A Couple of Bottles Later

Author: I'm back to writing again. I don't own anyone. Just borrowing them to have fun.
Pairing: Snake Eyes & Scarlett (romance) S.E./S/L.R (friendship) Snakes lines are sign language

"Hey amigos." Long Range said, making his way of the rock pile that Snake Eyes and Scarlett were sitting at the top of.

"Hey Long Range." Scarlett said as Snake Eyes rested his chin on her hair to watch the sniper.

"Did I interrupt?" he asked, stopping just shy of them.

"No more than usual." Snake Eyes signed.

"I grabbed a couple of bottles of tequila last time we stopped for supplies. You two want to have a few drinks?" he asked.

"What's the occasion?" the ninja inquired.

"No occasion. Just felt like since I had the alcohol I'd share. Jynx, Komakura, Hi-Tech and Tunnel Rat don't drink. Spirit's in bed. Heavy Duty is on guard duty and Duke's in the ROCC looking over some Cobra Intel." he told them.

"So in other words you were lonely." Scarlett teased warmly. Long Range cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Be nice Shana." Snake told her as he got to his feet.

"What are you three up to?" Duke asked when the trio walked into the ROCC.

"Gonna have a few drinks. Wanna join us?" Long Range offered, grabbing a plastic bag from his locker.

"I'm more of a whiskey kind of guy," Duke told him as he looked into the bag, "But thanks anyways."

"Your call boss." the sniper said, leading the trio back outside.

A few hours and almost two bottle later Scarlett and Snake Eyes were listening to Long Range ramble in Spanish. He had forgotten his English half way through the second bottle.

"I think he's done." Snake signed to Scarlett.

"Me too. I'll grab the bottle if you grab him." she said.

It took Long Range a bit longer than usual to focus and realize he was being hauled to his feet. "Que?" he asked, looking at Snake Eyes.

"It's time to go to bed." Scarlett told him, sliding the bottle from his hand.

"He okay?" Heavy Duty asked as they walked by.

"He had too much tequila." Scarlett said.

"You look a little buzzed too." he smirked.

She shrugged and asked, "When are you off guard duty?"

"Now." Jynx said, walking over from the direction of the tent everyone was sleeping in.

"Here. Enjoy." Scarlett said, handing the bottle to H.D.

"Good night." Jynx called after her. Scarlett waved to show she had heard her.

"Want a sip?" H.D. Asked, offering the bottle to the young ninja.

"No thanks I don't drink except sake. But even then very rarely." she said.

"Suit yourself. Night." he told her.

"You are heavy." Snake Eyes thought as Long Range collapsed onto his cot with a thud and a groan.

"What time's it?" a voice grumbled from nearby.

"Go back to sleep." Scarlett said, entering the tent.

"Bueno nochas." Long Range muttered.

"Where's the bottle?" Snake Eyes asked.

"I gave it to Heavy Duty." she whispered as the tent flap opened again.

"Night guys." Heavy Duty whispered, holding aside the flap so they could leave.

"Thanks. Sleep well." she told him.

"Do you want to go for a ride?" Snake Eyes asked.

"Can you drive?" she teased.

"I didn't have that much to drink." he told her.

Jynx watched as they rode on into the desert on her sensai's bike. It was a nice night for it, with a full moon and a sky full of stars.

"Guard duty?"

Jynx looked up at Spirit, who had approached without her even noticing. "Yeah. I thought you were in bed already." she said.

"I was. But then I couldn't back to sleep." he said, sitting down beside her.

"Been there, done that." she said, leaning against him. The team was a bizarre family but it was one they were all glad to have.