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Episode Seven: "You're NOT the Father."

Summary: "This is when everything falls apart. Ennis is nearly assassinated... Shinigami-san tampers with Yao's will... Leon changes the fate of a certain weapon... Justin finds employment at an arcade snack bar? Hey, the guy's gotta have some job security in our Game of Thrones re-make."

That night, Ladd and Claire were eating in a nice restaurant in the Aria.

"Alright, you know how Firo's new wife is pregnant, right?" Ladd asked Claire, who promptly choked on his food.

"What?!" Claire shouted. All eyes turned to the two mobsters. "You heard nothing!"

The people staring at Ladd and Claire resumed eating.

"Anyway... We've got to do something about this," Ladd explained.

"But, I like babies," Claire stated. Ladd facepalmed.

"Okay, okay, we'll spare the baby. But, Ennis has to go," Ladd explained.

The next afternoon, Eruka came over to the mansion of the Shibusen-Capricorn Alliance to get to know her new neighbors better.

"So, Eruka, where do you come from?" Maka asked the frog-like witch.

"Ribbit. I come from Lake Tahoe. Ribbit," Eruka answered.

"Lake Tahoe?! I used to teach at a battling school up there! How come I never saw you?!" Spirit asked Eruka.

"I'm from the northern part of the lake. Did you teach in the southern part?" Eruka asked Spirit.

"Yes, I did. At Alfarshear Academy," Spirit answered.

"I know that place, ribbit! Those uniforms are the shit!" Eruka explained.

"You mean Alfarshear Academy is the place where you wear RPG clothing as your uniform in case of an attack on the academy?!" Soul asked with his hands clasped.

"Yes, and we may send you there if Ladd or Yao do bad things," Spirit deadpanned with a shudder. The adults laughed. "Not cool!"

The laughter died down.

"Oh, by the way, Eruka, why did you move down to Vegas?" Maka asked Eruka.

"I got a job at Shibusen, ribbit. I get to be a lunch lady, and I'm damn proud of it," Eruka explained.

"I see..." Soul said.

"Word of advice - Avoid the mystery meat," Kid explained.

"Mystery meat... Good times, good times," Soren commented.

"Bro, you got sick from eating the mystery meat once. Then, you got myself and Holden sick because of said mystery meat," Heathcliffe explained.

"That was a fun weekend. All we did was play Call of Duty, sleep, and watch cartoons," Holden added.

"How was that fun? We were constantly throwing up, and we could only eat toast," Heathcliffe asked his fraternal twin.

"And is it bad that we ordered pizza when we got better?" Soren asked his younger brothers. Maka sighed.

"How did the conversation shift from Eruka moving down here to the time Heathcliffe and his brothers got sick by eating mystery meat?" Maka asked Tsubaki.

"I have no idea," Tsubaki said.

In Reno, Justin was arriving at the Rain Dinners Casino Resort, for he was going to start a new job.

"Awesome job, here I come!" Justin said to himself as he entered the casino. "Suck it, Karin. Working at a casino DEFINTELY gives me some job security until I go back to Vegas."

A fancy-dressed man named Sir Crocodile walked up to Justin.

"You must be Justin. Right this way," Crocodile explained as he led Justin through the casino, up an escalator, and into the arcade. "Alright, sonny, here is your workplace."

Justin sweatdropped.

"Well, then, what do I do?" Justin asked Crocodile, who handed him an apron and a paper hat.

"You work at the concession stand. See you in five hours when you clock out," Crocodile explained.

And that is how Justin Law ended up working a concession stand.

"What the fuck? Why didn't they give me blackjack dealer or valet like I asked?" Justin thought to himself as two teenagers named Marvel and Glimmer walked up to the counter. "Welcome to the snack bar! May I take your order?" (1)


"Excuse me, Billy Mays, I'm bleeding from the ears here. Calm down," Justin said before turning to Glimmer. "Ma'am, what would you like to have?"

"Largest egg... And, the pickles... And, the pickles..." Was all Justin could make out since Glimmer was mumbling.

"Uhh... Ma'am, can I help you?" Justin asked Glimmer.

"And, the pickles! And, the milkshakes! And, the pickles!" Glimmer moaned sexily. "AND, THE PICKLES!"

Justin sweatdropped as Glimmer continued to moan about pickles in a sexual manner.

"Alright, ma'am, apparently, you want some pickles," Justin said to Glimmer.

"Chicken tenders... Sweet sauce all over my body," Glimmer whispered to Justin seductively. Justin turned red.

"Okay, someone get some sauce, now!" Justin called out to the fry cooks. After work, Justin went to the sushi bar in the casino.

"Man! Where's Joe when I need him?!" Justin commented.

"Right here, man."

Justin turned back, and he saw Joe working as a sushi chef.

"I hate you," Justin stated.

In NYC, Maiza, Firo, Ennis, Czeslaw, Mary, Graham, and Shaft were walking through Central Park.

