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We're Off To See Eonian!


She couldn't really explain the feeling she had anymore; neither did she comprehend what happened exactly. What did happen happened too fast for her liking. It just happened. There Tenten lay dead and breathless then something rumbles and the ground shook, a long, giant, deep black, somewhat nonexistent hand came out of the ground and took her. It surprised everyone and left them all shock. No one had any idea what had happened, it just did.

"W-what just happened!?" Hinata stared wide eyed at the area where Tenten once lie.

"Tenten..." Neji mumbled under his breath from his distance but was still heard by the others.

"Temari-Chan..." Hinata started but she cut her off.

"TENTEN!" Temari leaned forward, covering her face and gasping loudly and crying heavily "You did this to her, you wanted her dead and you accomplished this. I WILL KILL YOU." Temari cried, charging at Neji with all her might in one death-blow punch.

~ Sakura~

Sakura intently watched Ino with such suspicion. She was acting different than the usual spunky Ino who had anything but energy. This Ino acted scared, nervous, uneasy, and upset. She narrowed her eyes as they continued down the path to Howl, Usually when one ventures to the free land they feel somewhat happy not feeling like they're in divorce therapy. She sighed and tapped her fingers on her head; she had much more things to think about than her friends change personality. Like Eonian. She had no idea what to expect or the danger there.


Tenten's eyes fluttered open as she sat up and took in her mysterious surroundings. She saw black grass, an eerie fog, and the smell of death reeked everywhere.

"Am I in Hell?" She thought.

She turned her head and saw multicolored flowers and white skies.

"Or am I in Heaven?"

She saw that she sat on the line that kept these worlds apart so that only meant one thing.

"This is judgment." She sucked in a breath and looked forward and saw death himself.


Rejected, that's how he felt and it tore him up in the inside. Sasuke sat on the edge of the royal castle's roof and threw rocks that landed in the pond beneath him.

"Oh look at you." He turned around and sighed.

"Not now." He glared.

"What did I ever do to you? Well, Sasuke-kun?" The seductive voice purred.

"Annoy me all the way to Hell." He mumbled.

"Oh, Sasuke, you're so funny!" She giggled. "Speaking of deaths, I heard that Tenten has met her overdue death!"

He snapped his head up instantly thinking of the pink goddess who he was desperately trying to get out of his head.

"She did, now didn't she?" He lowered his head and thought about how sad the girl must be, but then he realized that she made him feel almost the same way. "Why do you come to me bearing this information?"

"I was thinking of requesting her soul to be, judged."

"You do not request souls to be judged! That Is NOT your choice, it won't and it never will be! Now tell me why I shouldn't throw you off this building?!"

"Well my request was already made, I really don't need you to approve."

"By who exactly has this request been approved?!"

"You're older brother, Itachi." He didn't know what to do with his life but he wasn't.

"What? How dare you ask of him such a thing! I'll deal with you later, and that is a promise, Karin." He growled and then stalked off in deep search for his elder brother.

"Good, fall right into my trap." She giggled. "You will be mine."

"How dare you!? How could you? I thought I could trust you?" Sasuke yelled at Itachi who was reading peacefully.

"My dear brother, whatever is the matter?" Itachi put down his book.

"Do not act like you don't know." Sasuke sneered.

"I seriously don't know."

"You sent Neji's wife to judgment!"

"Sasuke, everyone dies and when someone dies they need to be judged or else they'll wander as if they never died. I did it for yo-"

"Don't even say you did it for me!" He yelled "I could've. I could've. I could've. I could've had her, finally mine." He didn't know what to do with his life but he wasn't going to let hers get ruined.

"So Neji's girl was just a pawn? You just wanted the same girl you've been chasing? Damn, Sasuke I thought you'd give up by now with Karin chasing you and Hell, family's family. You are the type to do so." Itachi looked back down at his book. "What would father do?"

"But I could never-"

"Oh yes you could." Itachi smirked. "Do it, little brother."

"Why should I listen to you? You're nothing to me but a waste of time." He sneered. "Why even bother?"

"Because you know that I am always right, but there's no time for that because I am leaving for awhile and I don't want you to be mad at me before I go. Now give me a hug." Itachi opened his arms and smiled at Sasuke.

