I have an idea! I remember watching 'Quest for Camelot' when I was a child and then I thought I'd do a Danny Phantom story based off of it! Of course I added a bit of my personal touch to it to make the story nice and long.

Here's a prologue!

Quest for Amity Park


Long ago, the kingdom of Amity Park was at war with the Ghost Zone. Natural Ghost Portals were opening up randomly all over the kingdom. Ghosts would use these portals to enter the Human Realm and usually cause chaos. Very few ghosts wished to coexist with the living.

The Fright Knight, the Spirit of Halloween, soon led an army of ghosts against the living. However, Lord Clockwork, the Ghost of Time, froze the time stream and put a time medallion on the general of the human army, James Fenton Nightingale, and spoke of a truce.

"This kingdom is called Amity Park, right?" asked Clockwork.

"Yes. Why are you asking that question?" asked General Nightingale.

"It's called that for a reason," Clockwork answered. "'Amity' means 'friendship'. So why are we fighting?"

"You wish to harm us," answered James.

"Harm you? No. Frighten you? Yes. It's a ghost's nature to scare the living. A ghost can choose to scare for good or evil. Very few of us harm the living."

"Well, not many humans like being frightened either," James Fenton Nightingale.

"I know," Clockwork replied. "But then again, I know everything. Not all ghosts are evil though. Some of us want to be left alone. Some of us wish to coexist. Perhaps we can come to an agreement?"

"I'm listening," James said.

Eventually, James Fenton Nightingale led his army to victory. James managed to turn the Soul Shredder, Fright Knight's weapon that was notoriously known to send whoever it struck to the dimension of your worst fear, onto the Fright Knight. He made the ghosts promise that they may stay in Amity Park as long as they do not harm another human. They must coexist with humans as either wandering spirits or guardian spirits.

The ghosts agreed and presented the living the Soul Shredder, now resting in a pumpkin, as a peace offering. The ghosts said that the agreement would end if anyone were dumb enough to pull the sword from the pumpkin.

The kingdom rejoiced. For his quick thinking and bravery, James Fenton Nightingale was proclaimed king of Amity Park. For generations, the living and the dead coexisted happily. Ghosts that lived in the Human Realm used their talents to improve the kingdom. Technology was evolving quickly. Some ghosts wished to remain alone and would haunt abandoned buildings, homes and cemeteries. Other ghosts would become guardians for families. Some even became servants to the Royal Family, including Clockwork.

However, one day King John Fenton Nightingale, notoriously known for being clueless, found the Soul Shredder hidden in the Treasure Room. Out of curiosity he pulled the sword from the pumpkin. When the ghosts learned of the king's foolish mistake, they turned on the living and went back to war with them. The kingdom blamed the king. Out of shame, he dropped the name Nightingale and became Fenton.

Only a handful of ghosts remained loyal to the Royal Family: the ghostly servants of the castle, a tribe of yeti-like ghosts in the Far Frozen north of the kingdom, and Lord Clockwork.

However, Clockwork knew this was going to happen but he saw another era of peace in the centuries to come. A halfa, a being that is half-human, half-ghost, would lead the kingdom of Amity Park into a whole new era.

I loved 'Quest for Camelot' then and I still love it now! I'm trying to make the chapters as long as possible. I hope you enjoyed this short prologue! The real story starts in the next chapter. It starts in the gang's childhoods, like in the movie, but of course it quickly fasts forwards to adulthood.

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