Author's Note: This could be a one shot but if you like it I might continue! (:

Title: That Night

Summary: What is going on through everyone's minds at the end of the shocking season 2 finale? We know Hanna is upset about Mona, Spencer and Aria are happy about their relationships, and Emily is missing Maya, but were they thinking about on the walk to Emily's? And what happens after the news hits the Girls?

Couples: Spencer/Toby, Hanna/Caleb, Aria/Ezra and kinda Emily/Maya

Disclaimer: I Do NOT Own Pretty Little Liars, only in my dreams ;)

Caleb's POV: It's been almost an hour since I last saw Hanna and I can't find her anywhere. I've tried calling her about a million times but she hasn't answered. Where the hell is she? Where ever she went must've been important to just leave me here. I guess I should drive to her house and check if she's there.

Hanna's POV: I was walking with the girl's back to Emily's house. Gosh, I still couldn't believe Mona is A. I really thought she was my friend. I trusted her. She has been the one stalking and tormenting me and my friends for months. In all that time she's managed to tear apart Aria's family, hurt Emily, emotionally and physically, and pull apart Toby and Spencer. I mean, not to mention, she hit me with a freaking car! I sighed, turning to my four friends, real friends. Atleast I know I can count on them. And I still have Caleb. Caleb…. the thought of him makes me smile. How he showed up and surprised me at the masquerade. Wait….. I totally left him there alone! I was about to tell this to the girls when sirens disturbed my thoughts. I looked ahead, they were coming from Emily's house. The four of us exchanged glances. Her house was surrounded in police cars and ambulances. Emily took off into a sprint and ran to her mother as we followed. I didn't know what was going to happen, just that this night was going to get a hell of a lot worse.

Aria's POV: Wow. We finally know who A is. Mona, now all I want to know was how she did it. How she figured out about me and Ezra, about my dad and Meredith, and more of my friends and my secrets. Anyway, I shouldn't stress about too much tonight, we've all had enough drama for the rest of our lives. I think we all deserve a good night's sleep. I mean now we can, A, er, Mona can't bother us anymore, right? And me and Ezra are still good. I'm still so touched he came here tonight, despite everything we've been through with my parents and his job and all. And he even came back, in public! I'm just glad to know everything is fine for us and that- wait, what is that? Screaming? No, it's sirens. There were police and medics surrounding Emily's house. The girls and I exchanged fast glances before Emily ran to her waiting mother. And just when I thought things were about to get better.

Spencer's POV: A. Is. Gone. I can finally breath again. But to think all this time it was actually Mona. And to think I thought she was really a nice person. Damn, she is a good actress. I can't believe I even complemented her on how she was such a good friend to Hanna. Yeah, hitting Hanna with a car makes you a true friend. But what I can't get out of my mind was what she said in the car while we were driving to Look out Point. She wanted me to join the A team. Team? So does that mean there are multiple As or something? Geez, I thought finding A would make things less complicated! There was only one good thing that came out of this night. One thing that is actually making me smile after tonight. One thing. One person. Toby. Wow, he was the one who actually got Dr. Sullivan to come back. This whole time I thought he hated me while I was scared of him never forgiving me, her was lying to help me. Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done. His words echo in my head. Even though I hated him for it at the time, it is probably the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me. It makes me feel beyond guilty for that night with Wren. I could never be with Wren. Even though is cute and British, he's no Toby. Toby's always my safe place to land. I could go on about Toby all night, but loud sirens interrupt me. They were coming from Emily's house. I look at my friends. We take off running, following Emily. This could not be good.

Emily's POV: I was walking quietly back to my house with my friends. Truth was I really wasn't up for talking. I mean I am beyond glad we finally found A and stopped her, but I still have Maya in my mind. I look over at my three best friends. I was happy for them, each of them has an amazing guys who cares and loves them so much. I had that with Maya but she was still missing. Well she wasn't really missing, she just ran away. She has to be ok since I have talked to her. I sighed. After everything that has happened to us, this is probably when I need Maya the most. I sweat I felt some tears threatening to fall, but I held them back. That was until I notices the dozens of polices cars surrounding my house. I didn't hesitate, I bolted straight to my mom and my friends followed close behind. Oh, no. My mom came up to me and said slowly and softly.

"They found a body. They think it's Maya's"

That's all it took for me to break down, and even more when I saw a cart being pulled out with a black bag covering a body. Tears covered my face and I didn't bother to stop them. My friends held me as I sobbed. Why? Why did this have to happen to me? To her? Everyone I have ever cared about has gotten hurt. Why, it isn't fair! Alison, now Maya! I've lost both of them! It isn't fair.

Toby's POV: I was on my way back to the house after making a few stops along the way. I was beyond happy. Me and Spencer were back together which is all I really ever wanted coming back here. Nothing could possibly ruin my mood. That was until I pulled into my street. Cop cars and ambulances covered the street that I couldn't drive through. I parked my truck on the edge of the street and hopped out. I need to know what was going on.

Caleb's POV: Hanna wasn't at her house. Her mom told me to check Emily's so that's where I headed. But when I turned onto her street, I couldn't drive past. Ambulances flooded the street making it impossible to drive through. I hopped out of my car and noticed Toby across the street staring at the crime scene with a nervous look on his face. He noticed me and walked over. I think we were both thinking the same thing, please don't let it be one of the girls.

Toby's POV: I walked over to where Caleb, Hanna's boyfriend, was standing. His face was pale white, probably mimicking mine. We didn't say anything but we both continued to walk up the street. As we go closer we noticed it was Emily's house where everything happened. We both looked at each other and then ran closer. All I could think about was whether the girls were ok. I don't know what I'd do If I lost Spencer. I scanned the crowd of people, but my breath hitched when I noticed four girls huddled together on the street. It was Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer. They were safe, but definitely not ok. Aria, Hanna, and Spencer were crying a lot but Emily was balling. Caleb and I ran over to them, bending down to their level. Hanna, Aria, and Spencer looked up at us while Emily cried into Spencer's shoulder. Tears flooded down each of the girls faces, which broke my heart. I looked at Caleb, and he looked just as worried and sad as I felt. I looked from Emily then to Spencer and she stared back at me with sad eyes.

"Spence, what happened?" I asked softly.

Spencer sighed and glanced down at Emily before looking back to me. She hesitated before saying.

"They think they found Maya's body."

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