"Go to Hell." Sasuke pushed him away and stormed out the room. He didn't know what to do with his life but he wasn't going to let her life get ruined by someone else.


Tenten watched in horror as she saw the tall man with the white mask slowly turned to face her. Living in the deathic country it was very common to hear the stories of death taking you from earth and putting into the deepest pits of Hell without correct judgment. It seemed that everyone knew about death except his face, his face was meant to be forever hidden. Tenten always thought death must have been ugly or something like that, but Tenten will always remember the story of how death was beautiful but unlovable. She always wished she could see what his face looked like.

Time must have went by so fast that she didn't even see death was fully turned around and glaring at her through the holes in his white mask and reaching for his scythe. Her eyes widened and she started to back up, soaked in fear. He started walking to her so swiftly that is like he was flying but grace wasn't what death was known for. Paralyzed by fear Tenten's body stopped and death reached out to her and grabbed her shirt. Out of panic Tenten grabbed his mask and tore it off. She gasped and her eyes widened as she saw death himself. Death smirked and spoke with his deep voice.

"Let's play a game."


Sakura thought she had been traveling for days, but it had only been a few hours. When they finally arrived in the free land, they immediately went to Sakura's father, who had been standing at the gate.

"Father, I missed you so!" She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. "Please, tell me you are alright, along with mother of course."

"Stay calm Sakura, and yes we are both fine." He looked at his daughter's attire. "The question is if you are okay, I want to know what those damned Uchiha's did to you!"

"I have experienced far worse father, but do not forget Eonian. I need to go there!" She pressed, her eyes filled with glee.

"We have time, enough time for you to get dressed and maybe have some dinner."

"But-" She got cut off.

"Sakura Haruno, do not argue with your father!" He yelled.

"Alright, alright, I'll go get dressed." She sighed and sulked all the way to her room.

"You too, Ino, you look quite dirty." Pain crossed his arms and looked down at the girl.

"Hey, you're not my daddy." Ino scuffed.

Pain raised an eyebrow and glared at her.

"Aye! No need for the evil eye, almighty Pain!" Ino raised her hands in defeat and skipped upstairs.

Sakura ran cold water through the pipes of her bath tub and sighed peacefully as she stripped down of her wedding attire and sunk into the bath, at that moment all the pain in her bones went away. She sank deeper into the bath and decided that Eonian could wait for awhile. Yes, it could wait; wait for the war, the pain, the anxiety, the stress to go away.

You know that feeling in the morning when you first wake up and decide to sleep for five more minutes and actually sleep for 30 minutes instead? Well, that happened to Sakura and she had never been in more of a hurry in her entire life. She really hadn't taken time to pick out an outfit but she made sure she was dressed like a lady. She wore a baby blue teal dress that was decorated in white lace; the dress had a black ribbon along the waist and stopped at her knees. Along with the dress she wore white ballet flats with blue ribbons on them and white knee high socks with matching baby blue gloves with white lace and little ribbons. She pinned up her bangs and ended the outfit with a matching baby blue with lace top hat with the long ribbon hanging off the side. Being a very powerful woman she decided she would give herself snake eyes so she looked fierce.

Sakura ran down the stairs and greeted her father waiting for her in the dining room.

"You're late." He smirked and chuckled.

"I know, forgive me." She slightly bowed her head and took a seat across from her father. "Will you tell me about Eonian?" She asked.

"I guess I will have to." He sighed. "Eonian is unlike any other place you have been to, it is very elegant but also wicked. There are many things there that may disturb you to an extent, but have no fear while there because I will be guiding you the whole time. You must prepare yourself for extreme battle, there is danger around every corner and no one there is completely trustworthy, but there are some maybe you can even take some back here." This made Sakura happy that she was able to give someone a happy life in the free land. "Some will be evil and want to kill you for making the free land or just because you are there. These people live like savages and I don't want them to hurt you, understand?" He asked, his eye filled with worry.

"Yes, I understand." She assured him. "So what's the plan?"

"When we get to Eonian?" She nodded. "Well, we will travel to Eonian, and then let the rest unfold then." He chuckled.

"That's a terrible plan." She sweat dropped.

"Not everything in life is planned." He reminded her.

"Tell me something I don't know." She giggles. "So how do we get to Eonian?"

"A very dangerous way that is not fit for little girls." He answered. "Up for the challenge, since you are no longer a little girl?"

