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"Sorry to keep you waiting."

A voice from up on the balcony called out, gaining all of the crews attention. It was the woman from before, the tall brunette with that metal exoskeleton on her left arm.

"That is no problem at all my angel!" Sanji called out, already snapping out of his previous anger as he saw another female.

The girl's eyebrow quirked a tad as she started walking down the staircase to the right.

"Angel?" she asked, walking over to the group and pulling out the chair at the head of the table as she sat.

"Who are you?" Luffy asked, breaking the silence and pocking his head around to get a look at her.

"My name is Abura, Lily. I'm the head inventor on this island...well the only inventor I guess you could say." she laughed, pulling a cigarette pack from her pocket.

"Inventor?" Franky asked, that one word catching his attention.

Lily flicked her lighter, lighting the smoke as she nodded and then finally looked up at the person who spoke. Her cigarette almost fell out of her mouth, seeing Franky for the first time. instead of the usual weird glances that the cyborg always received this lady was staring at him like a kid staring at all the Christmas presents under the tree.

"Oh wow..." she walked over immediately, running her hands over Franky's mechanical arms and even going as far as inspecting his nose.

Everyone stopped and watched at the anomaly that was happening before them. Sanji's mouth hit the floor, a female actually skipped over him and was now paying attention to Franky out of all people! She was going over their shipwright with a fine tooth comb, not caring that she was currently invading someone's personal space, but Franky didn't seem to mind. He had an expression of pride on his face as the other inventor looked at his 'work', someone else who could appreciate it.

"So the power source comes from..." Lily mumbled, taking it all in.

She placed her left arm with the metal attached to it on her hip as the other held the smoke to her mouth, "Here." she answered pointing to his abdomen.

The cyborg look generally impressed, this girl had some knowledge.

"You have everything divided equally so it had to be in the middle and in a big enough area to house an energy source." she explained smugly, pointing out how she could guess.

"Sorry to interrupt," Nami started, finally breaking the weird atmosphere, "But we would like to know what going on."

"Oh..."Lily turned and looked at each crew mate, ending at Kuki, "Of course, sorry about that."

Her laugh made Nami's face turn in annoyance.

"She's not the most serious royalty I've met." Robin chuckled, holding her hand to cover her mouth.

Zoro, Kuki, Brook, Ussop, and Chopper nodded in agreement silently.

"Oh I'm not royalty princess, just the 'royal' inverter." Lily explained as she caught Kuki nodding.

The crew fell silent at the term 'Princess', not knowing what to say everyone looked to the small girl.

"S-sorry...I just..." the helmsman mumbled, this was going to be a lot harder then she thought.

She couldn't just pretend to be the Princess, how was she going to know everything that the real Princess would?

"It's alright, I wouldn't expect you to know since you've been gone for so long." the brunette explained, flicking the butt of her cigarette to the floor just as Sanji had done earlier, only this time one of the guards standing by the columns ran over, kneeled down and picked it up along with the one from earlier.

"Just how long has Ku- the Princess been gone?" Nami asked, slipping up only to catch herself at a moments notice.

"And just how exactly, did our friend here, leave this island?" Robin quickly added, curiously.

Kuki felt...awkward. This girl here actually thought that she was her Princess, and having her only other female crew mates ask questions about 'her' made it feel even more wrong.

"Fourteen years ago, that was when Tochihanna had it's depression." Lily mumbled, thinking back, "I was six at the time so I don't remember all that well...I just remember we didn't have any outsiders to the island after that one day..."

"Lily!" A voice cut off the inventor, "Let's not remind the Princess of that incident on her first day back home, shall we?"

Up on the balcony stood a tall, pale skinned man. He looked to be about twenty-three, twenty-four with jet black hair that was cut short and spiked up in the front in a very clean manner. He wore a dark, blackish blue, double buttoned suit jacket with gold buttons. His pants were the same colour as his jacket and perfectly ironed that the folds were sharp in the front and back. The man carried a sword at his right hip, which clung to his side by being hooked in a dark brown leather belt. A black cape like thing was hooked on his right shoulder and only right shoulder, covering his right side but leaving the other open almost as if to hide the weapon, but you could still tell it was there if you looked hard enough.

"Of course Prince, sorry I wasn't thinking." Lily mumbled not bowing like the rest of the guards in the oversized room had upon his arrival.

