Well everyone, it's here! After waiting so patiently for me to rest and try (and failed horribly, due to writters block) to catch up on my other stories, I have finally written it! So without further delay:

The Dimensional Twist

Chapter one

Phineas lay in his bed, bored out of his mind. He was still getting over the weeks of not eating or drinking anything. He was just happy he was awake, and alive. Ferb had told him how close he was to dying, and with how weak he had been after waking up the first time, he believed it. He wanted to be able to build though. He had already missed a few weeks of fun with his brother, and now he had already missed a week more.

He couldn't remember what he had dreamed about during that long week of sleep in the hospital. All he could remember was waking up in Ferb's arms, hearing that Perry was about to get sent away. He looked over at Perry, who was asleep beside him, and stroked his fur absentmindedly. Ever since his family forced him to stay in bed until he was better, Perry was almost always by his side. The only times he wasn't there was when he needed to eat or use the bathroom. It felt weird to Phineas, not asking 'Where's Perry?' anymore. He wondered if Perry missed being a secret agent at all.

He would try sleeping, since he apparently still needed a lot of it, but he couldn't. Almost every night, he woke the entire house up by waking up in the middle of the night, screaming. He could never remember what was wrong though. It worried them a little bit, because they knew they could never help him if they never knew what was wrong with him. He hated going to sleep now, because he was afraid of what he would see in his nightmare that night, especially since it would be gone when he opened his eyes. But before he could stop himself, he felt his eyes sliding closed.

Doofenshmirtz paced in a room much grander then the room he had been in before, when he still had his prisoners. It may just be a hotel room, but it was still better. He was still mad at himself for leaving them behind, but he knew he'd be able to have them back soon enough. After all, he still had his very own killing devise, otherwise known as Platyborg. He also had the machines Phineas had made him. Either way, he was happy because he was much more comfortable then he had been in a while.

'This is so much better then dealing with those brats. And after all, soon you'll have your own empire. And as soon as that happens, you'll be able to make sure their lives as horrible as yours has been. They will get more than a simple doom this time. Their lives will be so horrible, their week in your hospitality will seem like a paradise to them.' He told himself as he looked out the window.

It was all too beautiful to him. The sky was light blue, with tiny white clouds slowly going by. The sun was almost blindingly bright. Birds joyfully flew by his window, unaware of the man glaring at them. But the worst part was when he looked down and saw the people. They were all in bright colors, seeming to be celebrating the summertime. They were all in groups, talking to each other. He could almost hear the happy chatter from his room. Little kids ran around, huge smiles on their faces. It seemed like almost everyone was smiling. It was horrible. Completely horrible. Doofenshmirtz pulled the shades over the window suddenly, leaving the room in darkness.

He smiled once he was back in the darkness. He was much more used to this. This was what his life was full of. Darkness. It was the only familiar thing he had here. Everything else was different. It was new. It wasn't his. He didn't like it at all. He wished everything was back to how it was before Phineas and his silent brother came and ruined his life. He was just happy to know this nightmare would end soon.

Suddenly, the door creaked open, making Doofenshmirtz jump as a little light entered the room. A young lady entered the room. She light long, curly, golden hair that swept majestically down to her shoulders. Her eyes, barely visible in the dim room, were aquamarine. Her lips were full, and a lovely shade of peach. She wasn't wearing much make-up, just a little eye shadow and mascara. She was short compared to Doofenshmirtz, and skinny. She looked just like a maid, in a short black dress with a frilly white apron that was shorter than the dress. Her shoes were also black, with short heals. She had a surprised look on her face, looking at the man who was in the room.

"Who are you?" She asked in an almost childish sounding voice. Doofenshmirtz guessed that she was in her early twenties, at the oldest. She looked at a paper, which probably had the room numbers on it. Obviously, she cleaned the rooms once people left. "There isn't supposed to be anyone in here. How did you get in here? Oh my gosh, I need to go tell the boss!" she screamed, turning to run out the door. She never made it out though. She was suddenly zapped with more energy then she had ever felt before. She fell to the ground instantly. The last thing she remembered seeing before she shut her eyes were two figures standing over her, one tall one, and one short one.

She could have sworn she heard the man speak to the short figure in a heavy German accent, saying, "Now that she's down use something that will make sure she will never remember this."

None of them knew that in a house hundreds of miles away, Phineas Flynn was waking up, screaming from his newest nightmare that he couldn't even remember.

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