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Full Summary: Fabian Rutter's world is thrown into turmoil when the new FBI Agent, Nina Martin, is assigned to be his partner after his former FBI partner, Joy Mercer, resigns. Things get complicated when he develops feelings for Nina and finds out that Joy may have been kidnapped. Completely AU. Contains Fabina, Amfie, Jara, Peddie, and slight Jabian friendship.

Warning: This is COMPLETELY AU. I don't plan on mentioning of Anubis House, the Mask of Anubis, etc. This story simply uses the characters and several canon pairings. The characters might be rather OOC because they're now adults with occupations, not teenagers in high school. Rated T for violence that will probably occur later on.

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Agent Fabian Rutter took a quaff of green tea and set the mug back down quickly. He stared at the brew and decided that tomorrow he would switch back to black tea. The green tea not only had too little caffeine, but it also reminded him of Agent Joy Mercer.

Fabian stood up and stretched, yawning as he did so. Today his FBI squad was back at the office, catching up on paperwork.

He picked up the inconspicuous white, ceramic mug and walked out of his office and down the hall, past the offices of the other agents in FBI Elite Squadron Seven. Jerome Clark's window shutters were closed, and Fabian was willing to bet that he was snogging Mara Jaffray. Eddie Miller and Patricia Williamson were having a heated debate in Eddie's office, and strains of their argument floated out into the hallway.

"I told you, Yakker," Eddie said, using his nickname for Patricia. "If no one else thinks they're connected, then I doubt Victor will."

"I know these cases are connected somehow! These weird murders and Joy's sudden disappearance…" Patricia cried. "I know Joy was kidnapped!" Fabian quickly walked past the pair, not wanting to become involved in the argument, especially when it was about Joy.

Fabian reached the water fountain, but before he could pour the contents of his mug in there, he was interrupted by a voice.

"Agent Rutter." Fabian blinked and looked up to see Victor Rodenmaar Jr., the FBI team's administrator. His job was to oversee their actions and deal with the bureaucrats and politicians, but Victor never actually went out into the field with Fabian and the other Agents. Come to think of it, Fabian seriously doubted that Victor had even fired a gun.

"Yes, Mr. Rodenmaar?" Fabian asked. Victor was a stickler for rules and formal names, calling each of the agents on the team by their last names. He expected them to follow his example, but they never did.

"I would like you to gather all of the other agents in your squad and have them all meet in the conference room. I have an urgent matter that I must discuss with all of you." Victor's eye twitched slightly, the sole sign of the stress he was undergoing, what with one of the agents under his command having resigned and all.

Fabian felt his throat tighten slightly, but he managed to squeak out a, "Yes, Mr. Rodenmaar."

Victor nodded before strolling away towards the conference room, leaving Fabian standing by the water fountain with an almost full mug of green tea. Fabian blinked again then glanced back down at the drink he was holding, as if trying to recall what he was doing. After a second, he poured the green tea into the water fountain, vowing to get some black tea instead whenever time permitted.

Fabian then scurried back to his office and set down the mug before hurrying off yet again to round up his fellow agents.

"Amber!" He called to the blonde, who was doing her makeup.

Agent Amber Millington, out of Fabian's whole FBI team, was the one who was least like an agent. In fact, she wasn't even a full agent. Amber acted as the team's FBI Liaison Officer, which was basically a fancy term for the Agent who dealt with the media and the really heavy paperwork. The only time Amber would put on a bulletproof Kevlar vest was if it matched her outfit, and it was a bad habit of hers to pair up couples.

"Yes, Fabian?" Amber asked, finishing her eye shadow and putting down her compact mirror.

"Conference room- Victor needs to talk to all of us." Fabian churned out the information rather robotically before moving on to the next office.

Next was Agent Patricia Williamson's office. Her office was a complete disaster- stacks of paper covered every surface in the room except for a small pathway on the floor that could be used to walk to Patricia's desk. Patricia herself was one of Fabian's more…aggressive agents. She was an incredibly formidable agent, but her hot-headedness got her into loads of trouble.

