*a little BASED on episode 274* The green haired, swordsman ran. Where had his companions gone? Well wherever they were was past him. "Always getting lost…" he mumbled under his breath. "Here!" he said in his mind as he opened a heavy door with metal bars over its mini window. He ran, hearing only the tapping of his feet on the tile. Prison cells fell on both sides of him with little to none light from the old, metallic, swaying lanterns. He then took a sharp left and started running again, seeing a door, like the one he just went threw, and sped for it, but something caught his eye. Hiding in the far corner of an old, rusty jail cell was a small, huddled figure.

He stopped, and peered into the dusty cage. The figure was tiny, not a child, but defiantly feminine. He leaned in closer and the hilts of his swords hit the metal bars, making the figure's head fly up. Revealing huge, blue, sad eyes, scared by the sudden intrusion of noise Zoro had created. He was stunned, frozen in place as the eyes of this…stranger hit his heart. Out of reaction he kicked the iron door open, frightening the female figure even more as she let out a little shriek. "I'm here to help, don't worry." He reassured her as he tried to lift her up, but the heavy chains around her wrists stopped him. For some reason he felt like he needed to help her, desperately needed to help her.

"Why are you here?" he asked the fragile looking girl. She was so tiny. "Um, the…government told me I was too dangerous…" she mumbled, flinching as Zoro looked at the heavy, handcuffs. The girl's wrists were rubbed raw, and dry blood covered her hands. He glared, getting angry, how could this girl be dangerous? It looked as if he could break her with one wrong move, but what bugged himself more was his reaction. Why was he getting emotional? "Hold your hands out and as far apart as you can." Zoro ordered. The girl did as told and tilted her head in an act of questioning. He pulled out his cursed sword and raised it over his head, the girl's face dropped.

Zoro could tell she was scared, but the fact that she just shut her eyes and looked away, proved to him that this girl had some guts, and trusted him. In one fluent swing the chains connecting the tight, cuffs together cut. Allowing this stranger to move around a lot more, and she smiled at him, saying thank you in an action. Looking at her smile made Zoro's heart skip a few beats. This girl had long hair, but with the low light he couldn't tell what color it was. But her eyes were a bright enough blue that it was obvious. "Come on." He grunted, just realizing what he was supposed to be doing. He knelt down and helped the girl onto his back. "Only because we need to go fast…" he told himself as he felt her small body against his back.

He ripped open the door, only to realize he was right back to when he entered the door. "Dammit…" he mumbled. Footsteps could be heard from the above level and Zoro looked up at the ceiling, getting an idea. "As long as I go up, I can use anything." He smiled pulling out all three of his swords. "Hold on." Zoro told the girl on his back. He swung his arms, preparing himself. "Tatsumaki!" his voice rang out as he started spinning, using his swords to make a tornado of slashing metal. Zoro started spinning so fast that the legs of the girl attached to his back started flinging outward. Scared she clutched onto his neck harder, pressing her chest onto his shoulder blades, Zoro flushed a red color.

"Sure this girl was tiny, but she defiantly had a…chest…" he thought in his head. Nami's and Chopper's screaming could be heard loud and clear from above them, making Zoro stop. With a look up he smiled, he cut straight to the roof. "How…how are we going to get up there?" the tiny voice from his back asked. He almost didn't notice he was carrying her, almost. Thinking to himself again made him blush. "Climb." The swordsman answered, getting his first grip. She whimpered and held on tighter, almost making Zoro falter as he climbed. "Just don't look down." He mumbled back, trying to make her feel better. "Don't worry…I trust you."

Zoro's heart reacted to the compliment and he was glad they were at the top, because he almost fell. "Zoro!" Nami yelled, turning around to see the swordsman with a girl on his back. "I knew it was you, we were lucky it was only the after effect! We would have died if we'd been in the center of that goddamn technique! And who's that on your back!" Zoro gently let the stranger off and took a look at her wrists, which had started to bleed again with all the movement. "Tch, what's wrong with you two?" Zoro asked, taking out his cured sword again. He had to get the hand cuffs off. Suddenly, Sanji burst threw the roof a little farther away from them. "Shishinabe Shoot!" he yelled, flying threw the air. Zoro sighed and raised his sword.

"Don't worry." He told her when she closed her big, blue eyes. Within seconds, and a swing from his sword, the iron cuffs landed on the ground. Chopper's doctors instinct kicked in once he saw the girls wrist. "Are you ok? How old are these? Do you know an estimate of how much blood you've lost?" he asked, while changing into his normal, short self. She had little time to answer his questions before Chopper started treating her. Finally Zoro got a good look at the girl he had just saved, her hair was a bright, shiny blonde, complimented by porcelain like skin, and her eyes, he couldn't forget those eyes. The brightest blue he's ever seen, almost brighter then the sky itself.

"An angel! An angel sent by God itself!" Sanji yelled, coming up to the girl with a rose in hand. His eyes were huge hearts, pumping outside of their sockets. This angered Zoro slightly as he crossed his arms and acted normally, like always. The girl's cheeks turned pink, which stood out on her white, china doll-like skin. This made Sanji freak out more, until he saw her wrists. "My angel, who did this too you!" Sanji yelled. "Sanji calm down." Nami mumbled annoyed, but something differed from this situation and every other one, Sanji didn't stop. He gingerly took her hand and kissed the fingers. "My Goddess I shall protect you from here on out."

"I said stop it" Nami said, slamming her fist into his skull. While everyone was calming down Zoro noticed the girl taking in the sun, and all her surroundings. As if she had been in that cell for a long time, he wouldn't put it past the government. "Akuma, Kūki! How did they find you! Get away from the pirates, or we shall destroy you along with them. But we still have use for you, a great use, as the buster calls main weapon." Spandam yelled down at the group, eyeing the small girl. "The buster call's main weapon?" Nami repeated, taking steps away from her.