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Motoki climbed the ladder, balloons in one hand. Mamoru's welcome back party was that evening and he had closed down the arcade early to decorate and make all the other preparations. He had briefly mentioned having a get together to the girls, and they all jumped on the idea of a full scale party. He knew they had an ulterior motive to have the party though; some way to fix the issue between Usagi and Mamoru. He sighed, taping the balloons to the corner of the ceiling. He wasn't sure what the girls were planning but he just hoped it didn't make things worse. He had thought a lot about the situation the past few days but came to no conclusions of his own. Something caused Usagi to break it off with Mamoru, but it seemed she was the only one that knew what.

A bell ringing brought the Blonde out of his thoughts. He climbed down the ladder, brushing his hands on his apron. "Sorry, we're closed–"

"Hey," Makoto stood in the door of the arcade holding a box. She wore khaki shorts and a black tank, her hair up in its usual ponytail and a slight blush running across her cheeks. "I-I thought you could use some help. Minako said you needed help with snacks so I brought some I know everyone likes." She shrugged her shoulders, smiling meekly from behind the box.

"Thanks! I always have a hard time coming up with enough snacks, especially when Usagi is invited." Motoki took the box from her, chuckling as he placed it on the counter and opened it up. Inside was a variety of containers, filled with everything from homemade dip, and bite-sized snacks to cupcakes. "Wow, these look amazing! You made it all?"

"Just in my free time; they aren't anything fancy or special…" She looked around the arcade while Motoki pulled the snacks from the box, afraid to make eye contact with him. She noticed only a couple balloons and streamers decorated the otherwise plain cafe. "So what can I help with?"

The two set to work right away. Motoki was filling balloons with helium while Makoto tapped them up. The two worked silently, nervousness filling the air. After almost an hour or working, the silence was finally broken.

"How is Mamoru doing?" The brunette asked, balancing on the counter to hang a few balloons.

Motoki, who was on the other side covering the large windows with curtains, took a few moments to think before answering. "I'm not sure… He's trying to act normal, but I can see he's in pain a lot. She doesn't even have to be near him; he just ends up thinking about her no matter what." He had decided already not to mention the breakdown to anyone. Mamoru had always tried to be a strong person – and he was a strong person, except when it came to Usagi it seemed.

Makoto simply nodded in understanding. After finishing with her balloons she climbed down from the counter and moved to where Motoki was positioned. She handed him the next curtain, holding the bottom off the ground. "What about Usagi? She hasn't come around the arcade or café at all – very unlike her." Motoki asked as he grabbed the black draping from her.

"Not good. Since the confrontation last week she's done nothing but pout in her room. We've all taken turns trying to talk to her but she either refuses to see us, or refuses to talk about anything. She's even turning Seiya away – not that that's necessarily a bad thing…"

Motoki chuckled, still fiddling with the curtain. "So I take it you are all team-Mamoru?"

"We're team-whatever makes Usagi happiest. Seiya makes her happy, but Mamoru makes her shine like the sun; there really isn't any comparison."

"Do you have anyone that makes you happy like that?" Motoki said before thinking; blushing and mentally slapping himself on the head. In the past few months he and the brunette had become good friends – chatting about her training and offering his experiences running a café – but nothing had ever gotten farther than chatting. Since Reika and he had broken up almost two years ago, he hadn't been very interested in pursuing any serious relationships; until he started chatting with Makoto.

"Uh..." Makoto blushed, looking away from the blonde. "Not, exactly." She had always thought of Motoki as handsome, ever since Usagi had introduced them in Middle School. Still, he was with Reika at the time so she had moved on from her school-girl crush. She knew that they were no longer together, but didn't know the details. She still had a crush, but thought that he looked at her like a sister – like he thought of Usagi.

"Oh, ok…" Motoki nodded. He had never been very forward with girls – Reika was his only serious relationship and she had been the one to ask him out. He wasn't sure if he should pursue anything with the brunette. The room once again filled with a heavy silence; the two separating to work on separate tasks, neither sure what to say.

Soon the café was finished, decorated with a plethora of red and black. Balloons covered the ceiling; streamers hanging from the lights. All the tables were covered in red tablecloths, and the windows were covered with the black draping blocking out the sunlight. The main counter was covered in a wide array of foods with a large punch bowl on one end. A big banner hung on the main back wall, welcoming Mamoru home. The two stood in the center of the room staring at the floor; tension high in the air.

Makoto glanced at her wristwatch; there was 2 hours until the party was supposed to start. "I… need to go meet the girls to get ready."

Motoki glanced up, a surprised look crossing his face. "Of course, I can do the last touches – my outfit is here anyway."Another awkward silence filled the air. "I… I guess I'll see you in a few hours." He looked at her downcast face, feeling very stupid about his earlier comment.

Makoto smiled; a light blush on her face. "Of course."

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