This is something I wrote in math a few weeks back. I really like it, and I hope you all do to! I decided to post this to show I'm not dead... I PROMISE I'LL UPDATE SOON!

Caged behind bars

The lark tries to sing

As the unwritten melody

Begins to ring

Sounding through the room

Empty as can be

Without the emotion

Lost trying to be free

Stars shine through the window

Brightening the sky

But the lark can do nothing

The lark can only cry

Rain patters on the clouds

Flickering by the moon

Until night surrounds her

Coming all too soon

The city lost to flames

Masked by innocent cloaks

The hawks continue to fly

As their wings go up in smoke

Lost battles become forgotten

Bloody fields too

The world still travels on

How they tried to renew

Yet the song is still heard

Through deep memories tread

Because the caged lark knows

Secrets are best kept by the dead