to Lily. "Smile you two." Tygra mumble through a smile. "And wave." Really Lily should be the only one he had to remind on this. Not Lion-O he huffed in his mind.

"My Cheeks hurt" Lily mumble to herself she was not used to all of this smiling. "You get use to it" Tygra mumble to her. Lily inwardly scowled. Stupid animal hearing. She mentally grumbled. "When do you think we can leave." She asked Lion-O as she leaned closer to him for she was cold and want his body to help warm her. It was far too early to be up and cold to up at this time.

"Will Usually we could leave after this but this different situation." Lion-O smiled at the Noble that look their way. "We have to wait till ALL" Lion-O Said putting emphasis on 'all' as much he could. "Meet all the nobles. After this address the people event." Lily scowled at this new bit of information. This going to be worse than the tournaments. I just know it. "Will this going to be fun." Tygra and Lion-O grinned at Lily amused by her reaction.

The event finally end. It took most of the day leaving only little bit of the day light left for three of them to enjoy. But the three of them were tired. Lily being more tired then both Tygra and Lion-O who were more used to this kind of thing. It didn't help that her energy levels were all over the place more than usually.

"Before I forget." Lion-O started as he just remember something important to Lily's safety. "Don't let them corner you without either me or Tygra." Lion-O nodded to another Noble that passed them. "Stick to me or Tygra" He glanced at to make sure she was pay attention. "If you get separated from us Look for Jaga or Nana… or even my dad." Lion-O added "It be better to stick with Lion-O though" Tygra added as he smiled his million dollar smiled at the Noble. As he open the door to Lion-O room.

Lily nodded in understanding as she flop in comfortable chair. This cause the boys to to grin at her action. She just ignore them mostly because she was too tired to do something at the moment. "If you say something I'm going to hit you." Lion-O and Tygra grinned widen. A knock at the door cause everyone to look at it. Before everyone moved in fury of action. Lily set proper on the chair with her disguise on and Tygra from door line of sight. Lion-O got up and before opening the door made sure that everything was okay before opening it.

Opening it the door to reveal the maid that informed Lion-O that the nobles from the forest sand districted arrived. Lion-O nodded and thank the maid. "So some stragglers finally arrived" Tygra crossed his armed as he leaned up against the wall. He figured that there be some or at least one late arrival. " Is this normal?" Lily ask as she stood up walk to the boys. She didn't want to leave the plush chair it was so comfortable. "Usually it takes them longer." Lion-O stated as he remember events that took place at the palaces. And how long some Noble to travel to Thundra. "So it most likely they have news for us as will." Tygra added so Lily wouldn't confused on what's else is going to go on. Beside this way they don't get unwanted attention because technically Lily was suppose to know this already. "So for telling next couple of days many from different district are going to be trickling in. Just depends on how far they are from Thundera." Tygra whisper to Lily who nodded. "But come let us go meet our visitors?" Lion-O offered his arm to Lily who took it. Tygra just grinned at them which caused the two to scowl at him.

It surprisingly didn't take long for them to get to throne room even with them stopping every time a noble or someone equally important stop to talk to them. Tygra used this to his advantage escape from the boring of nobles that thought of themselves important enough to stop the trio when it obvious they were on there way to see the king and new arrives. After all it's Heir and and his fiancée that they wanted to talk to not him.

Neither Lion-O nor Lily could do anything about Tygra leaving to suffer their fate. But try and glare as he walked away. That smug asshole. "We should have taken the tunnels." Lily mutter darkly. She remember why she had a strong dislike for nobles again. So rude and pompous. She been spoiled by Lion-O and Tygra it seem. Of course that won't stop her from strangling him or burying him for doing that. Hmmmm maybe Lion-O would like to help? "Can't no-one know about them but us." He quietly whisper as he had the same dark thought of the same thing as Lily.

Squeezing her hand in reassurance. Lion-O knew Lily was feeling skitch with the amount of people she had to meet in today. It was also why he took the route that was less used. It was longer than the shorter route but it had the least likely chance to being crowed. Thankfully Tygra didn't saying about it. Most likely he knew of how skittish Lily was feeling too. He was good knowing people feels.

Tygra waited for them to catch up with him which was surprising not long considering how long winded that last noble was. "Okay were here." Twin angry directed it Tygra who just smile it them sickly sweet.

The huge double blue door loom over the trio. Tygra glance it Lily to make sure she was ready. With a slightly nodded from he open the door.

Lily quietly walked to the two Egyptian Maus and Marble Cat. "Hey it's Cleo and Mau." Lion-O said with a hint of relief in his voice. As curious as Lily was about that she more curious about the Marbled Cat. Something about her was different. Something familiar too now that she thought about it.

