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"Not this again," Ally mumbles, her eyes closing in faint despair.

Tight lipped with a frown edging on the curve of her mouth, she glares at the back of a certain blond haired boy's head. Her eyes burning into the mass of blond hair gleaming in the sunlight the cracks the semi parted curtains allowed.

She couldn't see his face. It was pinned down to the mess of pillows and sheets that littered the bed. Tilting her head to the side, she briefly wonders again how people manage to sleep like that without suffocating to death.

For goodness sakes, just the thought that oxygen even manages to reach a person's airwaves while their heads were buried so far in pillows was incredulous. Plus the fact that they were able to maintain in that position for hours without the slightest movement and still required assistance in waking up in the morning was just plain ridiculous.

Rubbing her temples tiredly, she marches over to his side; all while she contemplates the least agonizing way to get him to wake up.

Holding back a huff, she's momentarily annoyed as she is reminded of the fact that it is their third day on the cruise and already her second time waking him up. Seriously, what did she tell him about setting an alarm? How does he even manage to go wake up in time for school? How will he be able to get up in time for his gigs in the future?

But eyeing his sleeping form once again she can do nothing but sigh and brush a strand of her dark hair behind her ear, bristling quietly and promising to punish him for this later.

"Austin," She calls pointedly, poking a finger to where she supposed his torso was. She retracts her finger a second later. The white sheets stir for a split second and she swears she hears a light groan. This gives her the initiative to continue.

"Austin." She says in a sterner tone, this time jabbing the neck area.

The action earns her a slight tilt of the head, one that resembled an unwanted twitch. And a definite groan this time. She crouches down to the height up the bed, fully intent on using whatever means necessary on getting him awake.

"Get up, get up, get up." She chants calmly, poking and prodding him with every one of the 'p's she pops in her speech. She ends the last one with a particularly harsh jab.

She's only partially surprised when a hand emerges from underneath the thick covers and grabs her fingers that were suspended in mid air; halting her actions.

She stops and cautiously waits for his next movement. Whether it was verbal or not.

He slurs incoherently, shaking his head and begins blinking his way into consciousness. He still isn't facing her yet, his voice is muffled by the pillow his face was resting on.

"Stop…poking…" he mumbles wearily, his words laced heavily with sleep.

Ally bites her lip, looking away from their entangled hands to the sloppy outline of the back of his head. She waits a brief second before speaking to the sleepy singer.

"Well then maybe you should get up." She suggests with a shrug of her shoulders, even though he can't see it in his current position. It was supposed to be a hint for him to get up, but he didn't seem to care.

Another muffled groan is released from his figure as he squeezes her hand tighter in unhappiness.

"Are we gonna have to do this every morning?" She asks irritably, although she can't quite fight the condescending –albeit- exasperated smile etching its way to her face.

She has a feeling she already knows what his answer will be. And her guesses are only confirmed a second later.

The covers shift once again, moving in sync to weight of the body underneath. And soon enough, she's staring back at a familiar pair of warm brown eyes. A mischievous glint was present in those auburn orbs of his and already present on his face was a smile matching her own.

He softly releases her hand with one last reassuring squeeze, almost as if this was all just a huge joke for him.

"Most likely."

"So why are you two late for breakfast this time?" Joseph asks nonchalantly, sipping his coffee.

He didn't really seem to care for their answer. It was just an easy conversation starter, seeing as Austin and his new girlfriend always managed to be late or be the last two to show up for these family meals.

You would think that arriving to half empty buffet trays would encourage punctuality.

Seating themselves down next to each other on the sky deck for their daily breakfast buffet, neither Austin nor Ally wastes time with formalities such as 'good morning' or 'how did everyone sleep'.

Well Ally may have possibly mumbled a sleepy 'morning,' to the members of the table, but he was certain Austin went straight for the food they carried to the tables.

Joseph also seemed to be the only one to bring up the tardiness this morning.

"We actually would have been here earlier," Austin begins, "but Ally refused to take the fire escape staircase." Austin explains, shooting a pointed look in Ally's direction, as if he a victim for having to put up with her and her difficult ways.

He can tell she wants to roll her eyes, but she holds back.

"Which –might I add- is for emergencies only." Ally replies, picking up a fork in an overly obvious attempt to put the conversation to bed. She changes her mind however and allows a casual side comment to pass her lips, "And we wouldn't have been late if you had taken my advice and set up an alarm clock. Then you would have woken up early."

No one misses the motherly tone in her voice as she speaks.

"Austin, wake up on time? Yeah right," His dad quips with a slight shake of his head.

"You know dear, you should start setting an alarm clock too." Edna informs Joseph in a softer tone, touching the tanner man's arm gently. She passes Ally a knowing look, as if a bond was shared between only the two of them. "We women have to do everything."

Ally returns her look with one of her own classic 'what can you do?' looks.

