She's walking along the shore, her arms wrapped around herself – as if she's cold in the unusually warm March breeze.

He observes her from afar. Seven years ago today, his soul still shaking with dread after their escape from the Malfoy Manor, he watched her body so lifeless on his brother's couch. He remembers very much the absolute numbness that overtook him with a possibility of a world where she wasn't anymore. Hope came crashing back in pouring tears when his sister-in-law whispered four simple words, 'she'll be okay'.

Their 2 months old daughter is babbling in his arms and as he looks down at her he suddenly wants very much to call Hermione and invite her to come back inside in the warmth of Shell Cottage where the rest of his family is having a small gathering for the birth of Harry and Ginny's second son a few days ago. Although, she's so beautifully lost in her thoughts he'd rather watch her until the sun goes down onto the horizon.

As if she reads his mind, she turns around and flash him the most radiant smile, - they lived, he sighs happily. Hermione twirls around herself and extends her right hand toward him, inviting them to join her near the crashing waves. He holds their daughter tighter against his heart and starts walking hastily toward the love of his life.