"Conference room." Fabian said. "Now. It's Victor."Patricia, who had finished arguing with Eddie, let a huffy sigh but didn't question him, which was unlike her. Usually she was sarcastic and had a biting remark, but ever since Joy, whom Patricia had been best friends with, had disappeared…

Fabian quickly moved on to Agent Alfred, or 'Alfie,' Lewis' office before nostalgia could overtake him.

He was surprised when no buckets of water fell on his head when he entered Alfie's office. Alfie was known to prank others excessively, but he was also one of the best agents when it came to technology in the field, from trip wires to hidden cameras. Today Alfie's normally frivolous, joking manner was gone, replaced by the frustration that came with paperwork and politicians.

"Hey, Alfie. Victor wants us in the conference room." He told Alfie. Alfie nodded to acknowledge that he'd heard.

Fabian then headed to Agent Jerome Clark's office, where he was talking with Agent Mara Jaffray, which came as no surprise to Fabian. When Agent Mick Campbell had been transferred to another unit, Jerome had pounced upon the chance to impress Mara, his long-time crush.

Personally, Fabian thought that Jerome was that one agent who put a few toes over the line more often than most and was overly interested in personal gain (and Mara). But Fabian respected Jerome for his ability to devise strategic, and many times witty, plans to pull the team out of sticky situations. That being said, Jerome was also a huge co-conspirator with Alfie when it came to pranks.

Mara, on the other hand, was the total opposite of Jerome. She could come off as shy but was the most logical agent in Fabian's team. She knew all the facts and was a big believer in rules, which scored her points in Victor's book. She was pretty, but not Fabian's type- more like Jerome's. Before Mick Campbell had been assigned to another unit, Mara had been in a relationship with him, but now that relationship was tentative and fuzzy around the edges.

"Victor's called a meeting in the conference room ASAP." Fabian informed them. Jerome made a face but Mara tugged his arm.

"Jerome." She said with extreme sincerity. "Let's go."

Fabian moved on to inform the last person in his FBI unit that there was a meeting going on.

"Eddie, there's a meeting in the conference room." Agent Eddie Miller was stuffing his face with another hoagie- again. Fabian usually found Eddie's addiction to those sandwiches amusing, but not today.

"Yeah, I'm going." Eddie sprang up from his desk, spraying crumbs everywhere.

Fabian followed Eddie, who also happened to be the best interrogator on the team, out of his office. They both headed down the hallway to the conference room where Victor and the rest of the Agents were waiting.

Fabian himself, along with Joy, had been unofficially dubbed the leader of the FBI's Elite Squad Seven. Apparently the other saw him as a nerd who was as steady as a rock when it came to this job and was fit to lead them in their battle against crime. Granted, Fabian was a bit nerdy, but he was a nerd who could kick butt in the field. Just give him a gun and the Interpol database and he could lead his team to solve any case.

Eddie and Fabian arrived at the conference room, where everyone else had already arrived. Victor glared at them for a second before beginning his long monologue.

"As you all know, this team has been hit by a devastating loss. Agent Joy Mercer has taken a long leave of absence-"

"She's been kidnapped!" Patricia shrieked, flying out of her seat. "I'm telling you guys- I know Joy! She would never just resign without giving us any reasons! If Joy had really resigned, wouldn't she still be in contact with all of us?"

"Sit down, Agent Williamson!" Victor barked. He and Patricia engaged in a glaring contest before she finally sat down. "As you all know, Agent Joy Mercer has resigned from her job. For what reasons, I cannot say. All I know is that she mailed me her resignation and I accepted it."

Fabian shuffled awkwardly in his seat. Patricia was right about one thing. Joy wouldn't resign so suddenly, and definitely not without telling him why.

"Since Agent Mercer will not be returning to the Bureau, we have found a replacement." Victor announced.

Replacement. Victor made it sound like Joy was an object or some sort of toy, that if she were broken, they could simply replace her with someone else. Fabian swallowed. It wasn't like that- he and Joy had been FBI Cadets together and had worked their ways up the ranks to get here. Who could replace his best friend?

"Agent Mercer's will be replaced by Agent Nina Martin." Victor announced.