He's familiar with seeing it right after Trish announces the news of getting fired from whichever store she had been working for. And sometimes even when he tells her the plotline of the latest Zalien movie -although usually that kind of scenario invites more of a 'why are you telling me this' or an 'if I pretend to be interested for a few seconds, will you leave me alone' look from her.

Come to think of it, she must have a mass pit of different faces varying in degrees of pity and resentment. Surprising, how he can't imagine anyone but her pulling it off.

"Don't have an alarm clock." Austin mutters, completely ignoring his dad's insult and his aunt's comment as he sticks a spoon in his pile of mashed potatoes a bit too harshly.

It wasn't his fault he was such a heavy sleeper.

"Use your cell phone." Ally supplies, digging into her food herself. She clearly did not intend on letting him off the hook and he wonders unpalatably if this was payback for having to wake him up earlier.

Just as Austin opens his mouth to reply, an instrumental version of 'Double Take' begins playing and he feels his jean pocket vibrate with the presence of his phone.

"Well you gotta set the alarm for earlier." Ally says in an oblivious tone, mistaking the call for the ring of a preset alarm.

"It's not an alarm, someone's calling." Austin explains, turning to look at her faux-condescendingly. He pulls the cell phone out of his pocket and hits the talk button.

"Hello," he answers, pressing the device to his cheek. He pulls out the spoon that had previously been buried in a pile of mashed potatoes, twirling the utensil around and making a disgusted face as he lifts the mushed up potatoes to his eye level.

"Austin?" the voice on the other end exclaims.

"Dez?" the blond scrunches his eyebrows.

"Hey man! Whatcha been up to?" The redhead asks. He was loud enough that Austin didn't need to keep the device pressed to his ear.

Energy was one of the things Dez never seemed to lack (the others being weirdness and an unexplained fondness for strange foods). And hearing his best friend over the phone, he can't help, but feel a little nostalgic.

Austin squares his shoulders, trying to recall all the important events that didn't involve his fake relationship with Ally. "Oh you know...not much, lots of food…pretty nice rooms…oh! And a magician."

"Awesome!" His easily excitable friend says a little louder than necessary. Austin suppresses a laugh, moving the phone so that is was now a good inch away from him.

The adults at the table all slowly divert their attention from the phone call and begin making small talk with each other.

"Hurry it up, Freckles." He hears a familiar voice say in the background. "I gotta talk to Ally."

"Hang on a sec." Dez says. The sound of pinching and phones being passed is heard.

He wonders if they were at Sonic Boom. Maybe they were hanging out in the practice room. The thought makes him a tiny bit homesick, but only a tiny bit he concludes, because the best part of Sonic Boom was still sitting right next to him.

Then; he distinctly hears the sound of Dez gasp in pain, most likely Trish's doing.

Seconds later, a female voice is heard. "Austin, it's Trish. Is Ally with you?"

Trish was never one to mince words.

He looks over to the brunette next to him who was innocently eating a piece of watermelon while eyeing him talking on the phone. She raises half an eyebrow.

"Trish wants to talk to you." He explains, as he hands the phone to her. Ally quickly sets down the watermelon and swipes her hands on a napkin like the sanitary person she is before reaching for it.

"Trish?" Ally asks, holding the phone the same distance Austin had done previously.

Ally's best friend Trish wasn't exactly a quiet person either. It's definitely more apparent when she gets pissed off, but even normally her loud demeanor isn't very lacking in Ally's opinion.

"Ally, I've been calling you for the longest time." The curly haired Latina states crossly. She can picture her friend holding the phone with one hand on her hip with an eyebrow raised in poorly contained annoyance.

"Well sorry, my phone is out of range here." She explains guiltily, staring at her plate of food, for lack of better things to stare at.

Ally's eyes widen a second later as it always does when she remembers something important.

"Oh, speaking of which; how's Owen?" she asks, her voice beginning to lace with concern. "Is he eating properly? Acting strange? It always takes him a while to adjust to new surroundings." she worriedly rambles, having already absentmindedly picked up a strand of her hair.

"Bird." Austin nods to his family, who were once again caught up in the two's conversation. Their faces relax from confused to understanding.

Over the phone, Trish's voice doesn't waver.

"Ally, your stupid bird is fine. In fact, maybe too fine. He drives all our neighbors insane since he won't shut up half the time."

Ally relaxes in her seat, dropping the strand of hair she had been fiddling with. She didn't know what she would do if something were to happen to Owen.

"He does like to talk." She notes.

"Just like his owner." Trish states honestly.

Ally only smiles a sheepish smile in response.

"Well that's good. How are things going at the store?" She asks, her cheerful tone seeping back in.

"Enough about that stuff! Tell me why you decided to leave me alone here with the wacko!" Trish's rough tone cuts off. Her arms were most likely flailing wildly with her every word.

She can hear an insulted 'Hey!' in the background; courtesy of the insulted ginger, then the sound of Trish shushing him, as if he were ten and she were his perplexed babysitter.

Ally rolls her eyes laughingly, finding herself missing the antics of the second half of Team Austin.

