When Joes Want Popcorn

Author: Here's the chapter that started it all. Inspired by a clip I saw before Acts of Valor where
a group of soldiers overseas decided to make popcorn by putting the bag on top of a very hot piece
of equipment or weaponry. So Three Shots of Insanity is done and over with. Bless our troops.

"Let's see... Found it!"

"Do I even want to know what he found?" Scarlett asked.

"Probably not." Duke said.

"Hey guys! We gotta microwave in here?" Tunnel Rat asked, sticking his head outside of the R.O.C.C.

"Not that I know of." Scarlett said, looking at Duke.

"What are you up to Tunnel Rat?" Duke asked.

"You'll see later." Tunnel Rat said, taking off for the mobile garage.

"Hey Snake Eyes will you grab that small powerstone energy adapter on the table?" Hi-Tech asked from next to the ninja bike.

Snake Eyes glanced out from behind his book over at the desk. After a moment he looked back over at Hi- Tech.

"The grey and green spark plug." the strawberry blonde clarified.

Snake Eyes got up as Tunnel Rat slipped into the building. "Hey! Hi-Tech!" he shouted.

"Damn it Tunnel Rat!" Hi-Tech yelped, falling off his stool to the floor.

Snake Eyes grabbed the red head by the back of his shirt, lifting him off the ground. The ninja chuckled silently as T-Rat pulled his legs close to his chest, reminding him of a kitten.

"I just wanted to know if we had a microwave." Tunnel Rat told him, looking sheepishly over at Snake Eyes.

"Why would I build a microwave? What would we do with it? Shove Cobra in and cook them to death?" Hi-Tech demanded.

"Well..." Tunnel Rat began before Snake Eyes gave him a rough shake that was definitely meant to mean: "No!"

"Snake Eyes, will you... take him somewhere please?" Hi-Tech groaned, going to his desk to grab what really did look like a green and grey spark plug.

"Very impressive my friend." Spirit said as he looked through his binoculars at the targets Long Range was shooting.

"Thanks..." Long Range began as Snake Eyes walked up, carrying Tunnel Rat by the shirt.

"Who did he annoy this time?" Spirit asked.

"I was trying to ask Hi-Tech if we had a microwave." Tunnel Rat protested loudly.

"Snake Eyes, put him down please." Spirit said.

"Thanks Spirit." Tunnel Rat smiled before he was dropped none too gently by the silent ninja.

Long Range grinned wickedly and said, "Run."

"Huh?" the red head asked, cocking his head.

"Run." the sniper smirked as he peered through the scope on his rifle before pulling trigger. The shot missed T-Rat, just barely.

Tunnel Rat got up and ran full speed away from the sniper. The three shots missed of course, but only by an inch or less. "H.D.! Help!" he yelled, running towards the mobile mess hall.

"What?" Heavy Duty asked from where he stood talking with Jynx and Komakura.

"Long Range was trying to shoot me! Again!" he cried.

"Did he hit you?" Jynx asked.

"No." he gasped.

"Then he wasn't trying." Komakura laughed.

"Not really. Why were you asking Hi-Tech if we have a microwave?" Long Range asked, coming into the mess hall with Spirit and Snake Eyes in tow.

"I wanted some popcorn." Tunnel Rat told me all.

"You wanted popcorn?" Jynx asked. T-Rat nodded meekly.

"Hey H.D. how hot does your machine gun get after you use it?" Long Range asked, looking at the bags of popcorn on the table.

"Couple of hundred degrees. Air around it probably gets to be around one fifty."

Long Range grabbed the popcorn and said, "Come on amigos." Spirit, Snake Eyes, Tunnel Rat, Heavy Duty and the apprentices followed curiously.

"Whatcha doing Range?" Heavy Duty asked as the sniper set up the turret stand for the machine gun.

"Come over here and get some target practice in hombre." he told him as he snapped the final locks in place. Several minutes later Heavy Duty stepped away and Long Range dumped the bags of popcorn near the machine gun.

"What was that?" Scarlett asked as a loud pop sounded from the other side of the R.O.C.C.

"Good question, come on." Duke said, heading around the R.O.C.C.

"Long Range you're a genius!" Tunnel Rat shouted, jumping onto the marksman's shoulders as the bags of popcorn began to pop.

"Just when I thought I'd seen everything." Scarlett said, shaking her head as one of the bags flew a few feet into the air.

"What are you guys doing?" Duke asked.

"Making popcorn." Heavy Duty told him.

"Really? I thought somebody bought a cap gun... again." Hi-Tech said, appearing beside Scarlett.

"No. Thankfully." Jynx said, glaring at Tunnel Rat and Komakura.

"We thought it'd be funny." Komakura muttered meekly.

"How were we supposed to know Long Range is such a light sleeper and keeps a gun by his cot." Tunnel Rat protested.

"As team sniper, I would hope he would." Duke said, pulling a bag open.

"This turned out pretty good." Jynx admitted, sharing a bag with Komakura.

"So our sniper's a genius too. Might wanna try to cut him off at the pass Hi-Tech." Scarlett teased.

Hi-Tech laughed and pressed close to Long Range, elbowing him warmly in the ribs. The sniper smirked and gently messed up his hair.

"Come on Billy!" Tunnel Rat shouted as the falcon flew off with his bag of popcorn.