"Man, it's a nice day out! Da sun is shinin', da birds are singin', Silzard is in an old folks' home... Can life get any better?" Firo asked everyone.

"Umm... Firo, aren't we forgetting that I may be pregnant and Maiza's rivals would possibly kill me because of it?" Ennis asked Firo.

"Who cares? Da Russos, Gandors, and Genoards aren't here. You'll be fine," Firo pointed out as they approached a lemonade stand that was being run by three kids, Vick, Rory, and Posy Hawthorne.

"Hello, mister! Would you like to buy some lemonade?!" Posy asked Firo as she held up a cup of purple, fowl-smelling liquid, which was defintely NOT lemonade.

"Don't buy it, Firo. It's obviously dangerous," Firo thought to himself. "Sorry, kids, I forgot my money at home. Mind if I go home ta get my money?"

"Sure! Take as much time as you need to, mister!" Rory said. Firo then led his entourage away.

"What was that all about?" Ennis asked Firo, who turned to Ennis.

"Dey tried ta poison ya, Ennis! I warned ya!" Firo cried. A few feet away, Rory, Vick, and Posy's older brother, Gale, was watching from a distance.

"Damn it! Now what will I say to Dallas Genoard?!" Gale cried. Back with Firo and Ennis...

"So, now what?" Ennis asked everyone.

"We hit the Genoards with wrenches! That's what we do!" Graham answered. Maiza sighed.

"Why do I actually support this idea?" Maiza asked, shaking his head.

Back in Vegas, Shinigami-san was having coffee with Chane and Ladd.

"So, you're saying that Leon's ADOPTED?! What?!" Ladd cried as he banged his fists on the table. "This can't be! He has to take over the family business and marry -"

Spirit then entered the room.

"Oh, Shinigami-san, I need you for a second," Spirit said. Shinigami-san got up.

"I'll be right back. Help yourself to some scones," Shinigami-san said before he left the room.

"I'm not eating those rocks!" Ladd cried before he threw the scones at the wall. Over in the next room, Spirit, Shinigami-san, and Yao sat over a will.

"You're in your twenties. Why are we signging your will?" Spirit asked Yao.

"Well, I feel very threatened by the presence of the Russo mafia family, and I'm afraid they'll take my life to have my money, aru. So, it's better to be safe than sorry," Yao explained as Shinigami-san and Spirit began to sign the will. "Oh, by the way, I think my rightful heir is Leon. After all, he's getting married, aru."

Yao's cell phone rang.

"I'll be right back, aru," Yao said before he left the room to take the call. Spirit and Shinigami-san studied the will.

"Hmm... Should we let Leon inherit his older brother's wealth if Yao dies?" Spirit asked Shinigami-san.

"Nope. Haven't you learned from Lifetime movies that illegitamite children get nothing?" Shinigami-san asked Spirit.

"Well, that's not nice," Spirit pointed out.

"You know what? Let's just put down 'my rightful heir'. It does seem fair," Shinigami-san pointed out. Spirit nodded and wrote down Shinigami-san's words as Yao entered the room.

"I'm back! How's it going?" Yao asked the shinigami and the Death Scythe.

"We're finished!" Shinigami-san said as he handed the will to Yao, who skimmed it.

"Wonderful, aru! Thanks for helping me out!" Yao said as he signed the will.

"No problem. After all, you're working with death himself," Shinigami-san explained. A rimshot was heard in the background.

"Hahaha. You're funny, Shinigami-sama," Yao said as he gathered his things. "Anyway, I'll be going now. See you around, aru!"

Yao then left the manor. Shinigami-san and Spirit breathed a sigh of relief.

"That was a close one, man," Spirit said.

"You know, someday we'll look back on this and laugh. We helped a rich guy with his will and put in that ANYBODY could get his things when he dies," Shinigami-san explained.

"Am I right?" Spirit asked, causing the two to laugh. But, right outside, Izaya was spying on them in the bushes.

"Hmmm... Leon Wang is actually a Kirkland and Shinigami-san changes Yao's will because of this. Ooh! I'm telling Yao!" Izaya whispered to himself as he wrote in a notebook.

That night, Yao gathered his family to hear his will.

"Alright, kids, who wants to hear my will, aru?" Yao asked his brothers, sisters, and illegitamite brother.

"Can I get your Ferrari, ana?" Char asked Yao.

"Can I get our house in Macau?" Mei asked Yao.

"Can I get your expensive One Piece merchandise?" Kiku asked Yao, who smiled.

"You might, aru! First off, to my rightful heir... Wait - To "my rightful heir"?! That's supposed to say 'Leon'! Those cheating bastards!" Yao cried.

"And, there's no way to change it. The will is already set in stone," Stacey explained. Yao glared at his kids.

"Leon, get your ass over here, aru!" Yao cried, even though Leon was five feet away from him.