The door of the conference room opened and a young woman stepped in. Fabian's jaw literally dropped open.

Agent Nina Martin was, debatably, the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. There was a certain modesty about her that drew his attention. The fact that she had luscious blonde (or is it light brown?) hair and green eyes that sparkled with excitement (and perhaps glinted with a hint of madness- the good kind) didn't hurt either.

"You- you want to replace Joy?" Patricia cried, voicing Fabian's earlier thoughts. "Well, I'm telling you one thing, Victor! I'm not accepting your replacement!" She finished her proclamation with one of her trademark sneers and stalked out of the room with the fury of a tempest.

"I'll go after her." Eddie muttered with a small sigh, hoagie vanquished to the depths of his stomach. He raced out of the room after Patricia.

Fabian turned to the front of the room once again, where Nina was standing there, looking as shocked as they all were. There was a long and awkward silence.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Nina." Fabian said with a smile that was half genuine, half apologetic. "Sorry about Patricia. I'm Fabian. Fabian Rutter."

"Um, hi." Nina's voice was as wonderful as the rest of her, but she seemed extremely inexperienced for a typical FBI Agent. "It's nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine." Fabian shook Nina's hand. The rest of the other agents got up and greeted Nina.

When the introductions had finished, Victor grumbled, "Now off you go, all of you! Back to work! I want to be able to hear a pin drop!" He held up his infamous pin, sending the agents scattering, before addressing Fabian.

"Fabian, show Agent Martin to her office. She is to work in Agent Mercer's old office." Fabian nodded and led Nina out of the conference room, not forgetting to hold the door open for her.

"So, do you guys do this every day?" Nina asked with a small smile. "Sit around doing paperwork?"

"Not quite," He told her, returning her smile. "This FBI unit has caught several kidnappers, sexual sadists, and serial killers throughout its career."

"Well, I'm honored to be partnered with the best of the best," Nina said as they entered Joy's old office.

Fabian flicked on the light. Joy's office hadn't been cleared out yet; papers were still stacked on the desk and notices, along with pictures, were still tacked onto the corkboard that hung on one wall.

"So, this is your new workplace!" Fabian said, the cheer in his voice a little forced. Even though Nina was beautiful, kind, and friendly, he couldn't help but miss and worry about Joy.

"Wow, it's really nice in here." Nina sat down at the desk. "Who's this? Is she your girlfriend?" She pointed at a framed picture of Joy and Fabian both laughing, most likely over some stupid joke.

Before he could answer, a snide voice that belonged to a certain redhead rang out. "That's not Fabian's girlfriend. That's his former partner, Joy Mercer- the agent you're replacing."

"Patricia!" Fabian cried indignantly. "Nina's not replacing Joy!"

"Yeah?" Patricia sneered. "It seems to me like she is."

"Look, I'm not here to replace anyone." Nina held up her hands in surrender. "I'm just here to do my job!"

"Yeah, and your job is to REPLACE JOY!" Patricia shouted the last two words accusingly, her eyes beaming a death glare at Nina.

"Hey-" Fabian pushed Patricia back. "Knock it off.""Fabian!" Jerome called, strolling in and taking in the sight of the angry Patricia. "Woah, guys, don't kill the messenger." He said.

"What is it?" Fabian asked, his patience wearing a bit thin.

"A package arrived for you," Jerome handed a plain brown box to him.

With an impatient sigh, Fabian tore open the parcel and opened the box.

He froze.

The box was empty, save for a single sheet of paper. It was a typed note- a note addressed to him.


You have to help me before it's too late. I don't know what's happened. I don't even know where I am. He's got me and I don't know what he plans to do next.

Help me, please.


When Fabian finished reading it, his hands were shaking so badly that he could barely hold onto the piece of paper.

"What does it mean?" Nina asked in a hushed whisper, eyes wide and frightened. Behind her, Jerome's mouth was wide open. Patricia's eyes were accusing, screaming, I told you so!

"It means," Fabian whispered, every nerve in his body screaming at him to do something, to go save his former partner. "That Joy may have been kidnapped."

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