So this was the prince, well he did look like the classic fairy tale character. Kuki looked up from his wardrobe straight to his face, he was staring right at her. The same pale icy eyes everyone on this island had were looking straight threw her. He was going to find out...he was going to know that she wasn't the Princess. Obviously because he would know his own sister, right? If they called him the Prince and her the Princess didn't that mean they were siblings?

Sanji and Zoro both jumped up, one reaching for his sword the other lifting his foot a tad bit off the ground. Each wore the same expression though, as they glared at the new comer.

"It's you!"

"Yes, as I said before I am quite sorry for what happened earlier." the Prince said again, eyeing Luffy as he tried to get over the Captain's eating habits.

Apparently the Prince was the man who had...hypnotized Sanji and Zoro into thinking what they had when they were captured. So this man had a Devil Fruit? Kuki looked at him from the corner of her eye, for some reason the thought of a story book Prince having anything other then his 'trusty steed' and sword was a little...hard to believe, but how else did he do that to the Swordsman and Cook? With an apology and a little of 'enforcement' from the Navigator both men forgave the Prince and dropped all of their ill-will. After that, the entire crew was invited to stay and have a banquet for the return of the Princess. He actually believed she was the Princess too! It blew Kuki's mind, as well as made her feel worse for tricking everyone but one thought kept coming up in her mind...where was the real one?

"Hm..." Zoro grumbled from his seat, filling his mouth with food so he had an excuse to not speak since Nami was currently staring him down.

The Prince sat at the head of the table, with Kuki to his right at the head as the 'Princess'. Luffy sat at the first chair to the left side, Zoro beside him then Sanji, Franky and lastly Brooke, Kuki thought that the skeleton was put the farthest away because he actually scared the Prince with...well being a skeleton and all but that was only a thought. One the right, Nami was first, then Robin followed by Chopper and Ussop.

"For bringing the Princess back, I have secured a room for each of you within the castle. You can stay as long as you'd like." the Prince explained, cutting his finely cooked chicken breast into perfect little squares.

"Well that sure is nice!" Luffy laughed, talking as the entire chicken breast was in his mouth.

Nami covered her face in embarrassment as the Prince looked entirely shocked at the act. Robin, on the other hand, just covered her mouth politely and chuckled.

"It was..." the man's eyebrows raised a little in surprise, "no problem at all. I understand that the Princess must have made some strong friendships with you and you're crew. So I don't want to make her friends leave right away."

With that explanation Kuki almost choked on her food, having to take a quick sip of water from the expensive looking glass by her plate. The Prince glanced over at her with a worried look, as did everyone else.

"S-sorry," She mumbled, blushing as she looked at everyone, "I'm fine."

The Prince smiled lightly and reached to tuck some of her hair behind her ear and out of her face, only to turn back to his conversation with Luffy. Zoro grunted quite audibly, making Nami glare and Kuki look up at him. The Swordsman was starring daggers at the Prince.

"I'm his 'sister'" Kuki mouthed back silently making sure the man beside her didn't see.

With one last glare Zoro looked back down at his food, with that over the Helmsman's mind started racing. The Prince thought I was was this going to work. Were they going to take all the gold and just sneak off in the night? It actually made her feel wrong, obviously something happened to this man's real sister and he was so thrilled by the idea of having her back that he was able to fall for the trick that Kuki was his sister.

"You guys are welcome to stay for the wedding." the Prince offered with a charming, perfect smile.

Nami's eyes shined, a royal wedding!? Just imagining how much money was going to be in one place was making her drool.

"Oh, then we brought back your sister just in time for your wedding." Ussop added in between chews, "That's good."

Kuki felt so bad that the food in her mouth felt tasteless and rubbery, how could she go threw with this.

"My sister?" the man of royalty asked, looking at the long nosed man with a quirked, perfectly arched eyebrow.

Kuki looked up and along the table, the Archeologist's eyes widened in surprise.

"Do you have no memory at all?" he asked, looking into the Helmsman's eyes, finding misplaced confusion.

"I...ugh..." the blonde muttered, not understanding a thing that was happening.

"Ohhhh!" Brooke yelped, eye sockets widening.

"" Sanji mumbled under his breath, his one eye wide open.

What was happening?

"You're not my sister..." the Prince tried to explain, " I can understand where you might have thought that idea."

Zoro finally caught on, whipping his head towards the two at the head of the table.

"Your my fiance."