"I'll be back in two or three days." She assures, picking up her hair again, this time not to fidget or chew, but to twirl around her finger nonchalantly.

Trish huffs, clearly not bought by her words.

Ally fights a smile. She's prepared for Trish to reprimand her, to call her out on having a good time without her. What she wasn't prepared for, was an innocent, yet loud remark from another voice on the phone.

"Tell Austin that cute girl from the bathing suit shop is single now!" Dez calls from the background.

He was clearly unaware of the predicament his two friends were in, and Austin and Ally internally curse themselves for not letting him on the plan beforehand.

The two teenagers barely have time to panic or assess the danger of the situation, before Trish repeats Dez's words even louder, catching the attention of all members of Austin's family enjoying breakfast.

"Austin, Dez wants you to know that, that girl from the bathing suit shop is single now if you wanna go ask her out."

Oh, if only Austin's phone company was as horrible as hers. Then he wouldn't have picked up the stupid phone in the first place. They wouldn't be having this conversation. And she wouldn't feel bloated and light headed. No, his phone would be shut off and hiding in the corner of a suitcase like hers.

Ally feels her hand itching to slip some hair in her mouth and chew. She almost palms her face as well, but instead does neither, settling for cringing slightly and squinting her eyes, hoping everyone would think her friend was kidding.

"What are you talking about?" From beside her Austin's voice cracks under poorly disguised pressure. "Why would I do that?"

Ally flinches at how many octaves his voice has risen in such short amount of time.

The damage doesn't stop there.

"Oh and Ally, guess who stopped by Sonic Boom looking for you the other day?" Trish continued, not even bothering to address Austin's strange tone. The Latina was probably too excited. She didn't even give Ally enough time to respond. "Dallas!" She squeals gleefully.

At this point Ally's not even thinking clearly anymore. Sitting at the buffet table, with a phone held a good inch away from her, she can only blink stupidly and curse her own existence.

"Why?" She asks genuinely confused.

"Oh, I don't know silly." Trish starts sarcastically, "Maybe to ask you out!"

And then Ally's horrified all over again for a whole other reason.

"Ask out the cute girl! Ask out the cute girl! Ask out the cute girl!" Dez chant's in the background.

Austin finally snaps out of his horrific trance and quickly swipes the phone out of Ally's frozen hand.

"Anyways, we gotta go. Talk to you all later." He says before hastily ending the disastrous phone call.

He shoves his cell phone back inside his pocket. The action feels awkward. Maybe because he was feeling several pairs of eyes boring into him.

He's almost afraid to look up. When he does, it's just as he suspected, raised eyebrows, confused stares, mouths agape in question.

He tries his best to keep his tone calm and casual.

"Those were just our friends…they like to make jokes that endanger our relationship." Austin says, his tone dropping from feigned light and cheery to a classic deadpan near the end.

The table remains quiet, everyone mulling over the situation with their own interpretation and an understandable amount of confusion.

Austin doesn't waste any time in trying to save his own behind.

"Ally, would you like some ice cream?"

She's realized by now that 'ice cream' was their code word for needing a moment in private. So this time she mumbles a half-hearted 'I would love some' and follows him without making him ask twice like last time.

Truly, she just wanted to get away from all baffled looks from around the table. A pang of guilt hits her from out of nowhere all of a sudden. She really didn't want to have to lie to these people.

He pulls her once again to the side of the deck, close the rail of the boat where the fire escape was. She's a little reminiscent of the last time she was pulled there. And a heated blush begins to creep on her face at their little moment the last time something like that happened.

"That could have gone a lot better." He says, shaking his head, as if trying to clear all negativity from the recent events out of his head.

She nods hesitantly, biting her lip.

"You don't think they're doubting our relationship now, do you?" Ally asks, voicing her own concerns.

She was always worried her and Austin didn't share enough amount of chemistry to make this whole thing work. Now she was positive this whole thing was a bad idea.

"They're probably just a little confused." Austin responds slowly, turning around to face her. He sounded as if he was trying to convince himself too. He furrows his eyebrows in thought. "We need to convince them once and for all that we're together." He says, rubbing his chin in a thinking manner.

Ally narrows her eyes. "What can we do?" she asks, crossing her arms.

She was sure they'd done all the basics, hand holding, (bad) flirting and even a peck on the cheek. Even at a moment like this she can't help but wish there were some kind of guide to faking relationships. They could call it 'Fake Dating For Dummies'. Or better yet just 'Dummies'.

Austin on the other hand, seems to have it all figured out. He drops his hand from his chin, suddenly looking very alert and thoughtful.

"I could kiss you." He states seriously, all of a sudden. He's looking directly at her. "Actually, kiss you. Not just a peck, but like a kiss."

Ally looks at him skeptically, her eyelashes thick and lips curling downward. She's about to lecture him on the fact that none of his plans ever seem to work. When the rational part of her brain processes the words he's just said.

And then confusion flashes through her conscious mind, then not soon after; horror.


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