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Two years after the defeat of Galaxia…

He walked into the café, took off his sun glasses and looked over at the table that Usagi sat at. Gasps were heard and Rei nearly dropped her cup of tea. Usagi, who had her back to the entrance, looked back and held her hand to her mouth in shock,.

"Seiya…why…what are you doing here?" Usagi could barely speak, the words lost in her mind.

"I loved being an idol to much, couldn't stay away. Besides, because of you, the universe is a much better place. There was no reason for me to stay on Kinmoku." He reached over and grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it gently. Usagi was bright pink from blushing. I wonder how far down that blush goes? Seiya noticed his eyes were following his thought and shook it out of his mind. He continued to greet the other girls.

"So why didn't Taiki come?" Asked Ami; a slight blush overcoming her cheeks.

"Or Yaten?" Mina looked to have stars in her eyes.

"Oh, they're here. They are over at our managers' office, getting some things ready for our big comeback performance. I wanted to go for a walk so I excused myself." Seiya looked around, not exactly interested in talking with anyone other than his Dumpling. "So, Dumpling..." He watched Usagi cringe at his old nickname for her. He couldn't help but smile. "Where is Mamoru? How are things between you two?"

"Mamoru isn't here; he's in New York…studying." Usagi made no eye contact with anyone. She had a cold tone to her voice.

"Oh, I see. Are you two still together then?" Seiya braced himself for the emotion impact that would occur if she said yes.

"No. I am not with him anymore." Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina looked at Usagi and gasped, in confusion and shock; Seiya let out a small sigh of relief.

"Oh, well how about dinner, tomorrow night?" A confident Seiya sat down beside Usagi as he asked.

"Sure, I'd love that." Usagi looked up at him; a smile spread across her lips, but it never reached her eyes.

The six of them made small talk over tea and cakes. Seiya soon excused himself claiming that his manager would wonder where he was. Once he left the girls gave Usagi a talking to. None of them could believe that Usagi and Mamoru were finished, and that she never told any of them. Furthermore, they did not like the idea of Usagi replacing Mamoru with Seiya. Usagi just shrugged it off, not knowing of the possible danger to come in 3 years time…

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