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Story: Mainly About How Things Were Back Then KINDA. Only Thing About Back Then Is That Women Have No Rights (=.=). So Sakura Haruno Takes A Stand Before Sent Away To Be Put Into A Marriage By The Cruelest Man Know To Them. So She Runs Away With Her Side Kick Tenten And They Start Up A New World. Howl.

Year: 2012.

Date: March 22

Time: 6:49.

I'm inside of my room all alone.

Soon to be married to someone I don't know.

Sitting and waiting to be dead.

And waiting for death too rear its ugly head.

I know he is waiting for me to break.

But before I do I will run away.

Into the coldness.

I will fade.

It's almost time for it to happen. I feel so sick, like my stomach is breaking into small pieces and slowly dying with my soul. Now I understand my mother's words of "Enjoy your youth while you have it". But I was only 6 not knowing what the word youth even meant. Now I'm only 13, getting ready to go off and marry the leader of the Deathic Nation. I honestly don't want to marry him no matter how "Hot" girls claim him to be. My elder sister says that she would kill him in the middle of the night just so he'd have to marry the next best thing.

I wish she would.

Here in the Deathic Nation woman have no rights, no rights in any nation that you would go to. So it's useless to try to escape. I wish it was different, I wish I could change it. Make a world where right are equal or when only woman rule. I wish it was different or at least change..just a little bit more. I feel a tear go down my face as I wipe it away. I hear my name being called and I feel my heart skip a beat.

"SAKURA!" My mother yells my name in her kindest voice, which isn't kind at all.

I don't respond, responding to a command is considered rude. I walk down the spiral staircase, up to my mother and my (wicked) elder sister. My mom's face brightens up for the first time in my 13 years of living. She grabs my hair and starts running her fingers through it.

"Now honey, look sharp! You are marrying royalty! No more goofing around with silly things and acting immature and rude" She said giving me a good glare. I was known for being "Immature and Rude" from my sisters lies and rumors.

I nod my head knowing better than to respond with "Yes mother" which in my eyes seems very polite. My mom sends me upstairs so she can do my hair and make me "A clean young lady". My mother yanked on my hair so hard I began to cry, but crying was impolite and so was complaining. She combed my hair up into a large pony-tail and covered me in makeup. She dressed me into a white curve hugging dress with small designs all over it. She made me wear high heels that seemed like stilts! She gave my long white gloves that went to my elbow.

I looked at myself into the mirror. This is what they called "A beautiful young lady". I think of this dress as the dress of my death bed. I don't want to marry this man; I know the things they do to woman! I've seen it myself and it's too cruel and too much to handle.


I, mother, and elder sister were exiting the local transportation device and a woman wouldn't listen to her husband. She was having a breakdown. She screamed and kicked at the man as he grabbed her by her wrist and shook her.

"YOU'RE MAKING A FOOL OUT OF ME!" He yelled at her. She wouldn't listen.

I looked over at my mother covering her face from tears. Crying was rude. My sister on the other hand was LAUGHING, Laughing at this woman's cries, finally the man had enough he struck the woman and threw her on the floor and raped the woman. I was letting a tear go down my face as I felt sorrow for the woman, even worse after he stabbed her in the heart killing her.

After that I learned my lesson of crying and going against your mate and how a woman's life isn't hopeful.

~End Of Flashback~

My stomach feels sick after remembering it all. Then the one I am to marry is royalty, royalty is crueler than a poor man off the street. I shivered as I looked at the clock. 30 minutes before I am put into Hell basically. I look out the window and see my bad cold life flash before my very eyes. I think of my friends. My best friend Tenten and I would daydream of a world where only women rule, If only I had made her dreams come true before she was forced into marriage, like I promised.


Tenten and I sat under a tree looking up at the sky, only 7 years old with big dreams inside of our minds.

"And and the walls will be made of unbreakable ice!" Tenten gasps at her accusation.

"That's brilliant! Oh and there will be archers that protect at all times!" I giggled.

"Yes! Since you are a brilliant archer Sakura! And we will be the strongest because of my lighting nature and your ice nature." Tenten whispered the last part. Whomever Has Nature Powers And Is A Woman Must Be Killed On Contact.

"Yeah and the strongest, no one will defeat us!" I giggled loudly

"You would be the leader and I'd be your head in the council!" Tenten smiled at me

"Yes, I want it all to happen"

"Sakura promise me, you will make this happen before my life end" She grabbed my hand.

"I promise Tenten" We pinkie promised.

Years Later, Tenten was to marry Neji Hyuga an abusive Deathic Natured man.

On her wedding day before she was to leave forever she looked at me with tears.

"Sakura, you promised, YOU PROMISED!" She cried being taken away. I responded in the worst way possible.

"Rule number 7: Thou shall not cry." I said as tears ran down my face as Tenten was carried away from me forever.

~End Of Flashback~

I cringed at the memory; my worst memory ever was losing the most closet person to me. Tenten didn't live to far away from me, I could go and get her and talk to her, Apologize. I decided I would go to her before my life ends for good. I went out the front door without a soul noticing and I travel 2 miles to the Hyuga part of the Deathic Community, I knew I was going to be late for my own wedding.

I had approached the front door of the Hyuga household, I knew better than to knock so I looked through the windows and looked and looked for Tenten. Finally I found her. I opened her window and sneaking into it and taping Tenten on the shoulder. Tenten turned around and her eyes widened and they glistened.

"Sakura, my dear friend, it's been so long!" She pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. "Sakura your wedding is today! Why are you here?" She asked with such hopefulness and fear.