Lily verison double. Now not only was she seeing another two version of the Marble Cat. One cat version and one Human. Could it be? Or where her eyes playing tricks on her. No that couldn't be them could it? "Lily?" Marbled whisper not quite sure if was her. "Ella?" Lily couldn't quite believe it. A fellow underground fighter from the same shity city as Lily.

Before Lily realized it Ella attack hug her and both girls went down screaming. Will one was laughing the other not so much. "I didn't think I see your sorry face ever again." Ella laughed out. As she hugged the younger female to death. God she didn't realized that miss someone from that sorry city ever.

Lily hugged Ella just as hard as back. She didn't realized how much she need a hug from a familiar friendly face or one that know what it like. Throat tighten and she could feel the need to cry rising but damn it she wasn't going to. Not until she was alone that is. Quickly they rubbed their eyes of tears, neither mention it.

"So" Lily eyes fell down to the bulging stomach on Ella the underground fighter who sworn she would never have kids. Lily smiled at her with cocky smile "Been busy lately?" Ella was less amused then Lily was by the whole situation and let it be know by punching the younger female in the arm as hard she could. "Owwww" Lily whined not that it really hurt her she just felt like being dramatically.

"Oh you know fights here and there." Ella said off handedly trying to keep from punching Lily shit eating grin of her pretty face. Looks like punch stop her. "Lost?" Really Lily was having too much fun teasing her friend. Which she shouldn't but ah she could dodged if she really had to.

Lily offer a hand to Ella who was having a bit of trouble getting of the floor. "Nope" Ella said popping the 'p'. Lily raised an eyebrow it this as she look down it the stomach one more. "You know once this kids born" Ella tighten her grip on her friend's arm. "I'm going to kick your skinny ass." She said with cheerfully face and laugh. Grinning like the Cheshire cat Lily spoke in equally fake happy voice and laugh "Won't have it any other way." If anything she was looking forward to the fight.

"So you two know each other." Spoke dumbfounded the bronze Egyptian Mau who pointed his finger between the two females. But to be fair to the male all of cats were dumbfounded by reaction of the two humans. Mau and his sister will used to Ella course language and action were confused by this whole meeting between the two. If anything Ella was know to be moody which might have more to do with hormones. They weren't used to the other female being friendly or open with anyone but them.

Tygra and lion-O where more surprised by the amount of emotion that Lily was showing. So was Claudus and Jaga for that matter. Will Lion-O was more used to Lily emotion considering that they lived in the same room for 3 months now he should. He wasn't used to her showing emotion to anyone but him and Snarf and Nana. Jaga and Tygra was off and on for emotion. And she just ignore his dad for most part.

"We meet in the underground fights." Lily told them and Lion-O look between the two females curiosity dripping from him. "You fight?" Tygra asked not quite believing fought, Other sure he can believe but Lily nope.

"Yes" She answered slightly annoyed by that. She understood why he would think that. She hasn't been it her best emotionally and physically. SO it was hard to believe she fought. She need to fix that. Lion-O blink wait… "wait wat? Why?" He let the question hang. Of course Tygra whacked him upside the head for that question. Lily shrugged before saying "Tired, starving and emotion wreak." She offered offhandedly while Lion-O made the 'O' face.

"So Ella who this" The black female Mau asked as she gestured to Lily who raised her eyebrow at her. "This Lily." Ella point to Lily who waved hi. "And this is Cleo." She points to the black Mau. "and her brother Mau." She points to the bronze Mau "Who also my mate." Lily ah ha face. "Make sense now." Lily whispered to herself.

"So Lion-O who your fiancée" Cleo grinned it Lion-O missing messing the lion. Lion-O casually point to Lily "Yoh" She give another short bored wave to Cleo.

Cleo stare it Lily blank before dissolving into a laughing fit, Lily looked down it the black Mau before turn her head to look it Ella. "is she normal like that?" Ella tilting her head before answering. "Skjawsihaflske" Lily nodded in understanding.

Both Tygra and Lion-O raised an eyebrow while Mua chuckled. "That's mean" Ella shrugged at the bronzer Mau. "As Lovely as this reunion has been" Claudus stated not quited sure what to feel it the moment' "It's getting late. "All of them minus Claudus look to the windows, to see the sun beginning to set. "Let's us continue this reunion tomorrow." Claudus give them all pointed looks.

As they left Lily spoke in the same language as Ella who started giggle from what the younger one had to say. Before nodding agreement to what she said.

As he watch the youngster leave a single thought made itself know. "My manes going to gray with those two girl here aren't they." Claudus whined to his himself not that he would admit he did.

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