"Yes?" Leon asked. Yao then whispered something into Leon's ear. Leon nodded.

"So, does that sound like a plan, aru?" Yao asked Leon.

"Yes," Leon said. Yao clapped his hands.

"Perfect! We'll do it tonight!" Yao exclaimed.

Later that night, it was a normal night on the Vegas Strip. People were having fun and partying, tourists were arriving for the weekend, and two police officers named Darius and Cray were walking the beat.

"Hey, Darius, your 21st birthday is in a week, right?" Cray asked his younger co-worker.

"Yep," Darius answered. Cray smiled.

"Bring out the strippers and the alcohol - We're going all-out, Las Vegas local-style!" Cray announced. Darius grinned.

"Hell yeah! Strippers and -" Darius yelled before Cray hit him on the head with his nightstick.

"Looks like we have an erratic driver," Cray explained as he used his nightstick to point to an expensive convertible speeding down the strip. It appeared that the car was driven by...

"Shinigami-sama?! The new principal of the DWMA?! He'd never do these things!" Darius cried as he and Cray followed the car on foot. "Shinigami-san" then crashed the car into a tree and got out of the car running.

"Hey! Las Vegas Police here! Get back here!" Cray yelled as "Shinigami-san" began to jaywalk across the street. Cray and Darius followed suit as "Shinigami-san" ran into the Cosmopolitian and into an elevator. Darius and Cray were too late, as the elevator doors closed on them.

"Goddamn it!" Darius cried. Cray put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry. We can bust Shinigami-sama when he gets home," Cray said as the two walked away. A few minutes later, Leon walked out of the elevator "Shinigami-san" entered.

"My work here is done. Ladd, I am so sorry for trashing your penthouse," Leon apologized to himself. Meanwhile, at the Shibusen-Capricorn Alliance's mansion...

"*Sigh*... It's Friday night, and everyone's out on the town but us," Sid commented. Currently, Sid, Shinigami-san, and Professor Stein were at home watching T.V.

"It's Friday. Plus, the kids start school at the DWMA on Monday. Give them a little fun," Professor Stein explained. Then, Darius and Cray broke the door down.

"Everybody, freeze!" Cray yelled. Sid, Professor Stein, and Shinigami-san raised their hands in fear. "Shinigami-sama, you're under arrest for grand theft auto, vandalization, and jaywalking!"

Shinigami-san's eyes widened.

"What the fu -" Shinigami-san cried before Darius put handcuffs on his wrist.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court -"

Shinigami-san turned to Sid and Professor Stein.

"Get everyone back here now. The Wang family did this," Shinigami-san told Professor Stein and Sid before being led away. The two grew silent.

"Fifty says that it's revenge over that will," Sid said as he pulled out a fifty dollar bill. Professor Stein hit Sid on the back of his head.

"You sick man," Professor Stein commented.

On the Las Vegas Strip, nobody knew about Shinigami-san's arrest as of yet. Take Heathcliffe and Aki for example, as they were having a romantic dinner at a Latin restaurant.

"Say something, Aki! Sarutobi-kun's eyes are on you!" Aki thought to herself. "Uhh... You look handsome in that shirt, Sarutobi-kun."

Heathcliffe looked down at his shirt, which was a dark gray, collared shirt.

"Thank you, Aki. Is that a new dress? Because you look beautiful in it," Heathcliffe commented.

"Oh, this dress? You've seen me in it before, but thank you," Aki said with a laugh. A waiter approaced them with a chocolate cake.

"And, here is a cake for the lovely couple," The waiter said before walking away. Aki grinned.

"Sarutobi-kun, you didn't!" Aki commented in surprise. Without a word, Heathcliffe fed a forkful of cake to Aki.

"Just for you, my love," Heathcliffe whispered seductively. Aki reached over and kissed Heathcliffe on the cheek.

"Sarutobi-kun, thank you so much for taking me out on this date! This place is so romantic!" Aki gushed.

"And, if you think THAT'S romantic, watch this," Heathcliffe said as he helped Aki up from her chair and snapped his fingers. "Hit it!"

The marachi band then performed a marachi version of the Green Day song American Idiot, and Heathcliffe and Aki began to dance.

"Sarutobi-kun..." Aki whispered. Heathcliffe kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you with all my heart, Aki," Heathcliffe finished. At that moment, Professor Stein rushed in.

"Stop the music, stop the music!" Professor Stein yelled. The music stopped and Heathclifffe and Aki stopped dancing.

"Professor Stein, what's going on?" Aki asked Professor Stein.

"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to cut your little date short," Professor Stein said.

"Why? What happened?" Heathcliffe asked Professor Stein, who just sighed.

"Shinigami-san just got arrested on false charges of vandalization, grand theft auto, and jaywalking," Professor Stein told the lovers.

End of Episode Seven.

(1) - Marvel and Glimmer are from The Hunger Games and Crocodile is from One Piece.

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