"No challenge is too hard for me, especially you're petty challenge." She looked at her father with happiness and glee. "Now we must come up with a plan, father."

"Maybe another day, I'm not in the mood for planning things." Pain groaned.

"Father, get serious or I'll take away any wine privileges" She wagged her finger and giggled as he groaned

"Maybe all men aren't that bad." She thought in her mind.


Sasuke couldn't explain how he felt anymore, it was that confusing. He sighed and continued to look out the balcony of the huge library, he didn't know anything anymore. He wanted to give up, but he couldn't no matter how hard he tried to. It was agonizing to lose someone you love more than once, it hurt even more when you could not sort out those feeling for them. He was mindless and that is the downfall of him.

He felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around him and surprisingly didn't reject them. The owner of these arms whispered something in his ear and after that he lost himself. He will forever hate himself for uttering those lies.

"I love you too."


Madara was watching from the shadows as usual, but today his shadow lurking would take to a surprising and long awaited stop.

He had finally figured out where the book of the eyes was and how he would flaunt it when he yanked them out the pink haired girl's eye sockets. Then he would have it all, everything he wanted and more. Though the father and daughter had not talked about how they were going to get there. Now he wondered if this really was the end of his lurking days.

"Then when we get into the library…" Madara sighed, only more drabble about their stupid plan.

"But how exactly will we get to Eonian?" Sakura asked her father with worry in her eyes.

"Ah, that's the tricky part here my dear." Pain reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden key. "Do you know what this is?" He asked her.

"No, I have no idea." She answered.

"It's the key to Eonian, once we find the door we use this to get inside." He smiled as her eyes grew.

"Wait, so where is this 'door'?" She raised her eyebrow in confusion.

"That I cannot speak of out loud, for evils ears are always listening." Pain said sternly and Madara chuckled at the coincidence."We have 5 days to get there before my key goes to dust."

"Goes to dust? But if you had it all this time, why would it go to dust?"

"Because, the key only lasts a certain amount of time and well I've had this key way before you were even born." He explains "To make sure no one would overstay their welcome, the Eonian's would put a time limit on each key. Well, I've had mine for about…17 years? So you could say they trusted me."

"If we have a time limit, we should get going now! We should have left yesterday!" Sakura stood up and banged her hands on the table furiously.

There was a silence in the room as the father and daughter stared at each other. Pain rose out of his chair and walked to the stairs, he turned around and spoke.

"I'm kind of new at this father thing." He looked down and smirked.

Madara did not understand what a family was, mainly, this one in particular.

Pain, Sakura and Ino had been walking for hours in pure silence. Some glances were tossed back and forth but they knew if either of them spoke unwanted feelings would unravel themselves. Soon the weather got to a point that she couldn't even stand.

"Are we almost there?" She asked, feet deep in snow.

"Yeah, I can hardly see my boots!" Ino agreed.

"You see that light over there?" He pointed to a blazing blue light not too far ahead of them. "That's the door."

She didn't bother to reply she just looked back to make sure no one was following them. She felt that she was being watched the whole time.

As they got closer to the door she could clearly see the door looked much different than she expected. The door was much larger than she expected, it was the size of the Deathic kingdom's castle. The door was made out of a dark, dusty cherry wood and had neon purple flowers all across it, at the head of the door was a lightning blue start that shinned brighter than any light she'd ever seen, the door's frame had a silver outlining with pearls that glowed a teal blue, and on both sides of the door showed two men armed with beautiful purple swords preparing for battle with each other. They stood in front of the magical looking door and the terrible weather seemed to disappear. Pain took out the golden key from inside of his coat. Sakura looked at the key with great confusion because there was no keyhole.

"Father, are you sure this is the right place." She crossed her arms and gave him a confused look.

"I am positive, why do you ask?" He turns to her and raises an eyebrow.

"That key doesn't seem to go anywhere."

"Yeah grandpa, I think you need your eyes checked." Ino teased him.

"I thought you had sharp eyes! Why not hide your keyholes than have other seek them out and pick them?" He smirked and pulled out a teal pearl and where the pearl once lie was a keyhole. He put his golden key into the keyhole and like magic the door unleashed a few bursts of blue energy till it opened wide and revealed the beautiful world of Eonian.

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