"Tenten... I want to keep my promise." I said giving her a serious look.

"Promise, what promise?" Tenten asked, confused.

"The promise I made long ago, to build our own world, and to live without men and unnecessary rules!"

"Sakura, what if we get caught and they kill us! Or what if they hunt us down?" Tenten asked with sad eyes.

"Tenten, it's better to die then to live a life as a toy." Tenten looked at me so serious "It's time for us to use what we were born to do, use the powers we received. Tenten are you with me, to keep the promise?" I asked.

It was silent.

"Sakura, I'm ready, to fulfill our dreams, and to become Independent." Tenten smiled.

We knuckle touched and from then we became independent for once in our pathetic lives.

Tenten and I were dressed in long black cloaks to look like men, our hoods draped over our heads we made it past 5 guards and had made it to the last one so then we could leave home free, and then guards started to talk.

"Did you hear? The peasant girl escaped from home and is missing! And late for the wedding with-" The guard was cut off.

"Don't say his name! He will come and ask questions! And did you hear? The Hyuga's prized possession is missing too."

"I bet they went off together, Women!" They both laughed.

It was me and Tenten's turn and I could tell Tenten was nervous.

"Halt! Where do you gentlemen wish to venture to?"

"We wish to venture to The Fire Community, then to the Life Community." I answered in my deepest voice.

"What are your names, gentlemen?"

"Uhh, Charlie Frank and Linn Forge!" I exclaimed as I could hear Tenten mentally cursing in defeat.

"Passes to ye right, gentleman!" Tenten and I walked quickly out when one of the guards grabbed Tenten's hood and pulled it down.

"WOMAN!" The guard shouted and Tenten ducked to dodge the man that threw a punch at her.

Tenten gave me a scared look and I nodded, responding, Breaking rule 5, She did a few hand signs and shouted "Lightning Current!" and she put her hands on the ground sending electric waves through the ground bringing the men to their behinds.

"WOMEN, NATURE WOMEN TRYING TO ESCAPE! GET THE LEADER AND THE COUNCIL!" One of the guards said starting to run with the speed of Tenten's lightning bolts.

"It's the Hyuga's wife, along with the new bride of our leader!"

"Run, Tenten!" I yelled at Tenten and we went for it, running with fear, with guilt, with excitement, being free was a few steps away.

***Sasuke Pov***

I've had a horrible day, first Neji pisses me off and I have to strike a woman, second my wife doesn't show to our wedding and I find out she's missing, third I find out that she's on the run with Neji's wife trying to escape, and she has nature powers.

The council and I were walking to the gates when we saw the guards beaten and bruised on the floor with electric currents coming from the ground, I scowled at them.

"All of you get up and get those women come back with them, you live, you don't come back with them, and you will die." I walked back to the palace; head held high and prepared to kill some idiots this chaotic day. Like they should, the guards instantly went after the women, knowing they wouldn't be able to catch them I sent Naruto along.

I sighed; I really liked my future wife, she seemed like she'd be that one girl that would please me the most and she likes to play games like I do, the hard way.

~ Sakura's Pov~

Tenten and I were running so fast every time I turned to look at Tenten it seemed to only be a blur. We were getting chased by guards as my legs felt worn out, having enough of this nonsense, I stopped, and so did Tenten.

"What's a matter?" She asked.

"Don't run, now it's time to fight" I gave her an encouraging look and she nervously smiled.

Tenten did a few hand signs and lightning came from her fingers forming into a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt leaked electrical currents, burned an electric blue, and would kill thousands. Tenten gave me a look that said that she was ready to fight. Feeling out matched I extended my arms then clasped them back together doing lots of hand signs at the speed of light, then shouted.

"Ice Nature: Ice Guardian!"

Ice arose from behind me and formed into an Ice Guardian; The Ice Guardian had a teal complexion with a long white beard, bears the clothes of Viking, the face of a warrior, and wielded a giant sword made entirely out of ice. Tenten and I charged at full force, no mercy in our hearts, and bloodlust in our eyes.

Tenten charged in just a bit faster than me and jumped into the air and threw her lightning bolt at them, as it flew in the air it grew bigger hitting all of them to the ground. I swung in from behind, stopped in front of them falling to my knees, I started pounding on the ground making it crumble, hitting all of them with the Ice Guardians giant hands. I jumped up from the ground, and I did hand signs and yelled.

"ICE NATURE: ICIAN BOUND FOREVER!" I hit one of my hands to the ground and a shock wave of ice came over the whole land we were fighting on and covered the guards in all of the ice.

Tenten huffed and smiled at me and gave me an excited cheer, we did good. My Ice Guardian vanished, I ran over to Tenten and we began walking away from the fight scene, It was over.

Or so I thought.

A large fox-like demon jumped in front of us breaking all of the ground around him. It fiercely growled at us, bearing his fangs, he had blazes of fire coming out of its body; his eyes were black as night and his teeth were dripping with blood. Tenten panicked and summoned another lightning bolt; I on the other hand did some hand signs and hit my hand on the ground.

"Ice Nature: Dove Of Ice!" A large dove appeared; it screamed and started attacking the monster.

Tenten put her lightning bolt away and gave me a confused look.

"No more time to fight, it's time to retrieve old friends." I said as Tenten's eyes widened in happiness as if she knew who I was speaking of. We ran, leaving behind the Deathic nation behind to fulfill our dreams.

"I will not bow to another man, creature, or any other human being in my life ever again." I swore, and it will forever stay that way.

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~Sakura Kimiko.